Personal Training Studio Management in Mobile App

Personal training studio management is a key component of FitSW software. Studio managers have been able to manage all of their trainers, clients, and settings at for while now. Managers can add new personal trainer accounts edit trainer accounts, view all clients in the gym. Studio Managers can even view or edit which client […]

Personal Trainer Exercise Demo Video Updates

Recently we have released several updates to our Exercise List and Food List features for our iOS app, Android App, and our website. We have added the Exercise List and Food List display screens to Client accounts. Secondly, we have added the ability to see the personal trainer exercise demo video on the edit exercise […]

Custom Branded Fitness App for Personal Trainers

Have you ever wanted your own mobile Fitness App? The ability to offer clients your own app would take your business to the next level and add a professional touch to stand out from the competition. FitSW now offers a custom branded fitness App for personal trainers. Personal Trainers can combine their brand with all […]

Tracking Personal Training Clients’ Workouts

In our last post, we talked about our new completion tracker dashboard in your client lists. In our latest iOS and Android app releases, we have enabled tracking personal training clients’ workouts even easier. We have added this tracking information to the screen where you view a particular client’s workout, diet, or task list. The […]

Fitness Coach Client Tracker Dashboard for Mobile Apps

Recently, we improved our mobile app Workout, Tasks and Diet Client lists by adding a fitness coach client tracker dashboard on each of these pages.  This is similar to the update we recently added on our web application at We discuss that client tracker dashboard on the web app here.  We have added this […]

Personal Trainer Custom Web Page Updates

Personal Trainer Custom Web Page Updates The personal trainer custom web page lets personal trainers have their own personalized page.  On this page, trainers can include info on themselves and their business.  They can include the types of services they offer, share selected contact information, display certification info and specialties, and accept payments all on […]

Personal Trainer Workout Tracker Improvements

Personal Trainer Workout Tracker Improvements We recently made updates to our personal trainer workout tracker that enable trainers and clients to classify workouts as “Complete”, “Not Met”, and “Open”.  This also works for Diets and Tasks but in the post we will discuss mostly how it applies to workouts.  These new update are available on […]

Tracking Fitness Client Progress Assessment Updates

Tracking Fitness Client Progress Assessment Updates We released new versions of the iOS app and Android App recently that allow personal trainers to view all of their clients assessments in a convenient Assessment List.  This makes tracking fitness client progress for these Assessments even easier.  Trainers can customize the assessments for each of their clients […]

Update your iOS and Android Apps to the Latest Versions

Update your iOS and Android Apps to the Latest Version We recently released two big updates for the iOS app and Android app that add several features.  These versions will also increase the speed of the app.  Please make sure you and your clients download these latest versions found on the app store.  FitSW provides Personal […]

Personal Trainer Scheduler Improvements

Personal Trainer Scheduler Improvements We have added several usability improvements to the Personal Trainer Scheduler to make it better work with the Workout Builder.  The biggest one is that we now allow personal trainers to specify a time for their clients workout if they would like while they are building the workout.  The app / […]