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How to Create Recurring Events (Web).

This article goes over how you can simply create recurring event schedules in FitSW.


Before getting started, we need to define some terms commonly used. In FitSW, there are three different events:

  • Workouts
  • Nutrition Plans
  • Tasks: are generic events that you can assign clients. Tasks are built generically because they are meant to be flexible so you can assign things like “take the stairs at work”, “fill out your PAR-Q”, “update your metrics”, or “take 20 minutes to gratitude journal”. 

Each event comes with three different types of lists:

  • Client-specific lists. These are lists filled with events that were assigned to a specific client or clients. Clicking on the name of the event in the same row as the client name will bring you to that client’s event-specific list. For example, click on “Workouts” next to “Alyssa Moone” will bring to only Alyssa’s workouts.
  • All Events. These lists are accessible under Quick Links. The Quick Links menu is separated into two sections. The first being “All”. In this section, clicking on an event name will bring you to a list of all those events in your account across all clients.
  • Favorites. Favorite events are workouts, meal plans, or tasks that you have favorited. These act as templates in your account. As with “All Events” lists, open the Quick Links menu. On the bottom half of the menu under “Favorites” is where you can access your favorite workouts, tasks, or meal plans.
Access all events-01


There are two ways to assign a recurring event from a client-specific event list. One is through copying and pasting an existing workout. And the other route is through creating an entirely new event and assigning it on a recurring schedule in the event builder.

Note: For demonstration purposes, we will go over an example using workouts. This is because the same process applies to creating recurring meal plans and tasks.


Step 1. Make sure you are on the client list. Then click on “Workout” in the same row as the client that you want to assign a recurring workout too.

Note: although you are in a client-specific list, you can still assign the event to multiple clients. We will show you how later in the article. 

Step 2. Once on the clients’ workouts list, click on “Add Workout” located on the right side of the screen.

Add Workout Highlighted-01

Step 3. Build your workout.

Step 4. Once you have finished building your workout, scroll down to the section called “Additional”.

Additional Section No Highlights-01

Step 5. The first option you have is to choose is your repeat frequency settings from the drop-down menu called “Repeat”. There are three options:

Repeat settings with menu open highlighted-01
  • None: no repeating will occur.
  • Daily: allows you to set a number of days in-between each occurrence of the workout. 
  • Weekly: allows for you to choose exactly what day of the week, each week, the workout will occur on.

Let run through an example of each.

Daily Example

Once Daily is chosen, chose the date you’d like for the workout to repeat until in the “Repeat Until” date menu.

Next, enter how many days you’d like to occur in between each instance of the repeating workout. For example:

  • 1 as your input would cause the workout to repeat every day.
  • 2 as your input would cause the workout to repeat every other day.
  • and so on…
Daily Example-01

Weekly Example

Once Weekly is chosen, chose the date you’d like for the workout to repeat until in the “Repeat Until” date menu.

Next, instead of entering the number of days that should appear between workouts, simply choose the days of the week the workout should appear.

Weekly Example-01

Step 6. Now that we have gone over our repeat settings finalized, we can add this repeating workout to additional clients in the “Additional Clients” field. To assign this workout to additional clients, simply click on the “Additional Clients” field and select any additional clients.

Additional Clients-01

Step 7. The last option you have is to add the repeating workout to your schedule. To do so, simply check the check-box next to “Add to Schedule?” then type in the times you want the workout to occur.

Note: you can only do this when you are assigning the event to just one client. This means the “Additional Clients” field has to be empty.

Add to schedule (time filled in)-01


Now that we have gone over how to create a recurring workout, everything else is straightforward.

To start, navigate back to specific clients’ workouts.

Step 1. Find the workout you want to assign on a repeating schedule.

Step 2. Select “Copy” on the workout.

Client Specific Workouts, Copy Button-01

Step 3. Once “Copy” is selected, a new menu will pop up. From here you can copy the workout to the same client or a different client(s) by choosing their name in the dropdown under “Copy Workout To”.

Tip: Hold cmd on mac and ctrl on windows to select multiple clients.

[workout]Copying to additonal clients-01

Note: there are two options on the top left of the menu:

  • Copy Workout: will allow you to copy the workout on a recurring schedule straight from the “Copy” menu.
  • Copy & Edit: only lets you copy the workout to one client. However, it brings you to the workout builder where you can make the edits you need to the workout and assign it to multiple clients if needed.

Step 4. Once the client(s) are selected, you can choose to keep the workout name the same or you can change it.

[copying and pasting] new workout name field highlighted-01

Step 5. Then just below the “New Workout Name” field, you can choose a new date for the workout to start on under “New Workout Date”.

[copying and pasting] new date field-01

Step 6. Next, choose the “New Workout Status”. Here you have two options:

  • Published: This means the workout will be formally assigned to the client or clients and all that are assigned the workout will be notified and will be able to see the workout in the client account.
  • Saved as Draft: This means the workout can be located under the clients’ workouts list. However, they will not be able to see the workout, nor will they be notified.
[copying and pasting] workout status field highlighted-01

You can use the “Published” option 

Step 7. Now you simply set up the repeat settings as we have discussed earlier in the article (none, daily, or weekly).

[copying and pasting] repeat settings highlighted-01

Step 8. Once finished, select “Copy Workout” to copy the workout to the clients you have selected.

Note: using the “Copy & Edit” will shorten the menu to one option which is “Copy Workout To”. There you can only select a single client to copy the workout too. Once you have a client selected the menu will bring you to the workout builder where you can make the changes you need and assign the workout on a recurring schedule from the workout builder.


To get started, navigate to the “All Workouts” list.

All workouts list highlighted-01

Once on the “All Workouts” list, you have two options:

  • Copying and pasting an existing workout from the list into a recurring schedule.
[all workouts] copy button highlighed-01
  • Creating a new workout and assigning it on a recurring schedule from the workout builder.
    • note: from the “All workouts” list, choosing to add workout will prompt you to choose a client to add the workout too.
[all workouts] add workout button highlighted-01
[all workouts] choosing a client when adding a workout from the all workouts list-01


To get started, navigate to the “Workouts” under “Favorites” in the “Quick Links” menu.

[Quick links] favorite workouts highlighted-01

The Favorites list for all events behaves just a little differently than other lists. Once you get to the Favorites list of your choice, you still have an “Add Workout” but from the Favorites Workout Builder, you can’t assign the workout to clients.

So copying and pasting is the only way to assign a recurring workout schedule while in a favorites list.

[favorite workouts] copy button highlighted-01

Once you select the “Copy” button, follow the instructions here and you will be all good to go.

As mentioned before, creating a recurring event is the same across all events. While we only went over the example of a workout today, the process we covered is still the same for all events (meal plans and tasks).

If you have any questions, please reach out to support@fitsw.com.

Updated on March 25, 2021

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