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How To Favorite Workouts, Nutrition Plans, and Tasks (Web).

You can easily favorite workouts with the click of a button! This will save you a great deal of time when creating fitness programs for your future clients.

About Favoriting Workouts

Think of your favorite workouts, nutrition plans, and tasks as saving them as templates. When you favorite an event, it gets store in your profile under your “Favorites” list for that specific event type (workouts, tasks, nutrition plans).

Once favorited they can copied to client profiles and tweaked as needed.

Getting Started

To get started, make sure you are on the client list. You can get to the client list from anywhere in FitSW by clicking on “Clients” in the top left corner of the navigation bar.

Client List

Once you are on the Client List page, click the blue Workouts button in the column located next to a client profile that contains the workout you are looking for.

Client workouts-01

Favoriting a Workout

Once you are on the workouts, nutrition plans, or tasks list for a specific client, find the workout you are looking for. Then click the Favorite button next to the workout that you would like to favorite.

Workouts list from trainer dashboard

You will receive a notification at the top of your screen saying: “Success! Your workout has been added to your Favorites! Access your favorite workouts here“. 

Finding your Favorites or Workouts, Nutrition Plans, or Tasks that you can’t Find.

To find your favorites or to find an event that you have been looking for, make sure you are on your client list.

You can find your way to the client list from any page on FitSW by clicking on “Clients” in the top left of the nav bar.

Once on the client list, click on the “Quick Links” drop down menu. Once the menu opens, you’ll see two different sections.

Once is the section that houses your favorites lists for workouts, tasks, and nutrition plans.

The other section house every single workout, task, and nutrition plan in your account in it’s own list. If you need to find a workout and are having a hard time finding it, that is the place to go.

Quick Links-01-1
Updated on March 25, 2021

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