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Posted on Dec 2, 2018 to Public


Searching for that Mental Motivation"

There's a saying that when your brain tells you you've had enough and want to stop running, you've only really reached 40% of what you are capable of. 

When you know you can run a certain distance but still find it hard to maintain the motivation to cover this distance I hope the following will help your mindset. 

"The Rule of 5"

The rule of 5 works with any distance you are training for or completing in. For an example we will start with the most popular distance in running, the 5K.

📍Rule 1 (1st Kilometre) You've just gotta grit your teeth and get it done.

📍Rule 2 (2nd Kilometre) You've gained the experience from the first kilometre so you know what's coming and what to expect. You just know it's going to hurt. 

📍Rule 3 (3rd Kilometre) This is the worst one. It's going to be horrible, plain and simple. For this kilometre you are really going to have to focus.

📍Rule 4 (4th Kilometre) This is one of my favourites. Set your mind to thinking, once I've done this, I've only got one more to do.

📍Rule 5 (5th Kilometre) You should now be thinking I've only got one more to do. Everyone can do that one more, the last one.

"Know Your Why"

This will really help you with your motivation, training and races. You've got to know your why. Why did I start running. Why did I enter this race. It could be you wanted to improve your health. Change you lifestyle. Wanted to set an example to your children. You are running for charity to help a loved one. Everyone who starts running usually has a why. Focus on it!!

"External Focusing"

External focusing is all about focusing on things outside of your body. It's about moving away from the discomfort you are feeling inside. Start to take on board your surroundings. Enjoy the scenery, checkout the traffic or wildlife. Checkout the houses and their gardens. Think about a shopping list you have to put together. That holiday you're booking or have just enjoyed. The brain is a powerful thing and is programmed to defend your body, so the more you can take it away from its prime function the better your running journey is going your be. 

"Other Ways To Shift Focus"

A lot of people listen to music to push them through their training, but as I found out on my running journey it can start to get a bit boring. Use your time wisely. 'Run and Educate' yep that's right. Why not learn a new language, listen to podcasts on your favourite subjects. Audio books on courses you are studying are another way to keep focused. 

I hope you find the above helpful. It's all been tried and tested by myself and many other runners around the world. 

Tim in The Gym

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