COVID, Wearable Tech, AI, oh my… Are trainers doomed?

Wearable tech has been around for awhile. Wearable technology started off in the 70’s believe it or not with a calculator watch. Once the year 2000 hit, technology began a period of development unlike anything ever seen. We saw technology develop in a couple different ways: Hardware became smaller, sleeker, and faster. Wearing a smartwatch […]

Early September FitSW update: draggable modals and more!

It’s September. Fall is dawning on us and so is a month full of improvements and new features. We have some exciting new stuff coming this month. However, we already have a couple new things we have already released! This early September FitSW update is setting the tone for us, for the rest of the […]

Training clients who are 56+: a guide for success.

In recent years, many studies have come out revealing that decline in health really starts to impact us in tangible ways starting in our 50’s. While this might not be true for everyone, it is true for a lot of people in different ways. There are many aspects of our body that play major roles […]

Guide: hosting a Podcast for your Fitness Business.

It’s 2020. A lot of unexpected things have happened this year. One of them being the take off in popularity of podcasts. Yes, podcasts have been around for a little bit now, however, the industry is seeing unprecedented growth. In 2019, there were 700,000 podcasts listed in the itunes catalog, alone. Now, more than ever, […]

Nutrition advice: What personal trainers can and can’t do.

When it comes nutrition in general, personal trainers get asked a lot of questions from people seeking nutrition advice. Even more so, pressure is put on them to prescribe meals to people since nutrition can be a tricky thing to grasp if you’re a normal person with no certification in nutrition. I mean the desire […]

The Evolution of Live Fitness Classes in FitSW

Since we added live fitness classes to the FitSW software, it has come a long ways. It started off as a “bare bones” software that could stream videos with a live chat. Now, live fitness classes in FitSW are full of features that help instructors spend less time managing the class and more time on […]

Supplements: What you need to know before taking them (or recommending them).

Supplements. Probably one of the most discussed topics in the fitness, health, and wellness industry. If you were to go person-by-person in a gym or health convention and ask people about supplements, you would probably get a litany of different responses. If there is one thing that is true though, you should do your homework […]