Workout Mangement - Personal Fitness Trainer helping their client.  Track all progress.

Workout Management

Create, track, and record multiple fitness clients' workouts online in one central location.

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Progress Tracking - Personal fitness trainer tracking their clients progress.  Track & chart any assessment.

Progress Tracking

Track and chart fitness client progress on anything, from body-fat to waist-line to bench-press max. Charts are fully customizable.

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Nutrition & Diet - Personal fitness trainer helping clients eat healthy. Plan diets, workouts, schedule.

Nutrition & Diet Planning

Easily create meal plans, record food intakes, and keep tabs on fitness clients with editable diet logs.

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Improve Client Engagement

Easily track progress to keep personal training clients involved, motivated and on-track. Progress tracking allows personal trainers to understand what works best for a fitness client and plan tailored workouts and meal plans based on what has previously worked. Graphically track any personal training stat: weight, BMI, body fat, maximum benchpress, and muscle measurements are just a few examples.

Personal trainer fitness client working out and staying engaged.  Plan workouts as a trainer.

Improve Your Effectiveness

Quickly create polished personal training workouts online that can be printed or accessed from any mobile device or computer. Plan and track exercises, weights, number of sets, rest times, equipment settings and other parameters needed to help your personal training client succeed. Create your own exercise database complete with exercise videos or exercise picture demonstrations or use ours. Stay organized with a central location to manage all of your fitness clients, their goals, contracts, documentation, your personal training schedule, and personal training client progress pictures.

Personal trainer helping a client workout using personal training fitness sofware.

Improve Client Results

"FitSW Personal Training Fitness Software helps me connect with my personal training clients. We all really like being able to track their fitness workouts - it's a great feeling when you can show them how far they've come. Being able to help someone achieve their fitness and health goals is a great feeling, and I honestly think FitSW was a big part of that. My fitness clients like using it, and they say it really helps them stay on track and healthy which makes my job easier and makes me more effective as a personal trainer."

- Terry Gallagan, Certified Personal Trainer from Denver, CO
Personal fitness trainer coaching and pushing a fitness client to do their best with personal trainer software.