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We just added an awesome new Help and Support center. This personal trainer software help center will guide both clients and trainers through various aspects of our app and software. Our guides include everything trainers and clients need to know about using FitSW. We have also added a FAQ. This FAQ is for FitSW’s current users and contains much more specific questions about our software. In addition, our new help center also has a community section. This is where trainers and clients can post features they would like to see integrated into the software. In addition, they can also post general discussions about FitSW.

Visit our personal trainer software help center:

Personal Trainer Software Help Center

Personal Trainer Software Help Center
The Homepage of the Help Center

Our new help center has everything that both personal trainers and clients need to know about our software. Examples of the guides our help center has are: how to add a new food to your food list, how to add new tasks for your clients, and how to change your profile picture. We also have tutorials for clients that need assistance figuring out how to use the software. These guides offer all of the information you will need to successfully understand FitSW’s features.

FAQ & Announcements

The personal trainer software help center has a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section for personal trainers and clients. This is where users of FitSW will find technical questions that arise when using the software. Included with the FAQ question is the Announcements category. This is where users will find information about important announcements that FitSW has. If you have a technical question and do not see it on our FAQ, let us know! We would be happy to both answer and add your question to the FAQ.

Personal Trainer Community

Personal trainer software help community page
This is the FItSW Community page component of the Personal Trainer Software Help Center.

The help center also includes a community section. This is where users can tell FitSW about features they would like to see become implemented into the software. Additionally, there is a general discussion board for trainers and clients to speak about what is on their mind.

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