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How To Upload Demo Video For An Exercise (Web)

This article will show you how to upload your own custom exercise demo video!

If you wish to upload your own demo videos for exercises, they must be uploaded to YouTube first (as you will need to enter the URL from YouTube).

To upload your own demo video for an exercise, click on the Exercises tab at the top of the screen. (See image below.)

Exercise Library from Trainer Dashboard Web

Once you are on the Exercises page, click on the exercise that you would like to upload a demo video for. You can also create a new exercise with a demo video. After you have selected an exercise, you will see a category labeled Demo Link (Optional). Fill this in with the YouTube URL of the Demo Exercise and click Save. (See image below.)

Adding a demo link to a new exercise web

Your exercise will now have a demo video with it. All the exercises in FitSW Personal Trainer Software’s exercise library already have a demo video for it. If you would like to add your own video to one of our exercises, simply replace the link that is already used for the exercise and click Save

Updated on February 17, 2021

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