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FitSW is loaded with all the features you need to save time, grow your business, and maximize your clients' success. All of these features are present in our web app here at and in our mobile apps.

Host live online classes from the FitSW dashboard

Live Online Classes

Extend your reach by offering live online classes directly from the FitSW dashboard. Classes are easy to set up and easy to share.

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Find train gain logo.

Find . Train . Gain

Find Train Gain is a public listing of all trainers that use FitSW. This means we help you find clients just by being a FitSW member. You can also host online personal training classes that are visible on Find Train gain.

Check it out: Find Train Gain

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Online workout builder for personal trainers.

FitSW Personal Trainer Software has a state-of-the-art workout builder. Choose from our exercise library, which has nearly 1000 exercises, or create your own exercises to build personalized workouts for your clients. You can easily email, print, favorite, copy, edit, or delete workouts with a single click.

Easily track your client’s workouts. You can view the workouts that your clients are currently working on, have not met, or ones they have completed: once you enter the data, you can visually view their progress with our innovative progress tracking graphs.

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Personal Trainer Software Exercise Library.

Our exercise database has nearly 1000 exercises for you to choose from. Each one of our exercises come with demo videos, so your clients will always know how to perform a specific exercise. To replace our video, upload your own exercise YouTube video's URL, which will replace our exercise video with yours.

You can also create your own exercises, to build even more personalized workouts for your clients. Custom exercises simply need to contain information on the muscle group targeted, what equipment will be used, the name of the workout, and what is the difficulty of the exercise.

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Personal Trainer Software Nutrition And Meal Planning.

FitSW Personal Trainer Software has a comprehensive Food List to create your Nutrition Plans from. With nearly 1000 foods for you to choose from, creating a meal plan has never been easier. All of our foods contain detailed nutrition information (calories, protein, carbs, and fat) so you will never wonder if this food will fit into your nutrition plan.

You can effortlessly add your own foods and create personalized meal plans for your personal training clients. After you have chosen the foods you want your meal plan to contain, you can personalize your plans even further by simply setting how often you want your meal plan to occur (daily or weekly) and which clients you want it to apply to.

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Personal Trainer Software Client Management.

Client Management has never been simpler. From the convenience of your smartphone, personal trainers can manage client’s workouts, tasks, meal plans, schedule, payments, and more. Fitness coaches and gyms can also see whether their clients completed their workouts, stayed on track with their goals, and countless other aspects that are so vital to running fitness businesses. Whether you are at home or on the go, you can access FitSW from anywhere via our app or web software.

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Personal Trainer Software Client Files And Forms.

Say goodbye to the third-party applications or paper forms. With FitSW, your clients can take forms like the PAR-Q from the convenience of their smartphone or laptop.

Fitness coaches and personal trainers can easily edit the PAR-Q as well. Our database has the standard PAR-Q, though we understand that many personal trainers prefer to create their own custom PAR-Q.

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Personal Trainer Software Scheduling And Calendar.

Easily schedule and manage appointments from anywhere. You can set recurring appointments, if your clients booked multiple appointments at once; or, you can simply schedule a single personal training session with a click of a button.

Clients can also easily request appointments with their personal trainers. They can see a personal trainers available time slots and request an appointment. However, the fitness coach must approve the appointment, so there’s no need to worry about over booking.

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Personal Trainer Software Progress Tracking Graphs.

Both clients and personal trainers can view progress tracking graphs. Once you enter your workout data, our software will create beautiful looking graphs that will show your clients progress.

Share these graphs easily and quickly with the click of a button. Progress Tracking Graphs improve your client’s engagement and motivation by showing their progress over time.

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Personal Trainer Software Progress Photos.

Progress Photos are a great way to keep your clients both motivated and engaged. Easily upload photos that show the progress of your clients. Personal trainers and clients can also create comparison photos. This shows the progress that clients have made from when they started, to when they took the picture.

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Personal Trainer Software Goal And Task Tracking.

One of the most important aspects of personal training is creating goals and tasks for clients. This keeps them on track and helps them stay motivated on a day-to-day basis. Create goals such as taking the stairs, no junk food, or anything that helps your clients stay on track for their fitness journey.

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Personal Trainer Software Custom Branding.

Custom Branding is an awesome feature that enables personal trainers and gyms to have their own custom app. Your logo and colors will appear when your clients open the app, but it will still offer all the features that FitSW has. This creates a more personalized and in-depth experience for your clients while promotes your brand.

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Personal Trainer Software Blog And Content Management.

With an account with FitSW, you have access to your own customizable blog. This blog can be seen by all of your clients. A fitness blog connected to our software enables clients to easily stay updated and informed on everything that your personal training business has going on.

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Personal Trainer Software Studio Team Accounts.

FitSW Personal Trainer Software has customized plans to meet the need of every size personal trainer. This also includes gyms and studios. We offer all the comprehensive and innovative features to both personal trainers and gyms.

With a Studio / Team account, your business will be able to easily manage both clients and trainers from anywhere. You can even log in as a trainer to see all the workouts, meal plans, appointments, tasks, etc. that they have created.

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Personal Trainer Software Real Time Messaging.

By using FitSW, you can easily message your clients within the app. You no longer have to use our messaging system. You can now message your client by clicking them, it's that easy.

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Personal Trainer Software Automated Emails.

Send automated emails to remind your clients about upcoming workouts, new meal plans, task reminders, and so much more. This enables your clients to stay updated on everything that your personal training business is offering. It also keeps your clients engaged and motivated as they are always updated into what is going on with their fitness journey.

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Personal Trainer Software Payments.

FitSW makes accepting payments easy. Create packages of workouts / meal plans that your clients can purchase or create monthly subscriptions that your clients can subscribe to. Accepting client payments has never been easier.

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