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How To Mark A Workout Complete (or task or nutrition) (Android)

Client compliance lets both the client and trainer know how well the client is adhering to the planned fitness program. FitSW allows clients and trainers to mark a workout, task, or nutrition as “Complete”, “Not Met”, or “Open”. A client can quickly mark an event (workout, task, or nutrition) as complete by simply swiping left or clicking the little arrow and then choosing the appropriate option. This is similar to how it works on iOS. FitSW rolls up the stats for all of the client’s events so that both the trainer and client can see the overall completion rate.

Below are more details on how to mark a workout complete in the Android app. It works the same for Tasks and Nutritions:

In the client’s workouts list, each workout should have a sideways arrow on the far right.

Fitness Client Workout Compliance Rate

When the user clicks the arrow, the workout tab should slide to the left and reveal two buttons. 

Client Compliance Complete and Not Met options

These buttons depend on which category the workout is currently classified in. On the top toolbar, there are three categories: ‘Open’, ‘Complete’, and ‘Not Met’. Users can put workouts into either of these three sections. For example, if the user wishes to mark a task as complete that is in the ‘Open’ category, click the sideways arrow and click ‘Complete’. 

The FitSW app will move the workout to the ‘Complete’ section indicated on the toolbar above. Each screen (open, complete and not met) includes this feature, so each workout can be moved to categories multiple times.

Workout marked as complete by fitness client.
Updated on July 14, 2021

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