Our Valued

Our mission at FitSW is to provide the tools necessary to allow you to focus more on changing lives and less on managing administrative work. In doing so, we are also striving to help create a more accessible world of fitness.

Below are some companies we have partnered with because they share the same mindset and values that we do.

Foxquilt Partner Logo

Foxquilt is a North American insurtech that provides online access to small business insurance. If you provide personal training, coaching or work in the fitness and wellness industry, having the right business insurance not only protects your business, but fosters the growth of it too. You’ll come to find that vendors, partners, and facilities may require you to carry insurance. Foxquilt makes it easy for you to access affordable coverage online and provides you with peace of mind.

ISSA Partner Logo

ISSA was one of the first personal training certifications and is still one of the highest rated. With trainers in 174 countries and over 475,000 students, its a worldwide certification with thousands of top trainers. Get ISSA certified to grow your fitness business!

Healthycell Partner Logo

Healthycell created a patent-pending ingestible gel supplement designed for maximum nutrient absorption! They have five main products – some optimal for pre-workout and focus, others for sleep/recovery, and for general well-being and immunity. Use promo code FitSW15 for 15% off, any order size.

Origym Partner Logo

Get certified as a personal trainer and benefit forever. FitSW has teamed up with Origym School for Personal Trainers to provide their members with a lifetime 15% monthly discount on the FitSW software. Origym is a UK based school that offers internationally recognized certifications for personal trainers to conduct training both online and in-person.