Personal Trainer Scheduling Software – New Features!


Share:New Personal Trainer Scheduling Software Features FitSW has just released new personal trainer scheduling software at  This scheduler / calendar adds several new features over the existing scheduler.  Improvements include: Clients can now request appointment times on a Trainer’s calendar and the trainer can accept or decline. Trainers can block off Personal / Unavailable […]

New Exercise Demo Videos in our Exercise Database


Share:New Exercise Demo Videos in our Exercise Database We have recently began releasing new exercise demo videos in our exercise database.  We wanted to update our videos to have them get straight to the point without ads or long introduction.  Simply a quick demonstration of the exercise to help users see the exercise in action […]

Personal Trainer Page on


Share:Personal Trainer Page Feature For Trainers We recently added the option for personal trainers using FitSW Fitness Software to easily create their own custom Personal Trainer Page on and to choose their own page address at  So if your business is called FitnessFirst, you can create your own page at  This allows […]

Share Fitness Progress Graphs on Social Media


Share:Share Fitness Progress Graphs on Social Media – New Feature Today’s recently added feature is the ability to quickly Share Fitness Progress Graphs on social media at the click of a button.  You are already tracking your client’s progress for any metric you would like (weight, body fat %, waist size, number of push-ups in […]

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