The Start of Something Beautiful – FitSW + Apple HealthKit

It’s November and it’s been a little bit since we came to you with a product update article. Well, if you have been to our homepage recently then you might suppose we have been busy working on some pretty cool things. One of them is going to help you in onboarding clients and it has […]

Training clients who are 56+: a guide for success.

In recent years, many studies have come out revealing that decline in health really starts to impact us in tangible ways starting in our 50’s. While this might not be true for everyone, it is true for a lot of people in different ways. There are many aspects of our body that play major roles […]

The Evolution of Live Fitness Classes in FitSW

Since we added live fitness classes to the FitSW software, it has come a long ways. It started off as a “bare bones” software that could stream videos with a live chat. Now, live fitness classes in FitSW are full of features that help instructors spend less time managing the class and more time on […]

Becoming an Online Personal Trainer: A Step-by-Step Guide

At some point in their career, many fitness professionals will look at becoming an online personal trainer. Becoming an online trainer is attractive as it can drastically expand your income potential. The internet knows no hours, it knows no boundaries. It doesn’t get tired and doesn’t stop growing. However, before you get started with online […]