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Everything you need to know about client compliance (Web).

Measuring client compliance is a great tool for understanding how engaged your clients are. In this article, we look at how to do exactly that in FitSW.

What is Client Compliance?

Client compliance is how well your clients are adhering to the programs you have delivered to them. A low client compliance rate can be disastrous for you and the client.

Mainly because we all know consistency is the key to success when it comes to health and fitness. If your clients aren’t doing what they need to do in the kitchen or they aren’t hitting the gym when they need to, they will not be getting the best results.

FAQ – Why are all my compliance bars gray?

This simply means workouts, tasks, or nutrition plans have been marked as complete or incomplete yet. For there to be data, events must be marked as either missed or complete.

FAQ – I don’t see any client rows at all?

This is because you must add a client. To add a client, please follow this help article on adding new clients.

How to find client compliance measurements in FitSW.

Step 1. Login to FitSW on the web.’

Step 2. Once on your dashboard, you will see some compliance bars in each client row under “Workouts”, “Tasks”, and “Nutrition”.

[client list] compliance bars highlighted-01

There are 3 different types of colors and data in the compliance bars.

  • Green means completed.
  • Red means missed.
  • Grey means the date for the assigned workout, task, or nutrition plan has not come up yet. Or there was no date assigned and therefore the event is simply just “open”. Simply meaning no status has been assigned to it yet.

Step 3. If you have a lot of data in your compliance bars it may be a little hard to see some of the numbers. To get a better view click on one of the compliance bars.

Once clicked, a pie chart will pop-up with a chart legend to give you a better view of the data.

[client compliance] pie chart-01

Clicking on the Workouts compliance bar will open a pie chart with data regarding workouts. The same goes for Tasks and Nutrition data.

There are a couple of key parts of the pie chart.

  • The pie chart data.
  • The chart legend.
  • And the “Click to view all” button at the bottom of the chart.

The chart legend is simply there to show you what color means what. However, there’s one neat feature of the chart legend that is easy to miss. You can click on either “Not met”, “Met”, or “Open” in the chart legend to hide it. You can hide one part of the pie chart or many if needed.

[client compliance] pie chart with open events hidden-01

Once you click on something in the chart legend, it will be struck out like in the image above and the corresponding part of the chart will be hidden. In this case, I struck out open Nutrition plans for the example client to get a better feel for how she has done with her Nutrition plans.

Based on the chart, she hits 93% of her nutrition plans, which is pretty good. Good job, Alyssa!

Step 4. If you’d like to know which nutrition plans, workouts, or tasks were hit and missed, click on the “View all…” link at the bottom of the pie chart to go to the client’s workout list, task list, or nutrition plan list. There you can see which events were missed or met.

[client specific nutrition plan list] status box highlighed-01

The check-box on the right side of the list will indicate with a green checkmark if the event has been completed. Conversely, it will indicate with a red “x” if the event has been missed.

FAQ – How do events get marked as “Met” or “Not met”?

Great question. There are two ways an event can get marked as completed or not met. The first and most popular method is the client marks the event as met when they completing it. For example, when a client is completing a workout, once they have finished the workout, they can mark it as complete in real-time.

The other option is your client lets you know when they have finished a workout so that you can go mark it as complete.

Updated on March 25, 2021

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