Personal Trainer Exercise Filtering

Recently, FitSW announced its new Personal Trainer Exercise Demonstration Improvements. This added the ability to specify the difficulty level of an exercise. In addition to selecting the difficulty, you are now able to choose what equipment is needed for an exercise. This addition was fantastic for creating even more personalized workouts. However, it could sometimes […]

Personal Trainer Exercise Instructions – Website

FitSW has always allowed personal trainers to add notes to their exercises. We have just taken this a step further. We have implemented a new feature that allows the trainer to add a note directly to the exercise, not just when they are creating a workout. Or, in other words, exercises have a default note […]

Personal Trainer Exercise Demonstration Improvements

FitSW has always had Personal Trainer Exercise Demonstration videos. Now, we have added 2 new features to our exercise list. The first feature we added is that you can see the level of difficulty for a particular exercise. We also implemented the feature that trainers and clients can see the equipment required to perform a […]

Personal Trainer Payment Tracker Update

Personal Trainer Payment Tracker Update We have updated our personal trainer payment tracker screen. FitSW has had the ability for clients to pay their personal trainers for quite some time. Tracking payments was somewhat difficult though. It was previously done by clicking Your Payment Dashboard, which is powered by Stripe (the payment processing company that we use). […]

Custom Branded Fitness App for Personal Trainers

Have you ever wanted your own mobile Fitness App? The ability to offer clients your own app would take your business to the next level and add a professional touch to stand out from the competition. FitSW now offers a custom branded fitness App for personal trainers. Personal Trainers can combine their brand with all […]

Personal Trainer Website Updates

We recently updated the website with an improved layout and design for our users. Personal trainers, fitness coaches and their clients will all find the site even easier to use.  These personal trainer website updates make the site easier to use overall with: Updated look that’s more interesting to use for trainers and their […]

Personal Training Client Workout, Diet, Task Dashboard

Personal Training Clients Workout, Diet, Task Dashboard We completely revamped the first page trainers see when they login to – the Client List page.  We have transformed it into a dashboard where personal trainers and fitness coaches can quickly and easily get a summary view of how their clients are doing.  This personal training client […]

Personal Trainer Custom Web Page Updates

Personal Trainer Custom Web Page Updates The personal trainer custom web page lets personal trainers have their own personalized page.  On this page, trainers can include info on themselves and their business.  They can include the types of services they offer, share selected contact information, display certification info and specialties, and accept payments all on […]

Personal Trainer Workout Tracker Improvements

Personal Trainer Workout Tracker Improvements We recently made updates to our personal trainer workout tracker that enable trainers and clients to classify workouts as “Complete”, “Not Met”, and “Open”.  This also works for Diets and Tasks but in the post we will discuss mostly how it applies to workouts.  These new update are available on […]

Personal Trainer Scheduler Improvements

Personal Trainer Scheduler Improvements We have added several usability improvements to the Personal Trainer Scheduler to make it better work with the Workout Builder.  The biggest one is that we now allow personal trainers to specify a time for their clients workout if they would like while they are building the workout.  The app / […]