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Your feedback means a lot to us! Please let us know how we are doing and if you would like us to add any new features. Below are some of our users’ recent comments. We are the highest-rated personal trainer software app as seen from our FitSW iOS reviews and Android reviews. We welcome any feedback at

Fantastic app and proactive and responsive developers!

I’ve been using FitSW to design and track my clients’ workouts for the past year. The app is so easy to set up and use, and the app developers are fantastic - they’re responsive and continually integrating new features and improvements into the software. It’s an integral part of my program.

If you’re a trainer, definitely give FitSW a try; you’ll be glad you did! Keep up the great work FitSW team! 👍 👍

5 / 5 Stars | Written by: Richibca, October 2018

I love FitSW

I use it daily and love the fact I can use my own exercise videos as well as videos provided. Thanks for a good product!

5 / 5 Stars | Written by: Liz B., March 2021

Great App!

I'm brand new to the career of personal training and this app has really helped with organization, not to mention the library of exercises that they keep on account.

5 / 5 Stars | Written by: Matthew B., September 2018

It's simplicity makes it perfect!

This is a straight up app to give my clients work outs on that they can easily maneuver and manipulate as they need to. Each exercise has a video or if you put your own in, you can add a link for your clients to watch. Also, it keeps track of how much weight was lifted on specific dates. HUGE time saver!

Pros: No extra fluff Simple to use for myself AND my clients It's quick to get in and out of Not overly complicated

Cons: Nothing. This is really a simplistic program that doesn't try to be everything under the sun and appeal to every person out there. A lot of programs tey to be everything to everyone and it doesn't work.

5 / 5 Stars | Written by: John H., Personal Trainer, November 2019

Clients are happy and feel like it’s easy to use/navigate.

There are so many little things about the way the software works that make my programming time much quicker and smoother. I had actually quit online training because programming was taking far too long on other programs and there were always glitches that caused me to lose programs and workouts. Customer service was also not timely and helpful.

If there are issues you guys are so quick to troubleshoot and help. The customer service staff has been amazing and so helpful with every annoying question I have!

Clients are happy and feel like it’s easy to use/navigate. It also loads well. The last app I used wouldn’t load well in many places.

5 / 5 Stars | Written by: Aubrie S., Studio Owner / Personal Trainer & Nutritionist, March 2021

"Allows trainers to keep all that data in order"

I love using these features because clients do need to see their progress, it motivates them to push harder, and in case their progress is lacking, they get the kick in the butt they needed by me confronting them with their numbers.

FitSW seems to be a fairly unique app since it is providing a lot and not asking ridiculous prices for trainers and clients. I do think it’s worth paying for it though. It offers great insights into clients’ progress, from workouts to nutrition, and allows trainers to keep all that data in order. I like the idea and I really hope you guys will continue to improve. I wish you success.

5 / 5 Stars | Written by: Diana C., Gym Owner/Manager, March 2021

"It keeps my clients accountable"

The progress tracking feature allows me to collect data in one spot and engage the client with their before/afters & graphs.

It keeps my clients accountable. I do not use the app for notes or payment as I have another process for that and do not like change.

5 / 5 Stars | Written by: Danielle H., Personal Trainer, March 2021

"It's a huge timesaver."

I love the simplicity of creating the workouts. It's a huge timesaver.

5 / 5 Stars | Written by: Glenn M., March 2021

Best tool for small business and personal trainers, and their clients!

Engagement, planning and strategies for successful client results! Also, program building allows for simplified workflow and time investment in the building process. Messaging is critical to our client relationship, especially during Covid! Also, essential for virtual trainer gym owner tracking to ensure everyone is staying engaged with clients.

If you could see the number of messages, information, and connections we’re able to have now with our clients it’s HUGE!

Staying connected with our members and us all being able to respond to the app chat rather than just one trainer (working as a team/unit) and all getting notifications for curbsides, appointments, members needs has been a lifesaver!!

FitSW is doing well in customer service, innovation, and personal relationships! FitSW developers, customer service has made my business feel like we are #1 and have provided resolution in reasonable time frames to resolve any issues that may affect our customers. FitSW cares for customers and the ability to understand our pains sets them apart from any other software I’ve used or managed my business and clients with.

5 / 5 Stars | Written by: Channéll N, Studio Owner / Personal Trainer & Nutritionist, April 2021