Personal Training Careers With FitSW


Share:We are looking for fitness professionals and fitness enthusiasts to join our team! FitSW has experienced rapid growth recently, which means there are many available positions we need to be filled! These personal training careers range anywhere from software developers to marketing professionals. Additionally, you can visit our career page to view all of the […]

Spanish Personal Trainer App – FitSW!


Share:Over the past couple of months, we have been working hard to localize the FitSW app. We are very excited to announce that our Android app is now available in Spanish! This Spanish personal trainer app, powered by FitSW, has all of the same features, but is now fully translated! While we only have translated […]

Personal Training Website – FitSW Redesign


Share:Along with the new features we have recently added, we have also been working hard on redesigning the interior pages of our web software! We are excited to announce that the new personal training website redesign is complete! FitSW has revamped almost every page of our website. Furthermore, it is now live. This means you […]

Personal Trainer Referral Program – Refer & Save!


Share:After many feature requests, we are excited to announce that we have added a new personal trainer referral code program! As of 4/15/2019, it is live on our website and ready for use! For every trainer that a referral brings in, you as the referrer will get 100% of the first month of the new […]

Rising Star Award & Premium Usability Award For FitSW!


Share:FitSW receives premium usability title for club management software from directory for business software! We are very happy to annouce that FitSW has received 2 awards! These awards include the Rising Star Award & Premium Usability Award! These are both amazing accomplishments and validates all of our hard work! If you would like more information […]

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