FitSW Personal Trainer Software Features

Online Workout Builder

  • Create workouts online to share with clients any way you like: automatic emails, print, or allow your clients to access online.
  • Build workouts your way with weight exercises, cardio exercises, supersets or any combination of the three.
  • Specify multiple parameters for the workouts you create: sets, reps, weights, rest time, exercise time, distance and more.
  • Utilize our library of 500 exercises complete with demo videos or quickly create your own exercises with your own custom demos.
  • Easily copy workouts from one fitness client to another and then quickly customize it to the new client.
  • Create workouts that repeat on any schedule you would like: Every X days, or on certain days of the week.
  • More Details on the Online Workout Builder.

Fitness Progress Tracking Graphs

  • Track your clients with Fitness Progress Graphs to keep them involved, motivated, and on-track.
  • Use Progress Graphs to help you understand what works best for clients based on their progress improvements.
  • Track any type of metric: Weight, Body Fat, Waist Size, Bicep Size, Push-Up Test, and Bench press are just a few examples.
  • Data entry is extremely simple and automatically creates beautiful-looking graphs.
  • Share Graphs to Facebook, Twitter or Google+ with a click.
  • Sharing to a client's timeline is a great way to recognize them for hard work and enable them to receive kudos from friends.
  • Sharing also lets your client's friends see how much you have helped and what you could possibly do for them.
  • More Details on Fitness Progress Tracking Graphs.

Nutrition & Diet Planning

  • Plan meals for your clients that can be automatically emailed, printed, or accessed by your clients through FitSW.
  • Create diet plans using FitSW's database of 5000 foods complete with nutritional content information.
  • Easily add your own foods & their nutritional content to your own food database.
  • Help clients track daily nutrition intake with FitSW's automatic calorie and macronutrient calculators.
  • Clients can effortlessly build Meal Logs in order for you both to review and analyze their food intakes.
  • Quickly copy diets from one fitness client to another and then customize it to the new client.
  • Create diets that repeat on any schedule you would like: Every X days, or on certain days of the week.

Create, Store, & Share Fitness Progress Photos

  • Help your clients stay motivated and better visualize their progress by saving fitness progress photos.
  • Upload fitness progress photos from any device and add date or caption information.
  • Store fitness progress photos in your FitSW gallery for you and your clients to access from anywhere.
  • Automatically create Before & After photos to visualize how much and where exactly your clients are improving.
  • Store and manage these Before & After photos on FitSW for both you and your clients to access.
  • Easily share Before & After photos on social media to help recognize clients for their hard work and to showcase what you can help clients achieve.
  • More Details on Creating Before & After Fitness Progress Photos.

Personal Training Appointment Scheduling & Calendar

  • Keep track of all your appointments with the click of a button.
  • Manage your schedule from anywhere - on your computer or mobile device.
  • Clients can request appointments on your calendar for you to approve / decline.
  • Your clients can see their sessions with you on their own FitSW calendar.
  • Clients don't see your other appointments, they just see unavailable times & the sessions you have together.
  • More Details on the Personal Training Scheduler & Calendar.

Personalized Trainer Blog & Content Management

  • Easily post text, images and video to share with your clients or the general public.
  • Choose who can see which posts: you have the ability to make posts private to clients only.
  • Post content to strengthen engagement with existing clients or gain exposure to new clients.
  • More Details on the Personalized Trainer Blog & CMS.
  • Post things like:
    • Motivational Content
    • Custom Instructional Content
    • Valuable Health & Fitness Information
    • Special Classes or Events
    • Promotional Discounts / Sales
    • General Info & News
    • Client Success Stories

Gym Manager & Studio Manager Accounts

  • Provide everything you need to manage your gym, multiple trainers, and all your clients.
  • Enable multiple trainers associated with the same gym to use all of FitSW's features.
  • Allow your designated Gym Manager to create and manage login accounts for all trainers at a gym.
  • Gym Manager can also easily view all trainer schedules, their clients, and client fitness data.
  • Gym Manager is also able to assign clients to specific trainers and manage client information.
  • These accounts also allow you to create Shared Clients that can be managed by multiple trainers at once as needed.

Online PAR-Q Creator

  • Automatically send your clients an email link for them to fill out their PAR-Q.
  • Clients can then fill out PAR-Q in an easy-to-use online form that automatically saves as they go.
  • Trainers can view the filled out PAR-Q for any client at any time online.
  • No more keeping tracking of paperwork or uploading documents needed.
  • Clients and Trainers can, if needed, easily print out the PAR-Q, save it to a PDF or manage it online.
  • More Details on the Online PAR-Q Creator.