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This is what the Personal Trainer Help Center will look like on the Home Page

Recently, we put out blog posts letting you know about our new Personal Trainer Help Center and our iOS tutorials on the Help Center. We just added over 20 tutorials for Android devices, so if you are using your phone you can get step-by-step guides on every feature that FitSW has to offer! If you would like to see a new article be posted on our Help Center, contact us!

Android Personal Trainer Help Center Tutorials

FitSW has countless features, so understanding all of them can be difficult at times. However, we have you covered! We have added more than 20 articles on how to navigate through the Android app. We will constantly be updating and adding more articles. This means that if you do not see the tutorial you need, we will be adding it shortly. However, we can always give you personalized tutorials by email. The Personal Trainer Help Center guides for Android are for both personal trainers and clients. You can see all of the tutorials we added below:

Our Personal Trainer Help Center contains hundreds of tutorials and information about FitSW’s features. In addition, they contain walkthroughs for our computer software, iOS app, and Android app. We are constantly adding more tutorials to our Personal Trainer Help Center. If you cannot find a tutorial for a specific feature, let us know! You can contact us at anytime by emailing our support.

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