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Posted on Apr 3, 2019 to Public

So you’ve got a trek organised. One thats going to take you up into the clouds to altitudes you’ve never experienced. 

Well here’s a phrase I don’t use to often. “ Comfort Food”. Well yes and no. Yes to the fact you’re going to want to be eating loads of enjoyable tasty treats to help you battle the climb, and no, eating them will actually be helping you out more than what you think.


When you climb tasty is going to be good. For one, who doesn’t like tasty, secondly walking at altitude suppresses you appetite. Basically you don’t feel like eating much which in hindsight is not a good thing to happen to you. So, this is where the good old chocolate, tasty cheese, energy/ protein bars, those awesome sugary sports drinks and peanuts come into play. Well who wouldn’t want to scoff on this lot.

Energy drinks and bars:-

These are a must for the obvious. They taste great and well, give you energy. Something that you’re gonna need on an 8 hour accent. However, some energy bars may not agree with your digestive system so make sure you test them out on you training hikes and then if all good take that make of bar with you on your trip. Nothing worse than the sqwists on a group hike in the middle of nowhere.......

Dried fruits, nuts and seeds:- 

I’m adding these to the equation because, hey, they’re tasty, they’re are good for you, but on a more important note they will help to increase our iron intake which will be a real help with acclimatisation. Nuts are also a great energy source and seeds bring in that much needed iron intake.


Yep, good ole water. A real must for hydration especially at altitude. We should be taking on board a lot more than normal. This will help so much. If traveling to distant parts of the world make sure you only consume sealed bottles of water, or boil the hell out of it before you drink it.

Chocolate :-

It just taste great, boosts morale and the sugar will supply a ton of short term energy.


Really Tim, why cheese. Come on, everyone like cheese, don’t they? OK, maybe not! But I do and it will break up the taste of continuous sweet things, provide a good source of protein and energy plus it will keep you full. 

So there you have it. Food for on the move. The more tastier the delights the better you’ll feel, the more flavour variety the better you’ll feel also, this way you won’t get bored with the same taste the whole trek. 

See ya at the top ⛰ 

’FIT247 Personal Training’

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