Progress Tracking Graphs – iOS Update

Recently, we added many new features to our progress tracking graphs! We are excited to announce that the same features are now on the FitSW’s iOS app! Additionally, these features will be on Android shortly! Our exercise progress graphs now support multiple sets! You can now view the workout history for each set you assigned your personal […]

Personal Trainer Exercise History- Feature Update

You requested it, so we added it! We here at FitSW are excited to announce that we have added a new personal trainer exercise history update! You can now see the history of an exercise directly from the workouts screen and the workout creation page. This enables you to view your clients entire history for […]

Personal Trainer Software – Web Feature Updates

We have added a number of new improvements to our personal trainer software! FitSW’s exercise progress graphs now support multiple sets! Beforehand, these graphs would only plot the first set. Now, all of your sets data is automatically inputted directly into our progress tracking graphs! We have also added the amount of sets to our […]

Exercise Progress Feature Update – Web

We are excited to announce our new exercise progress feature! This update has added many new features to our website application. Additionally, it will be coming to our mobile apps very soon! With this new update, there are new progress tracking graphs. They use the data from your clients workouts and automatically place them in […]

Fitness Assessment Graphs Improvements

We are excited to announce that have added improvements to our fitness assessment graphs! Not only do they have a new design, but they also have the ability to zoom for specific time frames! Additionally, you can now view notes directly in the graphs. While this feature is currently only available on our website application, […]

Personal Trainer Referral Program – Refer & Save!

After many feature requests, we are excited to announce that we have added a new personal trainer referral code program! As of 4/15/2019, it is live on our website and ready for use! For every trainer that a referral brings in, you as the referrer will get 100% of the first month of the new […]

Personal Trainer iOS Feature Update

We recently released a new feature for the web software of FitSW. This update added the ability for fitness coaches to both edit the date of assessments and add notes for a specific assessment. We are happy to announce this feature is now also on iOS! However, this personal trainer iOS feature is slightly different […]

Personal Trainer Assessment List Update – Web Software

FitSW’s assessment list has always been an important part of our software. It enables trainers to show progress tracking graphs to their clients. Additionally, assessments are crucial to tracking clients overall fitness progress. This is why we have been working on an awesome new feature for the personal trainer assessment list for the past few […]

Personal Trainer Exercise Filtering

Recently, FitSW announced its new Personal Trainer Exercise Demonstration Improvements. This added the ability to specify the difficulty level of an exercise. In addition to selecting the difficulty, you are now able to choose what equipment is needed for an exercise. This addition was fantastic for creating even more personalized workouts. However, it could sometimes […]

iOS Personal Trainer App Design Updates

FitSW is happy to announce that our iOS app has been redesigned with a brand new look! We wanted to update both the look and feel of the iOS app. We also improved other aspects of the user experience. With this new iOS personal trainer app design update, we have updated every screen with new […]