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General Questions

What is FitSW?
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FitSW is an app for personal trainers that helps personal trainers more effectively manage their business through digitally innovative tools. All premium accounts come with tools from automated compliance tracking and exercise tracking to workout builders and live fitness class software.

Learn more about out features, here.

Why do I need an app as a personal trainer?
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There are many reasons why we should use software to better enable us in our daily lives. As a personal trainer, using an app for personal trainers can help you save time and better manage and grow your business.

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How long is the installation?
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There is actually no installation at all. We are a cloud based service.

Is there an app?
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Yes, we are available across all platforms (Web, iOS, and Android). The great thing about FitSW is that if you update a workout in the iOS app, your clients can view that workout update even if they are using an Android app. You can also view that same workout on the website www.fitsw.com. All the different platforms work seamlessly together across all devices.

Is there an app for clients?
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Yes, much like the app for personal trainers, the app for clients is available across all platforms.

Can one of my clients view the details of my other clients?
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No. All client information is stored securely within their account.

Where can I find reviews from others who have used the software?
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Here are some common places we get reviews:

- Onsite reviews
- Reviews in the Google Play Store
- Reviews in the iOS App Store

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Is there a contract? Or can I cancel any time?
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Nope. No contracts or obligations. Sign up anytime, upgrade anytime, and cancel anytime.

How do I cancel if I need to?
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To cancel:

Step 1. Head to your settings page in the app or at fitsw.com.

Step 2. Scroll to the bottom and click on "cancel".

Step 3. Clicking "cancel" once will downgrade you to a free account and will preserve all data. Clicking cancel a second time with delete your account entirely.

I forgot my password, what do I do?
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Easy, head to the sign in page and click on "forgot password" on the bottom left.

On the next screen, enter the email you use to login with and we will send you an email that will help you reset your password.

Can I pause my account?
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Step 1. Head to the settings page in the mobile app or at fitsw.com.

Step 2. Scroll to the bottom and click on "cancel". Clicking cancel just once will downgrade your account and preserve all data.

How do I upgrade?
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Please reference our help article on how to upgrade your account:

How to upgrade

Will the data in my account ever expire.
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Nope! The data in your account will only expire if you delete it or delete your account.

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Subscription Information

Which plans get access to what features?
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The free plan gives you access to basic functionality such as building workouts, meal plans, assigning tasks and more. However, receiving payments, FindTrainGain profiles, and live classes are not available in free plans.

Premium trainer plans gain access to all FitSW features with the exception of some features meant for studio gyms, such as, sharing client profiles, multiple trainer account, and shared exercise lists.

Premium Gym accounts have all access to FitSW features with no limitations to the features available to them.

For more information, reference our pricing page for a more comprehensive comparison.

Are there any other costs besides the monthly subscription?
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No, there are no additional costs. What you see is what you get with your subscription.

The only additional costs you could possibly incur are if you decide to purchase a custom app or a premium trainer page, which are not included in any subscription level.

What will my bill be if I upgrade half way through a billing cycle?
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Great question. We like to keep things simple, so your bill will be prorated based on where you're at in your billing cycle.

For example, if you upgrade half way through your billing cycle then we take into account what you have already paid and the time remaining until your next bill date. That way you aren't charged for unused time on your new subscription level. Additionally, you won't be billed for your new subscription level until your next bill is due.

So if your bill comes on the first of every month and you upgraded on the 16th, then you won't be billed again until the first of next month, as usual, which will be prorated to only reflect the amount of time you spent on that new tier.

How is processing payments through FitSW different then using a service like PayPal?
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This is a great question. While PayPal, Cash App, or Venmo may have slightly smaller transaction fee's, we have an entire digital infrastructure built around financial transactions that is much more robust then a simple, one-time payment.

Whether it's building a subscription, a package, or advanced live class pricing, the difference is, we also enable powerful business processes to revolved around payments. Saving you time and therefore, money.

Along those same lines, creating a subscription service or offering advanced live class pricing like we do would be an incredible manual task with PayPal or Venmo. The key is, it's simply not scalable as a manual task in another payment processor and eliminates it as a viable business process. Our software handles a lot of the manual leg work that takes a non-scalable process and makes it scalable.

