Everything You Need to Know About Restorative Yoga Poses

These days everyone could benefit from employing a few restorative yoga poses in their daily routine. Although, if you are a trainer or a coach and needing something to spice up your clients’ prescribed cool downs or meditations, then keep reading. As I’m sure you know, yoga in all forms has a multitude of physical […]

3 Pilates Teacher Training Programs and Certifications of 2021

Let’s talk about getting pilates teacher training programs. Pilates lays its focus on conditioning the body in a balanced way so that there is no disparity in development. In pilates, you quite literally exercise your body from head to toe. Some might confuse pilates movements with yoga, but remove the meditative and spiritual aspect from […]

FitSW Updates 2.19.2021 – Gyms, we have something special for you!

Web We are upgrading the entire website to increase speed and allow us to add more features. You may have encountered new messages or slight changes these past few weeks as we went through the upgrade process. Thank you for your patience and we are excited to let you know about the additional features that […]

Got questions? We have answers in the new FitSW Help Center.

This week we have rolled out our newly updated FitSW Help Center. With some tweaks to navigation, we believe you will have no problem finding the answers you need right away. Directly form the help center, you can navigate straight to your dashboard, get started using the app, upgrade your account, and check out our […]

What Makes Les Mills Classes So Successful?

Les Mills classes have set a high standard and a successful example for fitness professionals around the world. To say the very least, Les Mills’ business model is a noteworthy one. With features and references in just about every health and fitness club publication under the sun and widely referenced industry reports, Mills has quite […]

12 Benefits of Personal Training for the Trainer and the Client

Let’s keep it quite simple with this article on the benefits of personal training. We figured it was a good time to explain the rewards of becoming a personal trainer or hiring a personal trainer. Whatever side of the river you find yourself on, buckle up and hear me out. Benefits of Personal Training for […]

Utilizing 3 Day Split Workouts as a Personal Trainer

If your clients are coming to you with the request for help in muscle gain or becoming leaner, then 3 day split workouts might just be the perfect way to start. For the average, sedentary person, going absolutely ham right off the bat with exercising can have adverse effects on the body. Now, we absolutely […]

FitSW Updates 1.29.2021 – More Control at Your Fingertips

Web We know how important it is for the app to keep up with the pace of being a personal trainer or coach, so we have increased the speed performance for: Loading clients with compliance data. clients will appear much more quickly in your trainer dashboard Group messenger (significantly faster even for large groups) Trainers […]