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How to Create an Online Personal Training Live Class (Web)

This tutorial covers how to create private and public online training classes on fitsw.com.

To begin creating a live class in FitSW, navigate to the Live Class page from the menu on the left side of the trainer dashboard.

Navigate to the live class page from the personal trainer dashboard in FitSW

Once you click on the Live Class page, you will see your options for creating live video classes. Clicking on the green New Live Class button will make the live class creator appear. Clicking on the blue Copy Link to Public Classes copies a URL that trainers can send to anyone for them to access the live public classes that the trainer has available on https://www.findtraingain.com.

Live Class page on FitSW Fitness software

The Live class creator has plenty of options for building out classes. First, you must enter a title and an optional description of the class.

Then, you can set the time and date for the class and how long the class will run. Specify the particular equipment and type of class for clients to prepare accordingly. This also helps the public find your classes by type of workout.

Live fitness class editor

For the participant settings, enter in how many spots you would like to offer for the live class and choose whether you would like the class to appear publicly or not.

Make a class invite only or public for people to find on FindTrainGain

Under this setting, you can also set the price for the class. You can choose to make it free or paid and even differ the pricing for clients and the public.

After hitting save, you will see your class in the list and have a few options to choose from. You can join the class up to 10 minutes before the start time. Edit the class and view the participants or those who have registered for the class.

list of upcoming virtual fitness classes

Here you also have the option to notify clients of the upcoming class.

All previous classes will be listed in the previous tab in the top right corner of the list.

That is all for live classes!

Updated on May 25, 2021

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