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How To View Client’s Progress Graphs (Web)

Want to see how far a client has come? Here’s how to view their progress as easy-to-read graphs.

Important note:  If you have not assigned en exercise within a workout and recorded the results more than twice, then no data will populate in the progress graph.

Client Progress Graphs

There are two types of progress data in FitSW. The first type is the exercise progress data and the second type is custom metrics that you create and track.

Exercises Data

Step 1. Log in to FitSW and make sure you are on your client list.

Step 2. From the client list, click on “Exercises” under the name of the client whom you want to see progress data.

[client list] exercises highlighed-01

Step 3. Once you click on “Exercises” under a client, you will be brought to a new page with their progress data. Exercise progress data collection is an automated process done by FitSW.

Custom Metric Data

To see custom metric data, follow the same process as above, but click on “Metrics” under the client name instead of “Exercises”.

[client list] metrics highlighted-01

Note: in order to see custom metric data, you must create a custom metric and input data.

Once on the Custom Metrics page, you have a couple of options.

[metrics page] highlighted options-01

If any data has been input by you, graphs will display for the metrics you have input data for. If you need to add data, simply click on “Add Progress” in the top right corner of the page. If you’d like to create a metric, click on “Change Listed Metrics” in the top left of the page.

Updated on March 25, 2021

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