More features for Google Fit and Apple HealthKit are Here… Are you ready?

This year, we’re expanding our wearable tech integrations with Google Fit and Apple HealthKit. So are you ready to to continue growing your training business with FitSW? We hope so. Automation is the future, and FitSW is here to help you manage your fitness business with ease. Apple HeathKit In December, we began our ascent […]

Online Personal Trainer App – New FitSW iOS Features

With the new year, comes new features to our online personal trainer app! We know you’ve been working hard with all of your new year resolution clients, so we wanted to improve our app to make it even easier for you to train more clients! This most recent iOS update includes autosaving, the ability to […]

FitSW iOS App For Personal Trainers – Purchasing Update

We have just released a big update to our iOS app for personal trainers. This update includes the ability to purchase directly in your FitSW iOS app! While not all of our top tier plans are available through our iOS app, we still have plenty of options for you to choose from! If you would […]

iOS App For Trainers – Drafting Update

We recently released many new features and updates to our iOS, Android, and Web applications! These updates included changing the word “Diets” to “Nutrition, deleting an entire series of events, countless usability improvements, and various bug fixes. Now, we are excited to announce that we have added the ability to view drafts to our iOS […]

FitSW Personal Training App – iOS Updates

We’ve just released a new iOS update for our personal training app! These updates include the title “Diets” being changed to “Nutrition” in our iOS app, the ability to delete a series of events, and multiple other usability improvements and features. Diet Changed to Nutrition We recently changed the title “Diets” to “Nutrition” throughout our […]

FitSW Personal Trainer App – Dark Mode Updates For iOS

Apple recently released a brand new update that enabled the use of dark mode across all of the apps and programs on the App Store. Many users prefer using apps and software in dark mode, thus the reasoning for this update. Our app was not previously available in dark mode, being permanently set to a […]

Fitness Coach Notes – Updates And Usability Improvements

We here at FitSW have been working hard on updating our software. Recently, we have updated our workout program feature, made improvements to our exercise list, and released multiple new blog articles giving you personal training tips and other useful information. Now, we have more updates to inform you about! These updates include the ability […]

Exercise List Improvements & New Features

You have always had the ability to search through our exercise list. Additionally, we recently added the ability to use filters to refine our extensive exercise list. Now, we have added a few new updates that will improve your personal training experience. We have released new features that we are very excited about! While we […]

New Exercise Progress Update & Features

We here at FitSW are thrilled to announce our new exercise progress update! With this update comes multiple new features. This includes the ability to view exercise progress graphs when adding a new exercise to a workout, a new exercise progress screen, and usability improvements. Additionally, these new features are live! You can go check […]

Progress Tracking Graphs – iOS Update

Recently, we added many new features to our progress tracking graphs! We are excited to announce that the same features are now on the FitSW’s iOS app! Additionally, these features will be on Android shortly! Our exercise progress graphs now support multiple sets! You can now view the workout history for each set you assigned your personal […]