Calisthenics Gyms: What are they and why open one?

Calisthenics gyms are everywhere if you’re creative enough! Calisenthics is a powerful tool for self physical improvement using only your bodyweight. Anytime you complete bodyweight workouts you are essentially partaking in calisthenics. This method of exercise does not inherently require any weighted equipment. However, minor weights can be added using vests, belts, and ankle weights. Examples of sports focused on calisthenics are parkour and gymnastics.

Calisthenics takes a holistic approach to the body. These exercises hold a great deal of importance for the body and a mental flow state. Mobility, flexibility, and strength are the core focus of calisthenics. This exercise is also known as a street workout. Remember the 2012 trend where people were climbing walls and jumping over crazy things like Spiderman? Yeah, that’s what we are talking about here, but let’s make it professional!

Benefits of Calisthenics Gyms

This is a niche opportunity for attracting a target market that is not highly marketed to. You can find many calisthenics parks for free with some bars and other, very simple equipment people use to do creative workouts. However, creating a gym around calisthenics opens the opportunity for an exciting place to do bodyweight exercises.

Unlike the stagnant movement of lifting weights or the grueling intensity of cardio machines, members of calisthenics gyms will focus on all ranges of motion. This is comparable to a rock climbing gym where people can go to practice technique and exploration. Many calisthenics gyms consider themselves ‘ninja gyms’ because of the popular show American Ninja Warrior.

If you’ve never heard of this show, then you’re missing out on some pretty entertaining stuff. Competitors on the show must complete a long series of extremely difficult parkour obstacles that require them to be in ideal physical fitness. This sparked a revolution of ‘ninja gyms’ and the idea that we are very powerful as individuals.

The existential outcome of practicing calisthenics is that you can hold yourself horizontal to the ground and probably impress everyone you know. Many people do not practice the more intense form of exercise for the looks, but because it is extremely beneficial for your body to be able to manage its own weight before moving on to others. It is essentially the foundation for other forms of strength training.

However, people see massive benefits from practicing calisthenics to increase their flexibility, strength, and mobility. Using gravity and angles to increase the difficulty of exercises mitigates the issue of plateauing. With that said, it’s all about creativity! Of course, weights can be added to the calisthenic movements.

Types of Calisthenics Gym Equipment

The equipment required is relatively basic and inexpensive. As opposed to the costs of buying multiple squat racks, machines, and weight sets, this equipment is simple and can be affordable.

Calisthenics gyms do not have to be an expensive endeavor in terms of equipment. Seeing as this form of exercise focuses on bodyweight. All you need to get your gym started is a few sturdy poles. Another option for unique equipment is websites that sell ninja gym equipment.


Many small pieces of equipment change the intensity of bodyweight exercises and parallettes work well to manipulate many different exercises. Exercises that use parallettes are pushups, planks, planches, handstands, L-sits, and other exercises that focus on the core. Using parallettes can make for a full workout of the upper body.

Gymnastics Rings

Gymnastics rings are the end all be all of calisthenics exercises. With their versatility, your members can achieve a wide range of workouts using rings. They can even replace the use of parallettes because of their ability to change in height.

Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are an absolute must for gyms of any kind. Regarding bodyweight, these are the best tools for adding difficulty and challenge in any plane of motion. They are also helpful to keep around to assist members who have not quite worked up to a regular pull up.

Plyo Boxes

Plyo boxes are great to have to throw a bit of change into the other calisthenics workouts. Of course, plyometrics and calisthenics are not the same, but they exist for the same goal of using only your body to increase specific skills. Calisthenics lays the basis for the powerful moves completed in plyometrics like jumps and other high energy movements.

Power Towers

Power towers are the cheapest all-around tool to equip calisthenics gyms with. There are over a dozen different exercises a person can do on a power tower. With certain towers, you can add attachments for things like battle ropes and suspension kits.

Stall Bars

Stall bars can make for a versatile piece of calisthenics equipment that caters to a wide range of different exercises. These exercises are similar to ones that a person can complete on a power tower. However, this is an adjustable piece of equipment to work for many different heights and resistance building.


It’s good to have some weights handy to include compound exercises in your member’s workout routines. Ideal weights are vests and ankle weights because they are minimal but add just enough resistance for those heavy-hitting clients.

Pull Up and Monkey Bars

Can’t leave out the end all be all – pull up bars. You need different heights for pull up bars, so consider purchasing something like the Dirty South Bar from Rouge.

Dirty South Bar -For Calisthenics Gyms

Additionally, monkey bars make for another important calisthenics tool! These are great for core strength and grip strength. You can find multi-functional sets with monkey bars and places for needed attachments from Rogue. Sets like the one below are the best value for their versatility. Thus, if you want to house some weights, then you can attach racks to hold plates and bars. With this, you can attach multiple dip bars, pull up bars, bench and squat racks, and more.

Monster Lite Monkey Rig 2.0

Calisthenics Certifications

Certifications for calisthenics are few and far between, but here are a few to consider when thinking about the standards you want yourself and your trainers to follow. Some certifications are not as comprehensive as others in terms of their coverage of diet and anatomy.

  • In previous blogs, we have covered the importance and difference in specific certifications like the ACE certification. The ACE certification covers everything you need to know about calisthenics as well as all other knowledge you need to become a certified personal trainer. This globally recognized certification makes for a standard of excellence among trainers you wish to hire for your gym.
  • The World Street Workout and Calisthenics Federation (WSWCF) offers online certifications for individual trainers or gym and park specializations. As a gym owner, it’s important to consider the gym and park certification. This certification is created by seasoned professionals to ensure the safe use of equipment and form for calisthenics exercises. This is the only certification that is administered by the authority of street workout as a sport. It is well-revered for being developed by leading practitioners, but not globally recognized.
  • Calisthenics UK is the leading administer of calisthenics certifications in the UK. It’s taught by some well-known professionals in the field and is great for getting familiar with all things calisthenics.
  • Certifications from Calisthenics Certifications come in three tiers. Level one is the foundations and level three is esteemed as mastery of calisthenics. The only downside to this certifying body is it exclusively covers exercises and nothing else. With other certifications like ACE, you will ensure that your trainers are well rounded and extremely knowledgable on all things physical fitness.


To wrap up, we have now outlined the basics of what to expect from a calisthenics gym and compared to many others, it is a relatively low-cost endeavor. How much you spend will depend on how creative you are with your equipment.

Of course, becoming certified and hiring well-certified trainers will aid in the success of your gym and generate good responses from your clients. Calisthenics and overall street workouts are all about making the most out of the space you are given. The core value is to focus on your body and the space around you to maximize your mobility, agility, strength, and flow.

Give street workouts a try for yourself and see how opening a gym could benefit you and your community!

How to Successfully Run a Gym With Childcare

A gym with childcare has a much larger advantage over gyms without. Many people find it difficult to attend the gym regularly when they have children. They take up a good chunk of a parent’s life for at least 18 years of theirs. Gyms with childcare broaden their target market by allowing people to workout without the stress of figuring out what to do with the little ones.

As a gym owner, you have the opportunity of promoting a healthy lifestyle for the whole family. As numbers in obesity continue to rise, it’s important to attract as many people as possible to gyms and health clubs. Families will benefit tremendously from fitness programs that serve the whole family.

Gym With Childcare Options

When designing your childcare program, you have a few options for successful programs. The first decisions you have to make involve the ages you want to provide care for and the budget you set aside to provide that care.

Consider the people who are attracted to your gym. Before making any decisions, send out a survey for your current members to fill out about implementing a childcare program. A survey will give you an idea of how many of your current members will take advantage of the service.

Your current members should be a priority over new ones. First, understand how your gym with childcare will be able to meet their needs. Budget for that number. Then, how much you have left in your budget for acquiring new members and providing childcare services for them.

For people who participate in childcare programs at your gym, create a Facebook group for them. Parents can chat with each other about when to hit the gym to work out together while their kids can play with each other. Building a community around your gym increases client retention and the longevity of their membership.

Involve Children in Exercise - Gym with Childcare
Bring the parent child bond to the gym!

Kids Exercise With Their Parents

Instilling a sense of appreciation for exercise in children is very important to kickstart them on a healthy track. Parents feel the same way about this and would be attracted to a program where they can exercise with their children 8 and up. Provide a curriculum for exercises that children can participate in while their parents get their own exercise in.

