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Client Success Story

Posted on Aug 22, 2017 to Public

Congratulations to Lisa Turtle!! She placed 1st at Bayside MuscleShow 2017:

Here is Lisa's story and path to fitness:

I want to share my fitness journey story and how i transformed my body and my mental state in hope of helping and inspiring you to do the same. My transformation can especially motivate you if you're younger because I'm 21 but it can also be inspiring if you're older. I started training when I was 18, I started with doing push-ups at home,ab exercises and pull-ups when I had the opportunity.Then a month or two after I started going to the gym and because I didn't have any knowledge, naturally I made mistakes and I wasn't in tune with my body.

I started doing a 6 day split:Chest,shoulders,back,biceps,triceps,legs. When I think of it now it was a huge mistake because I made 7 day pauses for every muscle that I trained and I was focusing on isolation exercises too much. Time went by and I met Richard Belding and he helped me I change up my routine and developed a complete plan focusing a lot more on compound lifts and hitting every muscle twice a week.He also showed me the best way to count calories,I started eating a lot healthier and I didn't even touch alcohol,cigars and stuff like that.

My diet consists of fruits,vegetables,lean meats for protein (fish and chicken breasts mostly) eggs and milk.For my carb sources I usually eat rice,beans (also for protein),potatoes and whole grain bread.I focus on getting 0.8-1g of protein per pound of bodyweight.

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