More features for Google Fit and Apple HealthKit are Here… Are you ready?

This year, we’re expanding our wearable tech integrations with Google Fit and Apple HealthKit. So are you ready to to continue growing your training business with FitSW? We hope so. Automation is the future, and FitSW is here to help you manage your fitness business with ease. Apple HeathKit In December, we began our ascent […]

Create a Fitness Challenge in FitSW!

Competition can be your best friend in the personal training business, especially through a fitness challenge. You may have to get a little bit creative, but competitions, contests, and challenges are a great way to spread the word about your fitness business. Not only are you the one spreading the word about the competition, but […]

The Evolution of Live Fitness Classes in FitSW

Since we added live fitness classes to the FitSW software, it has come a long ways. It started off as a “bare bones” software that could stream videos with a live chat. Now, live fitness classes in FitSW are full of features that help instructors spend less time managing the class and more time on […]

Updates to Our Web and Android Apps for Personal Trainers

Shamelessly, we are very excited to announce updates to our web and android apps for personal trainers. The updates come right after a couple big feature releases, subscriptions and packages. This update includes: Web Table sorting on sessions and subscriptions. Infinite scrolling. Your services are now more accessible from your trainer page. Macros are now […]

FitSW Android App For Fitness Trainers – New Features

We are excited to announce that we have a big update for our Android app for fitness trainers! This update contains the ability to view exercise progress graphs and tables directly in the app! Better yet, this is available on both iOS and web as well. Thus, you can view your personal training client’s progress […]

Online Personal Trainer App – New FitSW iOS Features

With the new year, comes new features to our online personal trainer app! We know you’ve been working hard with all of your new year resolution clients, so we wanted to improve our app to make it even easier for you to train more clients! This most recent iOS update includes autosaving, the ability to […]

FitSW iOS App For Personal Trainers – Purchasing Update

We have just released a big update to our iOS app for personal trainers. This update includes the ability to purchase directly in your FitSW iOS app! While not all of our top tier plans are available through our iOS app, we still have plenty of options for you to choose from! If you would […]