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How To Setup Apple Developer ID For The Custom App

This is step one (#1) for the custom iOS process.

To set up an apple developer ID to get your own custom app, start out by clicking on the following link: https://developer.apple.com/enroll/

You will be redirected to a screen titled Sign in to Apple Developer. Enter your Apple ID and click the arrow to continue. (See image below.)

Sign in to Apple Developer

You will then be asked to verify your identity. Enter the verification code that you receive either in your email or through your phone (will be a 6 digit code). 

After this, you will be redirected to a screen that is titled Trust this browser. You can choose any option, as this is only about whether or not you will receive a verification code next time you log in. (See image below.)

Trust this Browser in Apple Dev

After this, you will need to choose your Entity Type. If you are a corporation or an LLC, select “Company / Organization”.  Otherwise, select “Individual / Sole Proprietor / Single Person Business” or one of the other options. Once you have chosen your entity type, click continue. (See image below.)

Apple ID Information

You will then be asked to read and accept the Apple Developer Agreement. Check the box that is titled By checking this box, I confirm that I have read and agree to be bound by the Agreement above. After you have done this, click Submit. (See image below.)

Apple Developer Agreement

Next, you will need to enter your contact information. Fill out all of the fields to continue. (See image below.)

Contact Information Apple ID

Scroll down and you will see the Apple Developer Program License Agreement. Read this agreement, then check the box confirming and accepting the agreement, and click continue. (See image below.)

Apple developer License Agreement

You should now be on the Complete Your Purchase screen. Check the box that says By checking this box and clicking the Purchase button, I give permission to Apple to automatically charge the default credit/debit card associated with my Apple ID to renew my membership, subject to the following. After you have checked this box, click Purchase. (See image below.)

Automatic renewal section for Apple Program Enrollment

After you have done this go to: https://appstoreconnect.apple.com/.  If the site requests you to login, use your Apple ID which you just created a developer account with as your login. You will now be on the App Store Connect screen. Select the option that is titled Users and Access to continue. (See image below.)

App Store Connect

Once you are on the Users and Access screen, click the blue + sign to add a person. (See image below.) 

Users and Access to Apple App

A new screen will appear titled New User. Fill in the New User’s name and Email.  Next, add a new user called “admin@fitsw.com” and set them as admin. (This is how we upload the app to your account). Under “Roles”, select “Admin” which will check other items as well. Once this is completed, click the blue Invite button. (See image below.)

New User Apple Developer
Updated on May 24, 2021

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