A Guide to the Benefits of Corporate Fitness

Corporate fitness is a method for increasing employee productivity and saving money for companies in many different ways. Ideally, any company would want its employees to be happy and healthy. This leads to a series of positive outcomes for the company as a whole. Keep reading for some examples of effective corporate fitness and wellness […]

Born Tough Athletic Wear for Men: Review Coming Soon!

We are excited to announce that we are partnering with Born Tough athletic wear for men. Gabe, one of our digital marketers will be doing a detailed product review of the zip-up hoodie. After reviewing the product, we want to give you guys the chance to score some gear of your own. We will be […]

Training for Athletes vs. Non-Athletes: Is There a Difference?

To discuss the difference between training for athletes and non-athletes we have to first consider what it means to be an athlete. Think about what makes athletes around the world as great as they are at what they do. What is the purpose of training for athletes vs non-athletes? What is it that makes athletes […]

Improve Your Online Coaching in 5 Proven and Effective Methods

Online coaching is the future for all fitness professionals. To stay competitive in the personal training market, you have to use competitive methods for getting new clients and managing your current clients. Going virtual will do absolutely nothing but expand your business and help you reach exponentially more clients. The best part is, that when […]

5 Tips for Balancing Your Personal Training Business and Studying For Graduate School

Running a successful personal training business isn’t easy. And when combined with the stresses of studying for grad school, life can seem plain overwhelming. So, to help you fend off anxiety and find time for both major life commitments, here are our top 5 tips for balancing your business and grad school.   Tip #1: Plan […]

Disruption and the Future of Virtual Fitness.

In many ways, this question is multi-faceted. The future of virtual fitness has a lot of implications for not just personal trainers, but also, for the fitness industry as a whole. Recently, we have seen personal trainers, gyms, dieticians, and professionals alike use agile digital solutions to adapt to disruption in society. In fact, if […]

Creating Effective Loyalty Programs: A Comprehensive Guide

Loyalty programs are an extremely important tool in client retention. Client retention is an extremely important tool in a successful business. A successful business is an extremely important tool in a happy, comfortable life. See where I’m going with this? Yes! Loyalty programs are an extremely important tool for you, a gym owner to live […]

Build multi-day programs in 30 minutes or less with FitSW!

Building multi-day programs can be a challenging and very time-consuming process. I would hope that your method for planning out lengthy programs is not on paper. However, if it is, then let me introduce you to a whole new world. If you use Excel for creating multi-day programs online, then just say, “Sayonara!” Here’s how […]

15 Powerful and Fun Gym Marketing Ideas to Boost Client Signups

Let’s face it. Gyms are available on every corner and everywhere you turn, so what will make you stand out? Gym marketing is the most important aspect of running a successful gym. Focus first on what your unique selling proposition is and then funnel that into the following marketing ideas. What is a unique selling […]