Do my clients have to pay?
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No, your subscription covers your use and your clients use of the app.

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When adding clients, can I create an account for them?
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Absolutely. It's one of the first things you are given the opportunity to do when creating a client profile.

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Does FitSW send automated reminders?
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Yes, FitSW sends automated reminder emails for scheduled workouts, tasks, and nutrition plans. Additionally, we send out reminder emails for live classes and emails to trainers when they have participants waiting for them in a live class.

Can I track my clients progress?
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Yes, in FitSW, there are a variety of ways you can track client progress through using features such as, progress pictures, compliance tracking, and automated exercise progress tracking.

How do I know a client has completed something I have assigned them?
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Once a client marks something you have assigned them as complete, you will get an email letting you know which client marked what complete.

On the flip side, if they mark it as incomplete, you will also get an email notifying you of the missed assignment.

Can I replace the demo videos that you have provided with videos of my own?
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Yes, we provide a list of close to 1,000 exercises with pre-recorded demo videos. However, you can easily replace the demo videos with your own.

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Can I host virtual fitness classes? What about 1-on-1 virtual sessions?
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Yes FitSW has a live streaming software built into the platform. It has features specific to virtual fitness classes, such as, interval timers, live chat, and workout details such as the workout type and equipment needed for the virtual fitness class.

What is FindTrainGain?
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FindTrainGain is a website we built to do two things:

1. Help premium FitSW users get discovered by people looking for personal trainers and virtual live fitness classes to attend.

2. Make fitness more accessible to those looking for it on the internet.

To get listed, simply pick a FitSW premium plan that best fits your needs and upgrade.

Can I accept payments through FitSW?
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Yes. However, you can do more then simply accept payments through FitSW. You can automate billing cycles through subscriptions, sell packages, sessions, and use purchase events for automated workflows that save you time.

Can clients make changes to what I have assigned them?
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It depends. In your settings page, you have the option to allow clients the ability of editing workouts, tasks, and nutrition's that you have assigned. You can give and takeaway these permission as you please.

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Can I replace FitSW's logo with my own? What about customizing the interface with my colors?
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Yes you can. For a one time fee, you can purchase a custom iOS, Android, and/or web app. Our custom apps are the best in the business.

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Can I replace the demo videos that you have provided with videos of my own?
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Yes, we provide a list of close to 1,000 exercises with pre-recorded demo videos. However, you can easily replace the demo videos with your own.

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Can I use my own foods when creating nutrition plans?
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Yes you can. You can create your own foods, add custom links to recipes, and edit the foods we have loaded in your account for you.

Can I create custom metrics to track?
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Can I customize my person trainer page?
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Yes you can. We offer the ability to add information to your trainer page about yourself, what services you offer, and you can upload a profile picture.

Additionally, you can purchase an Elite Trainer page that comes with all sorts of bells and whistles such as client testimonials and improved contact options for those who are wanting to reach you to inquire about your services. On top of that, you also get improved ranking.

Do custom apps have all the features of FitSW?
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Every. Single. Feature. Plus you get your own app icon, app store listing, branded push notifications, and more.

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Where can I find video tutorials?
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We have a comprehensive help center with a combination of video tutorials and help articles.

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How can I find out about new features and improvements?
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We post regular updates on our blog and social media feeds. In addition to this, we also send out update emails to our users to announce news, new features, and improvements.

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Does FitSW have a blog?
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Yes, we do! We regularly post to our blog with topics ranging from Marketing for personal trainers, business tips, health and wellness and tips, and more.

Check us out!

Do you have any business resources for personal trainers?
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Yes we do! We post a lot about business, sales, and marketing on our blog, but we also have an eBook out on how to become an online personal trainer, that covers topics like web design, digital marketing, business models, and more.

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Is there a help and support center?
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Yes there is! We have a help center that has tons of articles on FitSW and how to accomplish common tasks. We have articles on all platforms (web, iOS, and Android).

You can get in touch with us by clicking the "Contact Us" button on our help center page here or you can simply email support@fitsw.com.