Ages younger than that can be placed in a childcare service where they can engage in physical activities appropriate for their age. Kids get a chance to make friends and coming to the gym a pleasant experience for the whole family.

Personally, I had a great time when my dad would take me to his CrossFit gym with him and exercise with the adults. It gave us something to do together and really pushed me to set fitness goals for myself at a young age. Before CrossFit, I would watch Insanity exercise videos with my dad and follow along.

Classes for Kids and With Kids

Getting kids engaged in fitness is an extremely valuable selling point for new members. Offer classes for kids to participate in while parents work out. Les Mills has a great virtual series of classes for children and sets an example for how to segment these classes by age and activities. Not only will this open the doors for new clients, but the little ones will benefit tremendously from positive experiences with exercise.

Another option – offer classes that kids can participate in with their parents. These classes should be segmented in age as well. This option reduces the time and money on a completely separate childcare service. As the owner, you must make sure that the instructors of these classes have proper certification for instructing children.

Non-Supervised Childcare Centers

Gyms with childcare that is not supervised have seen some issues in the past. However, it can be beneficial if the members are completely aware of the terms and can supervise their children from most places in the gym. This means a safe, separated space visible from the main areas of the gym.

The largest costs for this type of care involve equipment for the children to use and a small renovation to space in your gym. This option does require that you have very clear standards for liability of the children. This option also limits the ages of children that you can accept. Thus, attracting parents is much more limited.

Supervised Childcare

With supervised childcare, you can host a wide range of ages. However, this means your gym will be liable for the children. You will also have to hire at least two employees to supervise the children 7 days a week. Although, to save money, think about the times that parents would most benefit from having childcare available.

Child caregivers should keep the kids active and engaged with activities while parents workout. This is a much more valuable service to offer than non-supervised and will be much more likely to attract new clients.

Your gym might not need to offer this service 7 days a week. Once again, survey your current members on how this service can best fit their needs and use that information to understand what new members will want.

Insurance and Licensing

When offering childcare, consider the different options for insurance. Give your current provider a call to see what options they have available and tips on where to look elsewhere if not.

Here are some resources for commercial childcare insurance coverage:

Insurance companies appreciate it when you have an established system of tracking and managing children. When parents can sign in and sign off on their child’s care, that reduces liability on the gym. An example of a service for this type of management is KidCheck.

This type of software sends automated messages to parents about their time remaining and tracks the parent’s location in case of an emergency. It tracks information on children’s allergies and other pertinent information for caregivers. Payments for childcare sessions can be managed by software like KidCheck as well.

Terms and Agreements for a Gym With Childcare

Your insurance provider should help you establish the terms and conditions of childcare services. Your insurance coverage will outline the important gaps you need to fill in with a waiver for parents to sign. Here is an example of a daycare contract and how to formulate one for your members to sign off on.

Each state also has differing regulations for licensing. The article below will help you identify all the important information you will need to adhere to your state’s regulations. From here, you’ll find other resources pertinent to understanding the ins and outs of all things childcare.

Let Your Audience Know!

Post about your new childcare services on your Google My Business account and reach out to local listings. Many local and online publications identify gyms with childcare to help parents find the right place without having to do all the research. Search for “gyms with childcare in [city or location]” and you will find articles online that list gyms in your area with childcare. Not only will this help direct attention to your gym, but you can identify your competition.

Speaking of competition, check out what your competitors are offering in the childcare department. If you want to run a gym with childcare, then it’s a good opportunity to gain a competitive edge. Read reviews of other gym’s childcare programs and see what they are doing best and could do better in.

Keep in mind that a unique selling point for whatever your gym offers is what gives you a competitive edge. Therefore, get creative with how you want to offer childcare services. Identify the prospect as a sign of major growth to come.


You will not need to spend too much money starting up the service and childcare will generate an extra source of revenue. Add an extra charge to monthly memberships or charge by the hour. Either way, your costs for supervision and equipment will be covered very quickly.

Childcare will always be a need for parents until we have live-in robots to stay at home with children. Until then, keep them coming to your gym by making it a family-friendly space. Start making an impact on families for the better!

FitSW Updates Going Into the New Year.

As we head into the New Year, we are looking back at what a year it has been for FitSW. We’ve learned a lot, met a lot of great trainers, and we have implemented a lot of new features. However, we’ll save our reflection time for a little late and today we’ll take a look at some of our most recent FitSW updates.

Web App News

Our web app has seen a couple rather large updates recently that we are excited about. If you have any questions or feedback on some of the updates mentioned below, please feel free to reach out and let us know.

Real-Time Notifications

Notifications have been a slow steady feature in the making. As each day passes by it’s gotten better and more robust, and now, we have a brand new notifications center. The notifications trigger when:

  • New events (workouts, nutrition plans, and tasks) are added and marked as complete.
  • Someone signs up for your live class.
  • When someone posts new progress photos (only shows to the trainer and the client that posted the pictures).

In addition to the notification aspect, you can also react to notification with a thumbs up or a similar emoji.

Simplified Nutrition

There’s no doubt that nutrition is an important aspect in any fitness program. However, depending on the client, they may not need or want nutrition plans that require they count macros and weight their food. Enter simplified nutrition.

Simplified nutrition is simply a way for you to guide you client generally in what the should focus on eating. For some clients, you may want them to focus on eating a lot of protein or carbs. With the new simplified nutrition tool, you can simply assign them general guidance for their nutrition that doesn’t require they count calories.

The Client Dashboard

Much like trainers, clients want to be able to log in and easily see what they have going on for the day for their programs. With the new client dashboard, they can do exactly that.

From the client dashboard, clients can easily see what events they have coming up for the day, their progress data, and they can easily add progress pictures. Additionally, their trainers profile photo displays in the bottom right-hand side of the dashboard. Clicking on it opens a chat menu in-which clients can easily send private messages to their trainer.

Client Notes (Also on Android

Taking timestamped notes for clients can be a really great practice to get into. Mainly because, as the trainer you can document pretty much anything from progress to setbacks which can help you later on. However, often times the process of consistent note taking can feel tedious.

Now, with client notes, you can head to a specific clients profile and take notes on their profile in 30 seconds. The result? A list of notes taken in chronological order, ready for you to reference at any moment.

Event Level Links (Also on Android)

With this new link field, you can input a link to pretty much anything. Located in the General Section of the event builder, you can use the link to help guide clients in what it is that you are assigning them.

For example, if you are assigning your client a 60 minute boot camp that’s a YouTube video, you can create a workout and place the link to the YouTube video in the event level link section. This new feature, while simple, helps make the event builder more dynamic.

iOS News

Much like the web app, the FitSW iOS app has seen a couple important updates recently that you need to know about.

Front, Side, And Back Progress Pictures

As a trainer, you know that if you don’t provide specific instructions to clients on progress pictures then you’re probably going to get a mixed basket of results. Now, FitSW handles this for you with guided progress pictures that includes crosshairs as guides that help clients line up each progress photo consistently. It also will guide them on how to stand through prompts.

Plot Sets in Progress Graphs

When it comes to client compliance, there are layers to how you can monitor client compliance. One of them is at the very top level which is simply whether or not the client completed a certain task. However, when taking it a step further, you can also monitor to what detail the client is completing the assigned task.

Prior to this update, only reps and weight would get plotted in progress graphs in FitSW. Now, the sets will also get plotted so you can monitor how well the client is sticking to their workout.

The Top 2021 Fitness Trends to Prepare for.

2021 Fitness Trends cover image

At the end of the year, every year, people ask what’s coming up for the upcoming year. This question is probably in the back of everyone’s mind coming out of the wild ride that has been 2020. In this article, we combine a little bit of common sense and digging to present to you expected 2021 fitness trends on platter. If you are looking to get ahead in 2021 as a fitness and health professional, this guide is for you.

The Standard of Hygiene for Fitness/Health Clubs.

If you are a studio gym owner, then you are probably sick of seeing and hearing about cleanliness and hygiene. Unfortunately, this is going to be a theme you and the general public will continue to hear about going into 2021 and more then likely
for the entirety of 2021.

