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How To View All Nutrition Plans (Web)

To view all nutrition plans, you must first click the Nutrition button on the left side of the page. Then a pull-down menu will appear and you must client on the additional Nutrition button. (See image below.)

Navigate to the Nutrition List From the Client Dashboard

You should now be on the View All Nutrition page. Simply click on the lettering (that is outlined in blue) titled View Upcoming Nutrition. This will take you a screen that will show you all the previous, current, and future diets that either you or your personal trainer have made for you.

Nutrition Plan List for Personal Training Clients in FitSW

If your personal trainer has not given you permission to create your own diet, then only your personal trainer / fitness coach can create diet/meal plans for you using FitSW Personal Trainer Software. 

Updated on May 18, 2021

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