Gym Franchises: What to Consider When Starting Out

Looking into gym franchises can be a costly, but wealth-generating endeavor. The return on your investment in a gym franchise is well worth the costs of starting the business if you do it correctly and wisely. In 2018, the fitness club industry was valued at almost $32 billion. Last year, the industry value went up […]

Create a Fitness Challenge in FitSW!

Competition can be your best friend in the personal training business, especially through a fitness challenge. You may have to get a little bit creative, but competitions, contests, and challenges are a great way to spread the word about your fitness business. Not only are you the one spreading the word about the competition, but […]

Verbal Cues to Use and Spot When Selling Sessions

We spoke a little bit about verbal cues in objections in the last blog about how to sell more personal training sessions, but its important to better understand the more nuanced, indirect verbal cues that you might receive from clients. Reading nonverbal cues is a good segway into figuring out how to read vocal cues […]

Nonverbal Cues to Spot When Selling Sessions

Let’s face it. You’re a personal trainer. Body language is kind of your thing, right? The same concepts that apply to make sure clients have a good form through a workout can be helpful in having more successful sales conversations. Nonverbal cues can be the key to becoming a better salesperson! We touched on this […]

Selling Personal Training Sessions: 4 Tips for Success

Selling personal training sessions is one of the most difficult parts of the trainer’s job. Most trainers probably do not have a degree in business and are not trained extensively in sales. That kind of background helps in growing a business and doing it efficiently. However, there are core concepts that anybody can learn and […]

Top 10 Websites to Buy Fitness Equipment Online

The world of fitness is home to a wide range of specifications from aerobic to strength training to cardio, etc. When piecing together yoga studios, strength gyms, aerobic centers, or whatever your specifications may be, there is an overwhelming amount of options for fitness equipment. Deciding where to buy equipment and what equipment to buy […]

4 Reasons To Get In Touch With Your Animal Flow

Practicing Animal Flow bodyweight training guarantees an improvement in key areas of a person’s fitness level, and at the same time, just might land you a spot on World of Dance. The key areas of fitness, as we know, are strength, flexibility, muscular endurance, cardiovascular endurance, and stability. Think about the different planes of motion […]

Training clients who are 56+: a guide for success.

In recent years, many studies have come out revealing that decline in health really starts to impact us in tangible ways starting in our 50’s. While this might not be true for everyone, it is true for a lot of people in different ways. There are many aspects of our body that play major roles […]

Guide: hosting a Podcast for your Fitness Business.

It’s 2020. A lot of unexpected things have happened this year. One of them being the take off in popularity of podcasts. Yes, podcasts have been around for a little bit now, however, the industry is seeing unprecedented growth. In 2019, there were 700,000 podcasts listed in the itunes catalog, alone. Now, more than ever, […]

Nutrition advice: What personal trainers can and can’t do.

When it comes nutrition in general, personal trainers get asked a lot of questions from people seeking nutrition advice. Even more so, pressure is put on them to prescribe meals to people since nutrition can be a tricky thing to grasp if you’re a normal person with no certification in nutrition. I mean the desire […]