One, the new normal established with hygiene and cleanliness will not go away anytime soon, even after we see broad distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine. The second point sort of follows up on the first point in that, even though we are seeing success with discovering an effective vaccine, it will still be several weeks or even months before the vaccine reaches far enough to make a large impact.

This combined with the first point means we will still be following sanitization guidelines laid out by health experts for some time. While this seems like common sense, this remains one of the biggest expected 2021 fitness trends.

Stay Familiar With Guidelines.

In America for example, the CDC has outlined specific guidelines for Gyms and Fitness Clubs.

The CDC recommends that you:

  • Develop a plan for how you deal with COVID-19 on a daily basis.
  • Implement your plan.
  • Continuously refine it.

Additionally, your plan should detail a normal routine that includes regular disinfecting of surfaces with soap and water. If you use disinfectant, make sure you reference the list of EPA-approved disinfectants. If EPA-approved disinfectants are not available, then using a disinfectant that is a specifically diluted solution of bleach and water or is at least 70% alcohol, then that will work as well.

An example of an acceptable bleach solutions is:

1/3 cup of 5.25%-8.25% bleach added to 1 gallon of water.
Note: Do not mix bleach and other cleaning chemicals.

In your plan, detail everything you can, such as schedules for cleaning, what cleaning supplies work best for what surfaces, and make sure you adjust the plan as different guidelines are announced for handling COVID-19 disinfection in public spaces.

Train your Staff.

Your plan is only as effective if it is carefully followed by your gym.

This means training staff on your disinfection routine and establishing standards that should be followed. Of your disinfection plan, staff hand washing guidelines are among the most important. Not just because they are limiting the risk to themselves through maintaining good sanitization practices, but also they are limiting the risk posed to others.

In addition, customers will look to the staff as the example. If the staff are leading through example, generally, other people will follow.

Educate Customer and Clients.

Maintaining transparency about your gyms sanitization policies can help educate people on what sort of protocols they should be following while at your gym and even in their own private day-to-day lives.

Make sure customers know your policies before coming to your gym or facility. Doing this through some simple email reminders can make a big difference as well as keeping your policies posted in your gym.

Additionally, posting your policies on your social media can help as well as people might share it to their network of fellow gym goers which can help in broader adoption of policies for your gym and other gyms.

Fitness Apps are Being Widely Adopted.

Due to shutdowns and general concern over the COVID-19 disease, many gyms and fitness/health facilities adopted technology solutions in order to stay a-float. Much like hygiene standards, the shift to digital fitness by large swaths of the industry will likely stay semi-permanently.

This is one of the biggest expected 2021 fitness trends.

Necessity Drives Adoption.

For the most part, fitness technology that supported virtual fitness was generally adopted by the fitness industry or parts of the industry. For most clubs, offering virtual fitness options was at least a thought.

Now, out of pure necessity, many gyms offer virtual fitness options, such as personalized programs delivered digitally or live fitness classes. It’s actually incredible how fast some clubs adopted fitness technology solutions. Especially when considering some clubs were pretty much purely an in-person facility and they were able to shift to purely digital, at least temporarily.

However, this is something that’s important to pay attention to because it drives consumer behavioral change. As with any new technology, there is typically a broad adoption curve that follows it. COVID has accelerated adoption curves for fitness technologies quite substantially and we are seeing adoption of fitness technologies become mainstream.

Why is this important?

Why this is important to pay attention to as a gym owner or a personal trainer is because the market demands for fitness services will change. Before, in-person services were the main thing people demanded. Whether that was in-person gyms or personal training sessions, people for a large part preferred in-person.

Gym goers were not really acclimated to using virtual fitness solutions such as live fitness classes or digital programs. Don’t get me wrong, there were people using virtual fitness solutions, but a large part of the market was in-person services.

Now, however, these things have been adopted through necessity and have created a new “normal” for many people and communities. Much like what we talked about earlier, the new “normal” will not just go away. In many ways, people and industry such as the fitness industry have changed permanently.

As a gym owner or fitness business owner, it’s your job to stay current with changes in the industry and to adjust your business practices based on how the industry changes.

Now this doesn’t say “completely change your business”. It’s rather saying you can continue doing what you typically do but try to offer a hybrid model at the minimum.

If you are a personal trainer, try offering some live classes, digital programming, and even consider getting your own app.

As a gym, it’s pretty much the same deal. Offering digital services whether it’s fitness video on-demand or better digital infrastructure for delivering fitness services, can help you expand your services and dip your feet in different delivery models. It helps you appeal to a larger crowd and you can still stay within your same niche.

While digital fitness and in-person fitness services can be seen as “different” your niche still applies to a specific market. So really, all you’re doing is appealing to a larger portion of your target market.

Additionally, digital services can be more scalable. If done correctly, you can leverage in-app marketing and marketing funnels to tap into new revenue sources that you didn’t have previously.

Expect Demand to Go Up For Holistic Health Programs.

As we move out of 2020 into 2021, the way we look at fitness has changed and will continue to change. Some changes are hard to point out. Others are a little more obvious like increasing demand for health programs that better encompass bettering the mind and body, holistically.

With the pandemic on everyone’s mind, there has been more emphasis in recent months on doing things that help you maintain a healthy life mentally and physically.

Holistic Health Programs

When you think of a typical fitness program, what do you think of?

Typically, as a coach, you might prescribe a fitness program based on the needs and goals of your client. Your main points of coaching might be in how the client is performing specific exercises and some coaching on what sort of mindset to approach the fitness program with.

Some coaches might advocate for lifestyle changes that benefit the clients health, however, for many coaches, this is not necessarily an explicit point in the fitness program.

When considering holistic fitness and health programs, there is not just coaching in regards to the fitness aspect, there’s a whole new aspect that dives into peoples lives, pulls the roots of bad habits out and re-plants seeds of better habits.

The whole point of holistic programming frameworks is to help people not just better their minds or their bodies but their general well-being.

Through holistic programs, clients learn how to better control bad habits, introduce new ones, and most importantly, re-work their mindset.

Holistic programs place emphasis on bettering overall health, through getting to know the client and helping them with:

• Maintaining a healthy, balanced diet.
• Reducing stress in their lives.
• Introducing exercise as a way to stay healthy both physically and mentally.
• Approaching obstacles in life with a positive and realistic mindset.

All of these points (plus some I may be missing) culminate into helping people consistently strive to better themselves.

Holistic Programming is a New Paradigm.

While holistic fitness and health programs change the overall approach to the programming, it also changes many other aspects.

For example, the fitness aspect of it might not alway be primarily focuses on one channel of exercise like a typical fitness program. You might run your client through many different channels of fitness to create a more well rounded fitness program.

Because of this, the nutrition aspect will change too. If you were writing a program for someone focusing on

strength, then you’d probably give them nutrition programming or guidance that serves them best for getting stronger.

However, because holistic fitness and health programs don’t necessarily take that approach, the nutrition guidance would be different as well. It wall really depends on what the client wants.

Holistic Programming and Spiritual Wellness.

In addition to fitness and nutrition aspects, holistic programming can also implement spiritual practices, such as, practicing moments of mindfulness and establishing daily rituals that help you stay focused on what matters to you throughout the day.

For example, for some people, making coffee and sitting in silence with no distractions for 15 – 30 minutes or so may be a daily ritual. Some people may journal about their day at the end of the day with a cup of tea.

It really can be anything that helps you relax, release your stress, and form a clean mind.


2020 definitely set up the fitness industry for a year of change in 2021 (as if there hasn’t been change already). Really what we expect to see in 2021 out of the fitness industry is more adoption of virtual fitness programs and holistic fitness.

If you’re reading this and you aren’t familiar with holistic fitness and/or how to offer virtual fitness solutions, we recommend researching these topics and developing a plan for how you can offer them going into and throughout 2021. While it’s not like you’ll lose your business if you don’t, you are just likely to miss out on opportunities.

Stay tuned to our blog for more articles on topics like virtual fitness business models and holistic fitness programs.

2020 U.S. Fitness Market and Industry Insights Going Into 2021

The fitness market faced many challenges in 2020 both globally and nationally (here in the U.S.). Methods for reducing the effect of COVID across different countries have had a huge impact on the market in each country.

