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Goal Setting

Posted on Mar 24, 2019 to Public


Keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground.               
  -Theodore Roosevelt

Have you ever experienced burnout from trying to achieve too much at once? So many people give up on their goals before the journey ever begins!! To avoid this burnout, allow me to show you how to set SMART goals!! 

S.M.A.R.T Goals

Using this method helps in improving self-confidence, self-efficacy, AND self-success!! Here is an easy way to remind yourself on how to be practical when setting your goals!!


Be specific when you set your goals. You want to answer the “6 W’s;” who, what, when, where, why and which. What is your goal? When will it happen? Where will it happen? Who is included and/or involved? Which factors are required? Why are you setting this goal?

Example. I want to run the Oklahoma City Memorial Half Marathon (WHAT) with my friends (WHO) on April 30th in downtown Oklahoma City (WHEN & WHERE) because I want to be in better shape (WHY). I will have to train which will require me to have good running shoes and discipline (WHICH).

Setting goals that are more vague will not motivate you as much as specific goals and will leave you wandering in the dark!!


Make sure when you set your goals that you set goals that you can measure! Ask yourself how many and/or how much/ long. Include target dates to keep you on track and to help motivate you in achieving you goal!

Example.  For the half marathon, I will have to be able to run 13.1 mile. I will measure by participating in a 9 week training program where I can measure my distance at the end of every week starting February 1, 2017 (TARGET DATES, HOW MANY).

Create and write down 10 day goals, three month goals, one year goals, and five year goals!


Don’t set goals that aren’t attainable...Make sure that you have the abilities, resources, and environments to achieve your goal! Begin listing skills, attitudes, abilities, and other factors or attributes you may need in order to achieve your goal. Then, use a method to help track the development of these attributes.

Example. In order to run the Oklahoma City Half Marathon, I have the ABILITY to run. This may be broken down to not only running but cross training in order to avoid injury– weight lifting, swimming, biking etc. Every day when it’s time to run, I need to have a disciplined, motivated, excited ATTITUDE. I can track my progress by journaling the details of my training days in order to see how I am improving in my conditioning and muscle strengthening.

As you begin to develop the traits you need in order to achieve your goal, you will feel more confident and motivated to persevere!!


Never set goals that you don’t have the ability or motivation to achieve! Set goals for ideas, beliefs, and activities that you are passionate about and that will ultimately lead you to your success! Be sure that you have access to the resources necessary to achieve your goal!

Be careful to note the difference between attainable and a to-do list-- goals should be a challenge! Business Coach and Motivator Speaker, Brian Buffini one said, "Goals must be SOMEWHAT unrealistic; otherwise, it is just a checklist."

Example. It would be UNREALISTIC of me to set a goal to run a half marathon if I wasn’t motivated or passionate about staying healthy!!


Be sure that you give yourself enough time to set your goal! Set target dates to keep track of your progress!

Example. If I choose to set a goal to run a half marathon but I only give myself a week to get in condition for it; it is very unlikely that I will achieve that goal! It will also leave me feeling stressed and defeated. In contrast, allowing myself TIME to achieve this goal in 9-10 weeks will allow me to prepare for the half marathon and will increase the likelihood of me achieving that goal. (And a plus— it will increase your motivation and confidence!)

Goals don’t have to be met right away! The fun and adventurous part is the journey in achieving your goals! Be practical yet aim for the stars!! 

I'm anxious to know what you think and if this method has helped you in creating and achieving your goals...


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