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Online Personal Training

Train the way you like where you want to. Completely virtual programs delivered straight to the palm of your hand.

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In Person Training

Never be unsure about fitness or nutrition again. With immersive coaching every step of the way, you'll be on a fast track to results.

Area Served: Cornelius, NC, 28031

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Purchase packages, individual sessions or make a custom payment!

Trainers often offer personal training sessions in bulk at a discounted rate. We call these 'packages'.

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12 Session Pack

12 One hour customized coaching sessions at facility

Session Credits: 12

Price: 600.00

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2X per week One Hour Customized Coaching Session

2 One hour sessions per week billed weekly

Session Credits: 2

Price: 120.00

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3X per week One Hour In-Home Customized Coaching Session

3 One hour session per week billed weekly

Session Credits: 3

Price: 180.00

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1x week In-home Customized Coaching Session

One 1 hour in-home session billed weekly

Session Credits: 1

Price: 70.00

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In-Home 10 pack

10 Custom training sessions from your home. All equipment provided. Expires 3 months/90 days from first session

Session Credits: 10

Price: 550.00

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2X per week One Hour Customized In Home Coaching Sessions

Session Credits: 0

Price: 130.00

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Pay your trainer a custom amount.




National Academy of Sports Medicine, ACE Senior Fitness Certification

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Personal Training, Fat Loss, Functional Fitness, HIIT Training, All Levels.

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