Health and fitness businesses play an integral role in reducing health conditions worldwide. The market revolves around keeping people well both physically and mentally. With rising numbers in health conditions, now is one of the most important times for this industry to grow.

Something to consider before getting into the overall predictions for the industry is that, in the United States, we are still in limbo of another shutdown. The possible 6-week shutdown means that all owners of health and fitness clubs/businesses must be able to stay connected with their members and clients.

Therefore, spending for these businesses might be shifted in the direction of virtual means for connecting with their clients. Although, according to IHRSA, 88% of people who returned to their gym are confident that the gym has implemented necessary precautions and feel safe attending the gym.

90% of the fitness market share in North America is attributed to the U.S., although the U.S. is one of the countries that is seeing the slowest bounce back from Covid.

Despite the 2020 setbacks, however, expect growth.

Fitness Market in the U.S.

What is the fitness market worth?

Health clubs and gyms in the United States are worth $32.5 billion this year whereas in 2019 it was worth $37.5 billion. Boutique fitness studios made up an estimated 40% of the market share in 2017. This is up 20% from the IHRSA estimate of 21% in 2014.

In 2019, there were 107,724 registered health clubs and gyms. However, that number was reduced to 105,846 this year in 2020.

Concerning Covid, this might not be the best time for health clubs and gyms. However, this is a good time for companies specializing in-home workouts and online personal training. Health clubs have an average growth rate of -0.5% in the last five years.

In 2020, Health and fitness clubs and gyms experienced a -13.2% growth rate.

The personal training industry is worth an estimated $10 billion with an overall growth rate of 2.4%.

The Health Status of Americans

The prevalence of obesity has risen 30.5% since 2000 as of 2018. According to the CDC, 42.4% of Americans were obese as of 2018. With that being said, people who struggle with obesity are at much higher risk for contracting COVID and experiencing severe symptoms.

The US needs the health and fitness industry now more than ever. People are becoming much more conscious of their health as a result of the pandemic. On top of that, rates of mental health disorders are skyrocketing with depressive disorder becoming four times more prevalent than this time last year (2019). Rates of suicidal thoughts are up to 10.7% as opposed to the 4.3% 12 months before.

The figure describes the percentages of U.S. adults struggling with mental health or substance use during the COVID-19 pandemic.

These numbers for mental health conditions and obesity are increasing at dreadful rates.

This is where the fitness industry exemplifies its overall importance to our society. Although we have seen a lack of growth in the health and fitness club market, that means that other markets within the umbrella are set to grow. New, better ways of accessing fitness are on the rise.

Who is attending gyms?

Millennials make up the largest population of gym-goers worldwide. Over 80% of people worldwide visiting health and fitness clubs are millennials. Go ahead and pause here and check your Instagram insights and other insights you gather from your customers. I can guarantee that your most engaged age range is from 25- 45 years old. Les Mills also guarantees that age range.

18-25 year olds are the most likely to attend boutique studios.

25% of the 41 million health club members in the US are over the age of 55.

Specialized training for older adults has been on the rise for the last couple of years. Seeing as they are the most affected by health conditions, it’s important to continue considering them and guiding them to become fit. So don’t leave them out of your marketing tactics!

Equipment Production and Sales

The home fitness industry is booming right now. For people who already had a fitness routine, they found no qualms in moving from the gym to home. In fact, Peleton saw a 66% increase in sales from last year because of people staying motivated to exercise at home.

Fitness equipment sales have grown by 170%. As China shut down in response to COVID, the production of certain equipment like kettlebells was disrupted. Companies like Rogue Fitness are backlogged and having trouble keeping up.

Home fitness Equipment Global Market Value - Fitness Market Insights
Estimated home gym equipment global market value is $8.62 billion by 2023.

65% of fitness equipment is made in China.

This means that the demand for home workout equipment and resources is very high and will most likely maintain this way. Actually, the U.S. saw a shortage of kettlebells. Kettlebells, toilet paper, coins oh my! We had some pretty strange shortages this year, including a shortage of health club visitors.

Gym Closures

Many gyms had to close permanently as a result of COVID measures. 24 Hour Fitness is an example of a box gym chain that had to close 135 locations to cut costs after suspending memberships. They also, unfortunately, had to file for bankruptcy. Gold’s Gym is another company that filed for bankruptcy.

However, since the low point for all health clubs, gyms, and studios in April/May, there has been a steady increase in revenue and member check-ins. The market is slowly steadying out month to month. However, we are still a few months away from reaching the 2019 baseline. That is if we do not have another mandatory closure of fitness businesses.

Virtual Fitness

Virtual fitness was already in the works in the last couple of years, but the need to reach customers in their homes throttled the virtual fitness market into rapid growth.

According to GloFox’s COVID industry report, the use of online classes accounts for 5% to 10% of fitness activity in countries that are still under some restrictions. The activity of in-person classes is down 91% from pre-COVID rates.

Global Market Insights suggests that the value of this industry will reach over $30 billion in 2026.

Allied Market Research, however, suggests that the growth will land the virtual/online fitness market value at around $59 billion.

Regardless of the number difference, the online coaching and training market is bound for growth. This year has been extremely transformative for all fitness professionals and business owners in their need on reaching clients virtually.

The market for fitness apps like ours is projected to grow by 1.68 billion over the next four years.

Where is the fitness market succeeding overall?

Personal training and coaching are still growing and in tandem with the rise in virtual fitness. Right now, trainers and coaches are succeeding with a hybrid business model. This means that they can maintain relationships with clients through virtual means as well as traditional in-person sessions.

Keeping it personal by meeting with clients face to face is something that will never become unimportant. Personal training revolves around accountability and support, and that’s not something that can be completely bridged by digital tools. Although, digital tools used to maintain that communication proves an invaluable supplement.

Home fitness is booming with a massive increase in sales of home gym equipment. This is a great time to invest in home fitness as the demand is high and is not likely to change for a long period of time. Many people are still purchasing home equipment. The supply is not currently meeting the needs of the population, though, so until it levels out, business is booming.

What are the growing trends to look out for?

A well-known trend for fitness businesses is the rise of boutique studios. Studios show a higher rate of client attrition because of their poignant audience target, Millennials. This is proof that honing in on your target audience will benefit your business tremendously.

Though, studios were not immune to the effects of the pandemic. During the pandemic, if studios only offer classes, then they will not be able to break even under 50% attendance. This suggests that reaching clients through apps like FitSW is the solution to staying afloat. When the world completely reopens, studios will have this function to expand their business beyond the brick and mortar.

One of the keys to success for boutiques is their design. Consumers are becoming increasingly more aware of aesthetics. Aesthetics and design have a great deal of power when it comes to how people feel and react to a space. Therefore, when creating a new boutique, or even a gym, the design must adhere to the target audience and reflect your business’s values.


Automation is a growing trend in just about every industry, but the fitness businesses are seeing massive changes when it comes to automation. Traditionally, reaching clients at their needs required multi forms of communication, program creation, and marketing.

Automate Your Fitness Business Infographic - Fitness Market Analysis

Now, many apps and software reduce the amount of places information is stored and shared. This increases efficiency tremendously for businesses to help them grow their client base and form better relationships with their clients.

Automation aids in conversions as well with easier methods of making purchases and billing cycles. Subscription models for training services are even becoming more popular because of their effectiveness in client retention.


Fitness is all about setting and reaching goals for your physical and mental state. Gamification is becoming more and more popular for fitness businesses and their clients. This strategy increases engagement and attention by rewarding clients for reaching their fitness goals.

Clients should have positive experiences to share when working with your business. Gamification increases the chances of generating more of these experiences for them to share and stay motivated.

Competition is an important factor in gamification and often is much more encouragement for people to meet their goals than their own needs. It is also a way for people to hone in on their progress. This progress is helpful data for trainers or gym owners to keep track of aside from general metrics.

An example of successful implementation of gamification is Nike+ Run Club. This app continuously updates challenges for the user as it tracks their physical and mental progress over time. It’s an endless method for preventing the user from plateauing or becoming bored with their goals.


Accessibility is something that COVID has helped to shed a bright light on in the fitness industry. Many people have faced issues with having the confidence to walk into a gym. This can be a result of their weight, gender, race, disability, or knowledge of what to do once there.

