How to Launch a Successful Fitness Membership Site

It’s 2020 and it’s time to turn your business into a more lucrative and well-oiled machine. How? With a fitness membership site. Before you dismiss the idea, because it seems “too big and demanding”, think again.  Today, the technology you need to build a site, launch your own mobile app, take payments and market your […]

Peripheral Heart Action Training For Weight Loss

Peripheral heart action training for weight loss is one of the best training systems out there to effectively lose body fat. The training not only helps you lose weight but also helps you improve overall cardiovascular fitness and improve the size and tone of your muscles. The creator of this forgotten system was Arthur Steinhaus, […]

5 Reasons a Soft Mattress Helps for Better Muscle Recovery

If you’re a gym devotee, you probably know that a hardcore training session may affect your normal functioning for the next couple of days. But did you know that sleeping on a soft mattress can help for better muscle recovery? If you’re skeptical about this, here are five reasons to change your mind. #1 Better […]

Personal Trainer Weight Loss – Tips & Information

Whether you want to lose weight for special occasions or just improve your health, weight loss is a common goal. When someone wants to lose a couple of pounds, the most common question is: “How quickly will I lose weight?” Personal trainer weight loss programs are a great option, though it’s important to understand how […]

How Stretching Before Bed Can Improve Sleep Quality

Most people have a regular bedtime routine, even if you don’t necessarily think of yours in that way. At the very least, your routine probably consists of teeth brushing or removing your contacts — but are you doing anything to get your muscles and brain ready for bed? In a review of Chinese and American […]

Instantly Improve Client Retention with PT Software

If you’re a personal trainer, there are two major areas you need to focus on to build a thriving business: Getting new clients Keeping clients Number 1 is harder than number 2, but only if you deliver a fantastic service that gets results, keeps clients happy, and makes them feel valued. In this post, we’re […]

How Sleep Improves Lean Muscle Mass

As research suggests, getting at least seven hours of quality sleep every night comes with a long list of benefits. Quality sleep helps to process and store your memories and thoughts. Additionally, it balances your emotions by regulating hormones and chemical processes in your body. Sleep also improves your skin health, hair, weight control, and […]

Sprint Interval Training Can Help Clients Burn Fat Faster

As a personal trainer, we are constantly competing with delivering results with the ever decreasing amount of time our clients have available. Whether this is HIIT, Sprint Interval Training, or something else, personal trainers are always trying new techniques to help deliver results. This is what got the Training Director at RunRepeat, Nick Rizzo, wanting to […]