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Earn Money with FitSW: Unlocking the Power of the Referral Program

Are you a personal trainer looking to boost your income while helping fellow fitness professionals discover a game-changing platform? Look no further than FitSW’s Referral Program. Designed to reward trainers for spreading the word about FitSW, this program offers lucrative opportunities to earn cash payouts simply by referring others to the platform. Here’s everything you need to know to start earning with FitSW’s Referral Program.

How It Works:

The FitSW Referral program allows you to refer other trainers to the FitSW platform and earn a cash payout. For every trainer that you refer to FitSW using your very own referral link, you will earn between 15% and 35% of their first year of subscription fees. The percentage you earn depends on the number of trainers or organizations you refer.

Share More, Earn More:

  • 1 to 4 Trainers Referred: 15% of Revenue over 1st Year
  • 5 to 24 Trainers Referred: 20% of Revenue over 1st Year
  • 25 to 99 Trainers Referred: 25% of Revenue over 1st Year
  • 100 to 499 Trainers Referred: 30% of Revenue over 1st Year
  • 500+ Trainers Referred: 35% of Revenue over 1st Year

Example Payout:

Let’s say you refer 10 trainers to FitSW, and they sign up for the $29/month Trainer 15 plan. Your payout would look like this:

  • First 4 Trainers (15%): $208.80
  • Next 6 Trainers (20%): $417.60
  • Total Payout: $626.40

Choose How You Earn:

Payouts can be made directly to you, applied to your subscription, or applied to a custom app of your choice – whichever you prefer. You can receive your payouts within 60 days of your referral paying their subscription payment. Your referrals will be tracked right on your Refer and Earn page for you to see.

Start Earning Today!

Ready to start earning with FitSW’s Referral Program? Simply click on the “Account” tab on the top, left side of the desktop version of the app. Click “Refer & Earn” then copy your unique referral link, and share it with your fellow trainers.

Whether you’re recommending FitSW to colleagues, friends, or followers on social media, every referral brings you one step closer to unlocking additional income while helping others discover the benefits of FitSW. Join the Referral Program today and turn your passion for fitness into a lucrative opportunity!

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