It’s not easy to put yourself out there by any means! Getting started at a health club, gym or studio is half the battle. Therefore, the virtual shift in fitness has helped people who need to be a step removed from the gym setting to start.

Gym attendance is expected to rise past pre-covid levels as we have seen happen in the U.K., Australia, Ireland, and Hong Kong. These countries, after reopening from their initial shutdown, have seen an increase in both in-person attendance and online class attendance.

The U.S. has not seen the same effect as we have stayed in a limbo of restrictions since June. However, this is an ideal time for clubs, gyms, and studios in the U.S. to look toward reaching people virtually and expanding their client base that way.

96% of people who tried a virtual class from a health club, gym, or studio said they would be likely to visit the gym when it reopens.

Experiences for Older Adults

Fitness is something everyone should include in their lives. Aging adults are no exception to this. Therefore it’s becoming increasingly more important to provide experiences for generations older than Gen X. If you are in your 60s, then you probably do not want to participate in a class full of 20 and 30year olds. It’s just plain uncomfortable for them and most likely not the level of exercise they should be doing.

Therefore, holding classes for aging adults and seniors is becoming increasingly more popular. This expands your client base and also benefits an age group that is much more prone to negative health conditions.

Buying into the market

Gyms were rapidly moving into mall spaces pre-covid, but that has come to a bit of a halt as more and more gyms are filing for bankruptcy. This means that there will be more opportunity for purchasing a franchise in the next couple of years as many locations have needed to close or never had the chance to fully open.

Boutique studio owners suffered from over-saturation in the market. 2019 marked 10 years of rapid growth. In fact, boutique studios grew a whopping 121% in the last four years. These types of studios rely on virality and trendiness, so it was becoming increasingly difficult to stay ahead of the competition.

Although, now that many have had to shut their doors, there will be more room in the market in the future.

General Market Segments Growing in Opportunity

  • Home Fitness Equipment
  • Fitness Apps for:
    • Client management
    • Client tracking
    • Virtual classes and sessions
    • Automation
  • Fitness tracking technology

With all of the changes the world has faced, we continue adapting and finding new avenues of success. The overall fitness market is set for growth. We have just been pushed to become much more creative with how we facilitate that growth. This is quite an exciting time for technological innovation in this field and is a reflection of the direction we are heading as a society.

If you have any feedback on this article, then please leave a comment below. Sign up for our newsletter to stay updated with industry insights and the latest in all things fitness entrepreneurship.

Home Gym Packages: 15 Best Places to Purchase

Home gym packages are more popular than ever now that gyms and studios across the United States are under tight restrictions. If you go online to window shop for home gyms, at the moment, you may have a hard time finding one that’s in stock. We researched for you so you have some reference points for finding the right equipment. Below, we have compiled a list of 15 websites where you can find the right home gym package that fits your needs.

We have not been paid to share the following sites. These sites have been chosen for their affordability and the equipment each one offers. Be warned, however, that right now things are a little crazy with gym equipment. Right now there is a massive shortage in availability of equipment across the board.

As a response to our current times, people have been purchasing home gym equipment at higher rates than ever. At the same time, a shutdown in China tremendously reduced the production of this equipment. These sites have equipment available for purchase but are also good to keep in mind for later down the road when the right piece of equipment becomes available. If you need to purchase any last-minute gifts for the holidays, then keep scrolling!

York Barbells

York Barbell Website

This company has some of the best prices for home gym equipment. Purchasing directly from the source usually aids in better pricing options. It might not be as high quality as the equipment you would receive from companies like Rogue, but it’s great for starting out or those little pieces you need here and there to fill in the gaps. Home gyms do not have to break the bank whatsoever. York does a good job of proving that all you need is a little bit of sweat and metal to keep those gains going strong.

Their packages offer simple bench and squat racks with the barbell and necessary plates and dumbbells with removable plates. You have plenty of options when it comes to combo packages depending on what your training goals are. You will find a mix of squat and press items, dumbbells, kettlebells, and even a cable machine to add that extra range of motion to your press.


Marcy Home Gym Packages

These do not come with all the bells and whistles in terms of extra pieces of equipment, but these home gym packages do offer all of the cable options. Marcy offers well-priced home gyms with everything you need to work in all ranges of motion. Their cable machines also double as squat and press racks.

Marcy provides good base structures to build on as you and your gym grow. You can choose the packages based on cable weights and other features like leg curl/press systems and different pulley systems for precision muscle building. If you want the gym feeling from the comfort of your home, then this is a good site to find the right package for you. However, you must purchase all weight plates separately. However, the prices for the package leave fair room for additional equipment purchases.

G & G Fitness Equipment

G & G Fitness Equipment - Home Gym Packages

This company offers high priced but versatile home gym packages with cable machines, presses, functional trainers, and gym attachments. Once again, this is a great site to find the piece to kickstart your home gym. However, these pieces are a bit more versatile in their functions and focus on cable systems and weighted presses. Their cheapest package is priced at $2,699 and is a multifunctional cable system for a full-body workout.

These home gym packages do not come with any extra plate weights but will serve you well for all of your muscle precision training needs. You can even find the right high-end cage system for your home gym here as well to set yourself up for those squats and bench presses. Whether you want to focus on toning or strengthening, you will find a multi-functional system to fit your needs.

Expert Fitness Supply

Expert Fitness Supply - Home Gym Packages

Expert Fitness Supply offers mid-priced machines and packages with a wide range of options to choose from with all of the bells and whistles. You will find packages that can fill up your entire garage with one swing or you can purchase the pieces you need to get the ball rolling. Similar to a few other vendors, you can purchase using Affirm so you can pay off your home gym package over time.

These packages vary in training functions. You will find cable machines with bench press racks, full machine home gyms, or variations of squat and bench press cages. This company provides versatile strength training equipment with all the bells and whistles you need to get started.


Vulcan Strength Training Systems

Vulcan is a great place to start your strength training journey like the pros. If you want simple, yet quality equipment to build on, then this is the go-to. They do not offer any machines. You can choose from a couple of home gym packages with kettlebells, a bench, barbells, plates, and squat racks.

The packages vary in weight options and what you need to stock your gym with. Their full cross training package is priced at $3,056 and comes stocked with plates and a rack to hold them, barbell, kettlebells, plyo box, slam ball, medicine ball, and more.

PRX Performance

PRX Performance Home Gym Packages

They have an array of packages but also a robust build your own package option. Building your own packages gives you full control over every aspect of your equipment purchase. No need for those extra pieces you will never use! A unique selling point for PRX Performance equipment is that it is all designed to maximize your space.

Often, people struggle with figuring out how to fit all the equipment they need for their home gym in a limited space. They provide accessories to hold each piece of equipment mounted to your wall. The squat racks even fold to lay flush against your wall. You have full control over the aesthetics as well, with many different color options to choose from for the racks and plates. On the website, you will even find a 3D tool to help you determine how to mount all of the accessories.


Rouge Fitness and Home Gym Packages

If you’re a CrossFit fanatic, then you most likely already know what Rouge has to offer. Their strength training equipment is very popular among CrossFit gyms and those who bring CrossFit to the comfort of their home. Rouge provides many different options for home gym packages and packages specific to CrossFit gyms.

These packages come with all the basics like a squat rack, bench, kettlebells, barbells, plates, medicine balls, and gymnastics rings. The largest package comes with a rowing machine, climbing rope, and a couple of other items for the full-body workout.


Torque Home Gym Equipment

This company is known for its Tank and all of its different versions. This is a resistance tool to help you strength train in all different motions. Essentially, it is a home gym on wheels. Aside from the tank, you will find robust home gym packages with kettlebells, medicine balls, squat rack, bench, and suspension kit. Unlike many other companies, you receive a suspension kit with packages from Torque. You also have the option of letting their experienced staff help design your home gym!

As the base level, Torque squat racks are designed to be built on in many different ways. For example, there are anchors for battle ropes, dip bars, pull up add ons, and horizontal mounts. You can even attach an arm extension for a punching bag! If you have big plans for your gym and want to take your time in piecing it together, then this is a good place to start!


