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FitSW Personal Training Fitness Software is online fitness software that allows trainers to connect with their fitness clients in a whole new way. FitSW lets trainers optimize their training sessions by using information to help better understand what works for each individual. FitSW includes online fitness workout tracking, progress tracking, diet monitors, personal trainer scheduling calendars, and more.

Check out the article by Guest Blogger and Certified Personal Trainer Jennifer Loren explaining the: 11 Reasons You Should Be Using Fitness Software as a Personal Trainer.

There is absolutely no installation required for FitSW Personal Training Fitness Software at FitSW Personal Training Fitness Software at is 100% contained in your online web browsers. We do have mobile apps that you can download if you would like for both Android and iOS and they take only a few seconds to download. This means that you can access your FitSW Personal Training Fitness Software information from any computer or mobile device anywhere in the world.

There is no limit to the number of personal training clients you can have and your first 2 are free.

Yes, it is simple and straight forward. We have features page where we describe many of the features along with video demos. We also have a blog, where we include additional information on different features and how to use those features.

Absolutely, this software is perfect for Online Personal Training or In-Person Training. It helps with online personal training by allowing clients to have their own login to view all the workouts, diets, and goals that you create for them. You can send them automated emails about new workouts or diets you created for them and both of you can track which workouts they have completed. There are a ton of features to manage all your clients, all their workouts, their diets, their progress graphs / stats / pics, and both of your schedules both online and in person.

Yes, we have both an iOS app (for both iPad and iPhone) and an Android app. The great thing about FitSW is that if you update a workout in the iOS app, your clients can view that workout update even if they are using an Android app. You can also view that same workout on the website All the different platforms work seamlessly together.

In addition to the apps, FitSW can also be accessed on any computer or mobile device via The entire website has been optimized so that it is easy to use on mobile phones and on tablets.

No, not unless the other client decides to share them. All client details are secure and kept completely private from everyone but themselves and their trainer.

Yes, some of the reviews we have received are here: Reviews of FitSW Free Personal Trainer Software for Fitness Trainers. You can also see that we have excellent reviews on the iOS App Store and on the Google Play Store


No there is no contract to sign. You can cancel anytime you want with just a click of a button.

It just takes a single click: after logging in, go to Account Settings and then at the bottom is a link to cancel.

Yes! You entered it and so it is yours to access at any time.

You can enter your login email on the Forgot Password page and you will receive an email with an updated password.

A few of our customers have had the email directed to spam or had their email provider block it completely. If you do not receive it, check your spam folder and if it is not there contact your email provider and ask them to allow emails from You can also follow these steps for specific email providers:

Outlook, Hotmail or Windows email:
  1. In your email Inbox, click on the gear icon (which represents the Settings Menu).
  2. Click "Options".
  3. Under "Junk Email", click "Safe Senders".
  4. In the box that says "Enter a sender or domain here", you will enter information then click (+) the plus sign to "Add" the sender to the Safe Senders List.
  5. Finally, click "Save" at the top and emails will no longer be blocked. You can then try "Forgot Password" again.

Google Mail or Gmail:
  1. Click on the big "Gmail" top left and select "Contacts"
  2. Click on the + Button in the lower right.
  3. Fill in the contact card with the name (FitSW Team) and the email address (
  4. Emails will no longer be blocked once you do the above and so you can try "Forgot Password" again.


FitSW Personal Training Fitness Software is absolutely free for trainers managing up to 2 fitness clients. For more than that, we offer multiple tiers to meet your needs and we provide the first month of any plan free! The plan prices can be found here. We also offer volume discounts for large groups and gyms wanting to manage their trainers and the fitness clients of those trainers.

No, there are no other costs - just the monthly fee specified on our Plan Details Page. There are no costs for your clients either. Your monthly fee covers everything.

Absolutely not. For premium accounts, only the personal trainer needs to pay the monthly subscription. There are no other costs to anyone.


It is completely up to you. If you would like, yes, you can choose your personal training client's username and password when you create them. Once created they have the ability to change their password and you are able to reset it for them if needed.

You can also add clients without creating login information for them if the client will never login. This is perfect for clients who you want to plan workouts for to use for your reference or for clients you want to track progress for, but they won't log in on their own to see the data.

Yes absolutely. If you schedule an appointment with a client of yours, you can set up your account so the system will automatically send a reminder notification to your client the night before your session.

Yes, with the click of a button you can set up the system to send automated emails to your clients about workouts, diets, or schedule that you create or modify.


Yes, we do allow you to customize the website or get your own customized app to show your logo instead of the FitSW logo for a one time fee. Below are the details:

  • Customize so that when you or your users visit, they would see your logo in place of the FitSW logo. You can also choose the color of the menu bar to go with your logo. One time Fee of $50.
  • Custom iOS app. This includes a custom splash screen with your logo and a custom app icon with your logo. You would have your own app and it has all the functionality of the FitSW app. One time Fee of $499.
  • Custom Android app. This includes a custom splash screen with your logo and a custom app icon with your logo. You would have your own app and it has all the functionality of the FitSW app. One time Fee of $99.

More details can be seen on our Custom Branded Fitness Apps page.

Yes you can create your own exercises or use the ~1000 default ones we have created. You can save fitness workouts, copy fitness workouts etc. The system is completely flexible for you. You can also use the demo videos we provide or create your own.

Yes, you can create your own foods or use the thousands of default ones we have created complete with nutrition information. You can even edit our default ones if you wanted to modify them for whatever reason. The system is completely flexible for you.


Yes we will have updated demo videos on our Features page soon or you can see some of our older ones on our blog.

We post often to our blog and share details regarding new features and updates. You can also follow us on our social media for additional information:

Yes check out our profiles and follow us!

Yes, FitSW has created a comprehensive Help and Support section complete with How-to guides for both trainers and clients.