FitSW Android App For Fitness Trainers – New Features

We are excited to announce that we have a big update for our Android app for fitness trainers! This update contains the ability to view exercise progress graphs and tables directly in the app! Better yet, this is available on both iOS and web as well. Thus, you can view your personal training client’s progress […]

Online Personal Trainer App – New FitSW iOS Features

With the new year, comes new features to our online personal trainer app! We know you’ve been working hard with all of your new year resolution clients, so we wanted to improve our app to make it even easier for you to train more clients! This most recent iOS update includes autosaving, the ability to […]

Personal Trainer Alex Portee – FitSW’s Trainer Of The Month

We are excited to announce that nutritionist and personal trainer Alex Portee is FitSW’s featured personal trainer of the month! Alexandar is a certified personal trainer and nutritionist. He started his company one year ago in the necessity of something different, so his main focus is his online personal training and mobile fitness. “I bring […]

Continuing Education As A Personal Trainer

Getting certified as a personal trainer requires countless hours of studying and effort. Once you become certified, you should feel accomplished, as you worked extremely hard for it. However, every 2 years you’ll need to renew your certification by taking a wide variety of courses (of your choosing). Getting recertified is a lot less intensive […]

How to Launch a Successful Fitness Membership Site

It’s 2020 and it’s time to turn your business into a more lucrative and well-oiled machine. How? With a fitness membership site. Before you dismiss the idea, because it seems “too big and demanding”, think again.  Today, the technology you need to build a site, launch your own mobile app, take payments and market your […]

How To Create A Meal Plan For Clients

When running a personal training business, there a multitude of things you have to do in order to be successful. It can difficult to manage all of the marketing, consultations, workout building, and meal planning. Even with the use of personal trainer software, running a fitness business is no easy task. A big part of […]

FitSW iOS App For Personal Trainers – Purchasing Update

We have just released a big update to our iOS app for personal trainers. This update includes the ability to purchase directly in your FitSW iOS app! While not all of our top tier plans are available through our iOS app, we still have plenty of options for you to choose from! If you would […]

Turn New Year Resolution Clients Into Long-Term Clients

With the new year right around the corner, many individuals will vow to get in shape as their new year resolutions. This makes it one of the best times to be a personal trainer. Prospective clients are looking for someone to help them keep their resolutions. However, these clients can be different than clients that […]

Peripheral Heart Action Training For Weight Loss

Peripheral heart action training for weight loss is one of the best training systems out there to effectively lose body fat. The training not only helps you lose weight but also helps you improve overall cardiovascular fitness and improve the size and tone of your muscles. The creator of this forgotten system was Arthur Steinhaus, […]

Keep Personal Training Clients On Track This Holiday

When your client’s fitness plans are thrown off, this can reflect poorly on the personal trainer. This is why it’s important to keep your clients on track. The holiday season brings lots of sugary alcohol, fatty foods, and busy schedules. This can make it hard to train and your clients fitness plans could suffer because […]