Ironmaster Fitness Equipment

You can customize your home gym package starting from four different options: Super Bench, Bench and Dumbbell, IM1500, and IM2000. Their whole inventory can be used for home gym equipment! However, the unique aspect of these package options is their amount of customization for the minor accessories you may not have thought of.

The IM2000 package can cost u[pward of $3,000 with the majority of the available attachments like dip bars, landmines, chin-up bars, core attachment. You also have a wide range of options when it comes to dumbbells and storage options for them.


Overstock Home Gyms

Overstock is great for just about anything in the world you would need at a fair price. So we thought it would be worth a mention if you have some gaps in your home gym equipment and need to fill them in with some affordable options.

Popular items available on Overstock are benches and pull up/squat racks with push up and dip bars. You can also find affordable dumbbell and kettlebell sets. You can either get started with the basics of everything you need, or you can fill in the gaps of what you don’t already have.

The only sacrifice you would be making is over quality compared to companies that specialize in manufacturing and selling home gym equipment.

Get RX’d

Get RX'd Fitness Equipment

Best garage gym package for value. Here, you can find packages that include cardio equipment as well as strength training equipment. Their top package includes resistance bands, a plyometric box, barbells with plates, a squat rack and bench, two cardio machines, and more. This package is priced at only $3,728 and you have the option of financing it through Affirm.

Get RX’d also sells a unique package for a studio HIIT rig that only costs $2,228. This setup has a massive array of helpful functions and attachments. It comes with punching bags, suspension kits, storage shelves for balls and kettlebells, and more. This company is a great option for quality, quantity, and value.

Fringe Sport

Fringe Sport Gym  Equipment

This company offers packages at moderate prices for high-quality strength training equipment. Their basic home gym package is priced at $1,108. This basic package is limited in what it offers, but you’re assured the quality of Fringe equipment. There are many ways you can build onto this rack to fit all of your home gym needs.

If you want to get the little ones involved, then this is also a great company to look into. Fringe created two different packages for kids. These packages include a squat rack with plates, a kettlebell, an agility set, a barbell, a medicine ball, and a jump rope. Of course, these all come in small weights. So it’s a great way to ignite that interest in fitness in your kids.

360 Fitness Superstore

360 Fitness Superstore

360 Fitness Superstore has lots of options to choose from. The staff also took the time to provide educational material to help you choose the right equipment for the training style you wish to partake in. We love fitness education! It’s so important that people be informed about the products they are buying to make the most out of the money they spend. Education on how to use the equipment correctly is equally important.

The website is easy to navigate to find the products that you need to build your home gym. You have plenty of options here for attachments and accessories. They do not have packages set up for purchase. Though, you have the freedom to build and customize every detail of your home gym.

Primo Fitness

Primo Fitness Equipment

Primo has set up their packages in an interesting manner. These packages are great for covering the basics of everything you need for a cardio and strength workout. Packages are also segmented by training type for ease of finding what you need in one purchase. You can purchase a package for cardio, strength, mobility, and toning.

Not the most conventional setup for a website to sell their products. However, it helps the customer understand what their purchasing. Therefore, when you purchase from Primo, you can easily decide what you need and what you don’t need based on price and training style. Many of these packages have a mix of equipment that can help you reach all of your goals.

Garage Gym Reviews

Garage Gym Reviews

This site keeps you updated on all things home gym. It’s extremely important to understand what you are purchasing when it comes to gym equipment. You invest a great deal of money and deserve quality, long-lasting products. If you have been eyeing a particular piece of equipment for a while but can’t justify the price, you can check into this site to keep track of price changes.

This site also provides a page dedicated to deals on equipment, so you don’t have to break the bank. People who have purchased items listed on this site can leave reviews and discussions on how the equipment worked for them. With that being said, you should never have to make an ill-informed decision on new equipment again!


Choosing where to start when hunting for the right home gym package can be a daunting, but exciting task. If you have made it here, I hope that you have been able to find what you’re looking for!

If you are a gym owner looking for wholesale equipment to purchase, then check out this article. Right now, you are going to be limited in your options for equipment for your home or gym. Keep monitoring these sites to stay updated on when items become available.

In the meantime, sign up with a personal trainer through FindTrainGain to get the ball rolling on your home fitness adventure.

Review of Elite Sports’ Women’s Compression Leggings (Spats)

Our product manager, Jennifer, had the chance to try out the white women’s compression leggings from Elite Sports. Compression leggings help with reducing muscle soreness and increase oxygen uptake through the muscles. Essentially, compression leggings aid in warming up your muscles and help reduce injury during workouts.

Jennifer did a yoga session to try out the mobility and comfort of these leggings. She found that they were soft, comfortable, and had a full range of motion in them. The level of compression was not too high but just right for an everyday workout.

However, the only downside was that the white was quite see-through, so there is not much guessing left to do for what you’re wearing underneath. This most likely is not the case with other colors. However, compression is great for layering under anything else you would like to work out in.

If you’re brave enough to start a new workout plan, then you’re brave enough to try white Elite Sports women’s compression leggings (spats). Great stretch for any workout you are attempting and amazing quality!

Elite Sports has a comprehensive array of world-class gear for all things boxing and Jiu-Jitsu. Their gear is used by world-class fighters, but it’s priced reasonably so you can train like the pros. We thought our users might enjoy learning about this great athletic wear! Perfect timing around the holidays to get those last-minute gifts in.

Stay tuned to the FitSW blog for anything and everything you need to know in the fitness world. Check out our other reviews of gear from Born Tough athletic wear.

11 Hip Hinge Exercises You Need to Master

Hip hinge exercises are useful in many many ways, especially to help you with more advanced kettlebell and deadlift exercises. As we all know, mobility is extremely important to have before completing exercises. You absolutely do not want to complete exercises that are out of the comfort zone of your muscles’ range of motion around your hip bones.

If you have ever been a part of a sports team, then you probably have heard the term ‘athletic position’. This position is synonymous with the hip hinge as it requires that you keep your back straight and rest on your hips and heels. This position allows you to power through your movements using your posterior chain.

Hips and their hinges do a lot of work to keep you upright and moving. Injuring this area could do some serious damage to your lower back and lumbar spine. So before we get into the particular exercises that rely on hip hinge mobility, let’s talk about what muscles and joints are involved.

Hip Hinge Exercises – Muscles n’ bones

The posterior chain as a whole is the main focus of this exercise and all of its endless variations. The posterior chain is made up of the muscles in the back of your legs and around your spine. These muscles have everything to do with your posture and ability to stay active as you age.

Simply put, the hip hinge movement is a slight bend at the knees with your back straight and a forward lean pushing your hips backward. Think of it as a more intense curtsey where you can feel the stretch of your hamstrings and quadriceps. All the power of this movement is in and around the hips. This means that your glutes are also heavily at play.

The hip hinge works these two muscles in particular as they pull around your pelvic bone. This movement is essential to many different training styles including strength training, yoga, cycling, and even day-to-day activities like picking up your toddler. This movement is designed to protect your spine when completing these different exercises.

Picture the movement for a deadlift. Deadlifts can be extremely dangerous for your back and spinal health if you do not have this movement mastered. When completing exercises like this with the wrong form, you are putting all of the pressure on your spine.

Your spine is made up of a delicate series of bones that were not meant to take on the pressure of movement in the transverse plane.

Imagine using a hockey stick to hit a powerful slapshot into the net. If the hockey stick was structured like your spine, connected at multiple different points down the shaft, then it would not be able to handle the pressure from the action. If you’re not familiar with a slapshot, then this is what it looks like:

The Death of the Slap Shot in the NHL - WSJ

When you don’t use the hip hinge motion, then your spine will be doing that sorta thing ^ and not be too pleased with you. Then, the muscles around your spine will strain trying to keep it in place.

Your hips and the rest of your posterior chain, however, are sturdy as can be and hold most of the power for lifting and other movements. This point of the body distributes the weight you are lifting evenly around your entire body.

Before the Hip Hinge Exercises

To master it, you must work on a series of different stability functions and controlled movements. One of the most important muscle groups in ensuring stability around your lumbar spine is the core. Well, duh, right? The core is pretty integral to just about any exercise you complete.

(Sometimes, I think about engaging my core when I’m walking up and down the stairs in my house to maximize the exercise. Ha!)

