Personal Trainer iOS App Updates – New Features

We’ve just released an update to our personal trainer iOS app! Recently, we’ve added many new features to our software including the one we just released. These features include the ability to see drafts in our iOS app, countless updates to our Android app, and the word Diets being changed to Nutrition throughout our software. […]

5 Reasons a Soft Mattress Helps for Better Muscle Recovery

If you’re a gym devotee, you probably know that a hardcore training session may affect your normal functioning for the next couple of days. But did you know that sleeping on a soft mattress can help for better muscle recovery? If you’re skeptical about this, here are five reasons to change your mind. #1 Better […]

Get More Personal Training Clients This Holiday Season

The holidays bring lots of parties, family reunions, and a lot of tasty food. However, all this food can catch up to you fast. This, along with multiple other things, are the reasons there are so many fitness-related new year resolutions. While some people will try to start their fitness journey alone, many will seek […]

How To Increase Personal Trainer Client Retention

Personal trainer client retention is important for maintaining a steady client base and it can really boost your revenue. While bringing in new clients can help you grow your fitness business, keeping clients for longer is a sure-fire way to boost your personal training revenues. Additionally, by increasing your client retention, this means you won’t […]

iOS App For Trainers – Drafting Update

We recently released many new features and updates to our iOS, Android, and Web applications! These updates included changing the word “Diets” to “Nutrition, deleting an entire series of events, countless usability improvements, and various bug fixes. Now, we are excited to announce that we have added the ability to view drafts to our iOS […]

Updates To Our Android App For Trainers

We are excited to announce that we have released a big update to our Android app for trainers! In this update, we have changed the word “Diets” to “Nutrition” throughout the Android app, saving events as drafts, countless improvements to existing features, and various minor bug fixes. New Features To FitSW’s Android App For Trainers […]

FitSW Personal Training App – iOS Updates

We’ve just released a new iOS update for our personal training app! These updates include the title “Diets” being changed to “Nutrition” in our iOS app, the ability to delete a series of events, and multiple other usability improvements and features. Diet Changed to Nutrition We recently changed the title “Diets” to “Nutrition” throughout our […]

Personal Trainer Nutrition Plans – Updates

FitSW has used the title “Diets” to describe our nutrition and diet planning feature for quite some time. However, some users have reached out and said that the word diets can have some negative connotations. There are multiple reasons for this, though many people thought that the word diet doesn’t encompass what they do. Therefore, […]

FitSW Personal Trainer App – Dark Mode Updates For iOS

Apple recently released a brand new update that enabled the use of dark mode across all of the apps and programs on the App Store. Many users prefer using apps and software in dark mode, thus the reasoning for this update. Our app was not previously available in dark mode, being permanently set to a […]