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Feedback and Reviews

Your feedback means a lot to us! Please let us know how we are doing and if you would like us to add any new features. Below are just a few of our users recent comments. We are the highest rated personal trainer software app as seen from our iOS reviews and Android reviews. We welcome any feedback at

Exactly what I needed to help me better track all of my clients and their information!

I like the fact that I can keep track of all of my clients' important information in one single application. Being able to build comprehensive fitness plans, nutrition plans and tracking progress in one place makes my job much easier and seems to keep my clients much more engaged. I also like how responsive the FitSW team is to my feature requests and improvement requests.

FitSW saves me time because it lets me quickly build client workouts, nutrition plans and map out client goals. It then saves all this information so that I can easily access it or update it whenever I need to. The progress graphs also help me keep my clients engaged and motivated because I can show them how far they have come and we focus on improvement together.

5 / 5 Stars | Written by: Joe G., Head Personal Trainer, Date: 2018.08.31

Very organized, Beautiful system to manage my gyms clients!

Customer service is unbeatable ! Love the functionality of the program. Easy to use. I like the fact that I can have all my trainers using the program. There is nothing out there quite like it. I save on paper records that really was messy now I don't have to do that anymore. I also love the graph portion of the System.

5 / 5 Stars | Written by: Stephanie C., Gym Owner & Trainer, Date: 2018.09.08

Excellent Software

I like how easy it is to see my workouts as well as the demonstrations of them. My trainer or even I can edit my workouts fast and record my progress. I also like how easy I can record my weight and such. This is great with keeping up with my workouts via my trainer. I've been motivated to see my progress and keep going. Its definitely helped me to reach my fitness goals and stay motivated.

5 / 5 Stars | Written by: Traci Y., Personal Training Client, Date: 2018.09.18

Best tool for small business and personal trainers, and their clients!

I love demo videos, sending and receiving messages and being able to share tasks with clients for them to check off! I also love being able to track body composition in graph format.

5 / 5 Stars | Written by: Channell H., Studio Owner / Personal Trainer & Nutritionist, Date: 2018.08.31