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How to Create a Simplified Nutrition Plan (iOS)

This article shows you how to create a simplified nutrition plan on Apple iOS devices.

In the iOS app, navigate to the Nutrition section in the More tab. Then, click on a client to create a nutrition plan.

Nutrition Page on iOS to Create Simplified Nutrition
List of clients and their nutrition compliance

Then, click the blue ‘+’ in the top right corner of the page to start building a new nutrition plan.

Put the name of the plan and the date it will be assigned on.

Then, look to the middle of the screen and toggle the simple nutrition on.

List of nutrition plans for a particular client
Choose the simplified nutrition plan instead of the regular nutrition plan

This will open a page where the macros will be set for the simplified nutrition plan. The numbers you input in the boxes for the macros will represent how many icons appear for your clients to fill out. Assign these icons each a value. For example, if you have set 3 icons for proteins, then include in the nutrition plan notes that each icon represents 2 grams of protein.

Assign the Number of each macros for the Nutrition Plan

After clicking Publish, a popup will appear where other clients can be chosen to assign the plan to and when to schedule the plan. 

Publish the simplified nutrition plan

These macros will appear in icons that the trainer and the clients can click on to fill out the macros consumed throughout the day.

Have personal training clients fill out the icons for the macros they consume
Updated on May 17, 2021

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