In this case, core stability decreases the risk of injuring your spine. Therefore, it’s extremely important to develop your core strength in tandem with your hip hinge mobility. The important stabilization muscles involved are the spinal erector and transversus abdominis.

Essentially you want to be able to keep your chest up and your weight on your heels. Balancing this requires core stability. Before adding any resistance or weight, its best to practice with a dowel on your back making contact at three points. Your head, between your shoulders, and your glutes.

Exercise Spotlight: Hip Hinge — Endurance Physio Missoula Physical Therapy

Now that you have had a briefing on the importance of this exercise, let’s get into the ways that you can increase the strength and mobility around your hip hinge.

**Note: All exercise demonstrations that are not done by FitSW will be linked to the full video/article. You can find these links in the text or by clicking the image.

Kettlebell Exercises for Hip Hinge

Kettlebells are a popular tool for working out the hip hinge. Using these will help you increase the strength of the muscles associated with the posterior chain. Kettlebell exercises for hip hinge are very technical and use your glutes as the main force. Therefore, if you are looking to add some mass to your glutes over time, then keep reading. These exercises will be listed in increasing difficulty.

Kettlebell Hip Hinge Drill

Line your feet shoulder-width apart and complete the basic hip hinge movement to pick up your kettlebell. Slight bend at the knees and your back straight. When lifting, power through the lift using your glutes until there is no bend in your knees.

While holding the kettlebell at both of the horns, rest the bottom of it just beneath your belly button, in between your hips. Then simply perform the hip hinge movement and power through it.

Kettlebell Twisting Hip Hinge

The simple hip hinge drill is a basic movement that can be modified into the kettlebell twisting hip hinge. This is when you twist to the left or right as you move downwards through the movement. The leg on the opposite side of the twist will take more of a bend than the leg on the side you’re twisting to. You will also need to rest the kettlebell as the base of your sternum instead of your torso.

Kettlebell Deadlifts

Before going full throttle into the Kettlebell swing, an advanced kettlebell exercise, try out kettlebell deadlifts. These are great for strengthening the hip hinge and an excellent step to master before swinging. This is also a safer practice for perfecting your form before deadlifting with larger weights.

For this exercise, you need to complete the hip hinge movement downward to grab the kettlebell. Then, you need to bring your elbows in and push out your chest. Power upwards using your thighs and glutes and bring those hips forward as you power through the movement.

Don’t pull an Abbi.

Abbi throws the kettlebell: Broad City

Resistance Band Hip Hinge

A resistance band is another type of equipment that is super versatile and extremely effective in helping you work your hip hinge. Practicing this with resistance helps strengthen your hinge and make this movement muscle memory. Resistance bands can actually pair with kettlebells for hip hinge exercises as well.

Banded Hip Hinge with Kettlebell Romanian Deadlift

This is a kettlebell Romanian deadlift with a resistance band tied to a sturdy post. The resistance band should be placed around your torso so that you are feeling resistance when pushing your hips forward as you lift the kettlebell upward. This exercise starts at the standing position instead of the point at which you pick up the kettlebell.

Over the Shoulder Banded Hip Hinge Exercise

Hip Hinge Exercise with Resistance Band Over Shoulder

This exercise has a couple of different variations that increase resistance and intensity. An easier version is standing on the resistance band and pulling it over your shoulders. Make sure to place the band over your shoulders and not over the back of your neck. Keep the band between your forefinger and thumb, then complete the hip hinge movement.

Complete this exercise with another variation using an unlooped band so that you can cross it over your back. It should rest on your glutes and cross over at the lower back. Then you pull it over your shoulders and hold it there. Once again, complete the hip hinge movement and power through with your hips.

Resistance Band Deadlift

Resistance Band Deadlift

Increase the difficulty by tightening the resistance band and hold it in your hands instead as you stand on it. This will help you to focus on your form as the source of resistance is in front of you. Therefore, you will be better prepared and have a stronger sense of muscle memory before completing deadlifts with weight.

Hip Presses and Thrusts

Guess what? You can even work on your hip hinge while on your back! Hip presses are a great way to build your glutes and strengthen your lower back. The stronger your glutes are, the stronger your hip hinge will be. You have a ton of options when it comes to this exercise, so let’s go over three of them in order of increasing difficulty.

The Age-Old Hip Thrust

This is a simple exercise where you lay your back on an elevated surface and keep your feet flat on the ground. All you do is use your core and your glutes to raise your torso from the seated position to where your shoulders, hips, and knees form a straight line. You should bear the weight in your heels and your shoulders and keep your core engaged the whole time. Flex your glutes as you push upward.

Barbell Hip Thrust

This is the same motion and exercise as mentioned before but done using a 45lb barbell. Completing this exercise with weight means that you must focus on your core stability to stay balanced. Make sure to keep your back straight and keep the pressure on your hips and not your spine.

You can even complete this exercise with a resistant band instead of weights like barbells, kettlebells, or medicine balls.

Glute Bridge

This exercise is essentially the same as the elevated hip thrust, but this time you will be laying on your back. You can use a knee band to increase the difficulty of the exercise. Once again, make sure that your shoulders, hips, and knees form a straight line.

Camel Bridge

Camel Bridge

This one is a great stretch and exercise in one. This will help relieve glute, lower back, and thigh pain. Sit on your knees with your legs apart shoulder width and your feet pointed behind you. Sit back on your heels and then reach around and place your palms on your heels. All you need to do is push forward to arch your body and create the ‘hump’ of the camel.


These exercises are all very simple. However, I cannot express enough how important they are in any workout you complete. Mastering the hip hinge and increasing the strength and mobility of it will reduce your risk of injury in your day-to-day activities, your posture, and when you exercise.

With all of these different applications, you will see major benefits and even help relieve pain associated with your lower back. You might be a little sore after, but that’s the pain we want! With that being said, you should reduce the amount of soreness you experience in any workout by staying hydrated, stretching, rolling out, and especially not overworking yourself.

If you liked this blog and want to read others like it, then check out the rest of our page here!

3 Things to Consider About the One Punch Man Workout

One Punch Man Workout
One Punch Man will kick your boring workout into high gear.

First off, what is One Punch Man? If you have never heard of this Japanese manga, then you probably have not heard about the One Punch Man workout. For the sake of understanding the workout and the hilarity of this trend, you need to understand One Punch Man’s story.

One Punch Man is a comedic Japanese anime that follows the story of the world’s strongest man. In many ways, he is exceptionally normal and lives an exceptionally average life. Unlike the other heroes in this show, he doesn’t seek out fame or fortune. A governing body called the Hero Association ranks heroes by class starting from C-Class to A-Class. The highest-ranking class is called S-Class. Essentially, heroes in this class are labeled as superheroes.

Satima, One Punch Man, is perhaps the most powerful superhero with the ability to take out any enemy with one punch. He is dissatisfied with this because he wants to be challenged to a real fight. However, nobody can match his strength.

One Punch Man’s simplicity, nobility, and hilarity are what draw attention to this manga and what has drawn significant attention to his workout routine. Satima claims that he became the strongest man alive by doing this workout every day for three years.

His 7-day a week workout goes like this:

100 pushups, 100 sit-ups, 100 squats, and a 10K run (6.2 miles)

First note, do not work out this strenuously for 7 days a week. Your body needs a break to recover and to actually build those muscles you are working out. Now, this kind of workout is not for the faint-hearted, especially if you are just getting started. However, it is completely achievable and a good basis for a workout that you can build on in many ways.

Now that you’re all caught up let’s get into the logistics of this workout routine. These are the aspects of this workout that you need to be aware of in order to keep your body safe and actually see decent results.

Get Started With the One Punch Man Workout

It is completely inadvisable to go full force into this workout, and for most, it probably isn’t possible. Therefore, to get started you have to set incremental goals for yourself. It’s best to break down progress into weeks at a time.

This way, you do not over-exercise and injure yourself and you give your body some time to adjust to more intense sessions. If you complete this workout without proper rest and proper progression, then you can do some serious damage to your body.

Week 1

Try to accomplish a quarter of the amount, to begin with for five days out of the week. This puts you at:

25 pushups, 25 situps, 25 squats, and 1.5 miles

I guarantee that you are not built like an anime character, so give yourself at least two rest days out of the week.

