Calisthenics Gyms: What are they and why open one?

Calisthenics gyms are everywhere if you’re creative enough! Calisenthics is a powerful tool for self physical improvement using only your bodyweight. Anytime you complete bodyweight workouts you are essentially partaking in calisthenics. This method of exercise does not inherently require any weighted equipment. However, minor weights can be added using vests, belts, and ankle weights. […]

2020 U.S. Fitness Market and Industry Insights Going Into 2021

The fitness market faced many challenges in 2020 both globally and nationally (here in the U.S.). Methods for reducing the effect of COVID across different countries have had a huge impact on the market in each country. Health and fitness businesses play an integral role in reducing health conditions worldwide. The market revolves around keeping […]

Review of Elite Sports’ Women’s Compression Leggings (Spats)

Our product manager, Jennifer, had the chance to try out the white women’s compression leggings from Elite Sports. Compression leggings help with reducing muscle soreness and increase oxygen uptake through the muscles. Essentially, compression leggings aid in warming up your muscles and help reduce injury during workouts. Jennifer did a yoga session to try out […]

11 Hip Hinge Exercises You Need to Master

Hip hinge exercises are useful in many many ways, especially to help you with more advanced kettlebell and deadlift exercises. As we all know, mobility is extremely important to have before completing exercises. You absolutely do not want to complete exercises that are out of the comfort zone of your muscles’ range of motion around […]

3 Things to Consider About the One Punch Man Workout

First off, what is One Punch Man? If you have never heard of this Japanese manga, then you probably have not heard about the One Punch Man workout. For the sake of understanding the workout and the hilarity of this trend, you need to understand One Punch Man’s story. One Punch Man is a comedic […]

Personal Trainer of the Month: Sakura’s Fitness Pal

We love sharing about our awesome team of personal trainers. This month we have a unique duo helping change lives. Matthew Griffith and his husky Sakura have a unique origin story and now run their personal training business called Sakura’s Fitness Pal. For their clients, they provide fitness and nutritional coaching and a helping hand […]