Personal Trainer of the Month: Charity Rae Binford

There is nothing more gratifying for us at FitSW than hearing from our awesome team of trainers. As we grow, we want to continue hearing from you guys about your fitness journeys and why you choose to guide others on their own. Providing trainers with the tools to help grow their business and touch countless […]

Why Branding is Important to Staying Fresh and Successful

A Guide to branding your personal training business and why it’s necessary. Staying fresh is difficult to do these days with so many different methods for marketing and new brands emerging every time you blink. So how do you stand out among the competition? Good branding. Branding is not only aesthetics, but it is the […]

Scheduled Downtime for Friday, September 25 from 10 pm-2 am MT

We will be migrating servers and databases this Friday night between 10 pm and 2 am. During this time our website and apps will not be available. This migration will increase the speed of our site and enable us to add some awesome features in the near future. Though you will not be able to […]

COVID, Wearable Tech, AI, oh my… Are trainers doomed?

Wearable tech has been around for awhile. Wearable technology started off in the 70’s believe it or not with a calculator watch. Once the year 2000 hit, technology began a period of development unlike anything ever seen. We saw technology develop in a couple different ways: Hardware became smaller, sleeker, and faster. Wearing a smartwatch […]

How To Get Clients to Promote Your Personal Training Business

Promote your personal training business using your current client base for an efficient way to generate new client leads. Clients hold the most knowledge about the ins and outs of your personal training business. They can be living, breathing, walking, talking advertisements for you. They hold the key information about the training experience you provide […]

4 Reasons To Get In Touch With Your Animal Flow

Practicing Animal Flow bodyweight training guarantees an improvement in key areas of a person’s fitness level, and at the same time, just might land you a spot on World of Dance. The key areas of fitness, as we know, are strength, flexibility, muscular endurance, cardiovascular endurance, and stability. Think about the different planes of motion […]

Early September FitSW update: draggable modals and more!

It’s September. Fall is dawning on us and so is a month full of improvements and new features. We have some exciting new stuff coming this month. However, we already have a couple new things we have already released! This early September FitSW update is setting the tone for us, for the rest of the […]

Supplements: What you need to know before taking them (or recommending them).

Supplements. Probably one of the most discussed topics in the fitness, health, and wellness industry. If you were to go person-by-person in a gym or health convention and ask people about supplements, you would probably get a litany of different responses. If there is one thing that is true though, you should do your homework […]