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How to copy and paste workouts on the web.

Copy a workout from one client or list in FitSW and paste it where you need it.

Copy and Paste Workouts on the Web

Step 1. Find the workout you’d like to copy and paste.

Step 2. Click on the “Copy” in the “Options” column.

Workout with copy highlighted-01

Step 3. In the popup, you have two general options in the top left of the menu:

  • Copy Workout: this allows you to copy the workout to multiple clients, set It on a repeating schedule, choose the status the workout is copied as, and more.
  • Copy & Edit: is the option you should choose if you need to make changes to the workout.

Let’s go over an example of each to see how they are different.

Copy Workout Example

When the Copy menu is open, make sure “Copy Workout” is highlighted purple. If not, simply click it.

Step 1. Choose the clients you’d like to copy the workout too.

[copying and pasting] clients highlighted-01

Step 2. Rename the workout if you choose to.

Step 3. Choose a new workout date.

Step 4. Select what the status of the workout should be once you paste it. There are two options:

  • Published means the workout will be assigned to the client as normal. If you have notifications on, they will get an email that notifies them of the new workout.
  • Draft means they will not see the new workout once you paste the workout. This means if you want it to be available to them, you’ll have to go to their workouts and publish it.

Step 5. choose your repeat settings if you’d like the workout to repeat on a given schedule. See here for more information on how to create repeating events.

Step 6. Once you have your settings configured, select “Copy Workout” to finish the process.

Copy  & Edit Example

Step 1.  Click on “Copy & Edit” in the top left of the popup.

[copying and pasting] capy and edit highlighed-01

Step 2. Once selected, you will be presented with only one option: “Copy Workout to”.

Step 3. Chose the client you’d like to copy the workout too. Once you have chosen a client click on “Copy & Go Edit”.

Note: Once you click on “Copy & Go Edit” the workout you are copying with open in the workout builder where you can change details about the workout and how it gets assigned to your clients.

Updated on March 25, 2021

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