Week 2

30 pushups, 30 situps, 30 squats, and 2 miles

Week 3

40 pushups, 40 situps, 40 squats, and 3 miles

Week 4

60 pushups, 60 situps, 60 squats, 4.5 miles

Week 5

80 pushups, 80 situps, 80 squats, 5.5 miles

Week 6

100 pushups, 100 situps, 100 squats, 6.2 miles (10k)

The biggest issue that people face with the One Punch Man workout is the lack of progression after some time of using this series of exercises. However, the best part about this its striking simplicity that parallels One Punch Man’s overall simple lifestyle.

Avoid the Plateau of Progression

Because the One Punch Man workout is so simple, you can manipulate the exercises to continue seeing progress. This is a total body workout, but some muscle groups are missing from this routine. The muscle groups that support the main groups like your core and your chest need some attention too.

To fill this gap and to make sure all of your muscles are on the same page, add a pull motion. This could be in the form of a pull-up or you can use equipment like resistance bands or suspension kits.

Speaking of equipment, modify this workout to continue progress by using different types of weights, bands, and machines. Let’s break down how to modify each of these exercises to support progression and muscle growth.


Modifying pushups to make sure that they are keeping up with your muscle growth is easy. You can use equipment like pushup bars, an exercise ball, or a bench. These types of equipment make you do pushups at an incline or decline.

Pushup bars in particular allow the user to work on their range of movement and make pushups a little easier on the wrists. If you’re going to be doing this workout for an extended period of time, then you should consider using these bars. Make sure that you are not damaging your wrists five days a week.

Decline pushups at different heights exercise the synergistic muscles associated with the pectoral and clavicle muscles. Using a bench or some other form of a footrest helps you change up your pushups to work more on increasing mobility around your shoulders and the aforementioned muscle groups.

Decline Pushups with Exercise Ball
Decline pushups with exercise ball.

Modify your pushups by also adding in extra movements that increase or decrease their difficulty. Modified pushups usually mean that you are resting on your knees instead of toes to complete the exercise. However, you can modify your pushups in many different ways by widening your hand position, doing more explosive actions, bringing your hands closer together, and so on.

Check out this article for 6 ways to change up your pushup.


As everyone knows, you can do squats with or without weight. The One Punch Man workout does not specify using any weight. However, if you want this workout to stay effective and build muscle, then you should incrementally add a small amount of weight.

Goblet squat with kettlebell
Goblet squats with a kettlebell for weight.

Make sure that you are not trying to complete too many reps with a weight you cannot handle. The best practice is to only add weight in increments of five to ten pounds as you progress. This way you are challenging yourself within your means. For challenging squat weights, you should only complete a maximum of 12 reps.

Without weights, however, you can modify them in a few different ways. Here is an article with 8 different squat modifications that you can use to change up your day to day One Punch Man routine.

Example of alien squats where you jump upward then come down into a squat.


As with any other exercise, you can add weights to your situps, but you can also modify them to focus on different parts of your core. Most experts agree that situps are not necessarily the best way to improve your core and get that six-pack. They risk your spinal health and do not actually work out the stabilization muscles that are located deeper in your core. Here’s what you can do instead:

You can do planks in different forms. Start by working your core with regular forearm planks and then move on to more advanced versions with leg raises and side planks.

You can complete flutter kicks instead of pushups for an ab burning exercise.

One Punch Man Workout - core

You can also do simple leg raises to work out your core without the spinal damage that you can cause from an improper form and repeated use of sit-ups.

One Punch Man Workout - core


Running is a tricky workout that really depends on your body type. Some people can run every day without much issue while others can experience serious knee and shin injuries. This all depends on your running form as well as your body type.

If you want to increase your cardiovascular health beyond running the infamous 10-kilometer portion of this exercise, then you must add a weighted vest. Make sure that you are completing this workout in proper running shoes as well. bad running shoes can promote bad form and impact damage on your joints.

You must listen to your body when increasing your distance and improving time. It’s natural to experience an endorphin high that makes you want to challenge yourself beyond your stopping point. Therefore, you need to really understand where to draw the line when you’re working up to the 6.2-mile goal and beyond.

Nutrition and the One Punch Man Workout

The final consideration of this workout routine is the foods you eat while completing it. As will anything, your diet is equally as important as your exercise. Thus, if you do this workout to build muscle, then you must supplement that with the proper consumption of protein.

This means you need to focus on eating eggs, salmon, nuts, chicken, soybeans, and much more. One Punch Man never specified the foods he ate to pair the workout routine, so get creative! It’s important to stay nutritionally aware as physically aware. It’s especially important to be aware of your diet if you are burning large amounts of calories per day.

Your muscles will have a very difficult time recovering if you don’t feed and water them as you do for your house plants. The only difference is your muscles are 1000% vital to your health as keeping a plant alive is probably important for your mental health. Same practice, different application.


The One Punch Man workout is great for getting started on your fitness and health goals. This workout provides you with a full-body workout that meets your cardio needs as well as your muscle growth needs.

Absolutely do not train every day without rest and make sure to modify and adjust your methods for completing the exercises. This will keep you from becoming stagnant in your growth as well as make sure you are working out less focused on muscle groups that are important for mobility and strength.

Personal Trainer of the Month: Sakura’s Fitness Pal

We love sharing about our awesome team of personal trainers. This month we have a unique duo helping change lives. Matthew Griffith and his husky Sakura have a unique origin story and now run their personal training business called Sakura’s Fitness Pal. For their clients, they provide fitness and nutritional coaching and a helping hand for every step of the process to live healthier and more active lives. The duo is based out of Macon, Georgia.

Matthew Meets His Fitness Pal

Matthew and his fiance came across Sakura when they decided to visit their local animal shelter to play with the dogs for the day. They absolutely did not intend on adopting a dog. However, the woman running the shelter told them about Sakura’s predicament.

Sakura making sure Matthew is exercising with proper form.

Sakura had been in a kill shelter. The adoption clinic couldn’t take her in because they were at their state limit. She was hours away from being euthanized. The woman at the shelter was torn about not being able to save her, so she informed Matthew and his fiance of her situation and they jumped on the opportunity.

As most people know, huskies are extremely active animals, so Matthew had to find a way to keep her energy at bay. He figured he needed to step up his own fitness game and running with Sakura would be a great way to get started.

As they continued to run together every day, they ran into a woman who owned a local gym. She invited both of them in to try out her training classes. After that, she took Matthew under her wing and guided him on how to live a healthier life. She also embraced Sakura into her gym with open arms!

The Duo Start Their Own Business

Matthew and Sakura make sure to get in their daily exercise together.

Matthew was already on his own path to eating healthier. A year before, he had made the change to a plant-based diet. His and Sakura’s journey complemented that nutritional challenge with a focus on physical fitness.

They started attending regular 30-minute classes at the gym for full-body workouts. Eventually, the gym owner offered Mattew a job as an instructor. He quickly fell in love with it and eventually became fully certified to start his own personal training business.

Matthew named his business Sakura’s Fitness Pal. His goals for his business are not just to provide some guidance and send clients on their way. He works on the value of being a pal to his clients and helping them stay on track if they fall off or have days where motivation is hard to conjure.

Both he and Sakura are sources of guidance and continued support.

“I love meeting people exactly where they’re at on their journey,” he says, “We’re all at different places and love learning how I can, as a personal trainer, teach them long term changes they can make to live more active and healthier lives.”

To manage his growing client base, Matthew started using FitSW after trying out a few different apps. A feature that benefits him the most is the ability to stay in consistent contact with his clients. He can assign tasks as a medium for his habit coaching and stay in touch with how his clients are doing with automated emails and updates about the completion of tasks.


Their story is just a reminder of how awesome our team of FitSW trainers and coaches are. Thank you, Matthew and Sakura, for what you guys do to help people in your community live healthier and happier lives. Follow him on his Facebook and don’t forget to check out his webpage while you’re at it!

Seeing as it’s the holiday season, we would also like to give thanks to the rest of our growing team for educating people on how to live healthier lives. In such troubling times, more and more people are requiring the kind of support you all provide. We want to support you in reaching those people by giving you guys the tools you need to run your business and run it well.