How To Keep Online Training Clients Motivated

Motivating your online training clients can seem like a daunting task, as you never, or rarely, meet with them in person. But, there is a reason that online personal training has been growing rapidly. Because it works. Motivating your clients is an important part of making our online fitness programs successful and there are many […]

Copying Workouts, Tasks, & Diets For Clients

We’ve been working hard to update our software and make it even easier for you to manage your fitness business. Recently, we released new features such as improvements to our workout creator, the ability to ungroup supersets seamlessly, making it possible to create drafts for your events, and many other features! Included in these updates […]

Personal Trainer Weight Loss – Tips & Information

Whether you want to lose weight for special occasions or just improve your health, weight loss is a common goal. When someone wants to lose a couple of pounds, the most common question is: “How quickly will I lose weight?” Personal trainer weight loss programs are a great option, though it’s important to understand how […]

How Stretching Before Bed Can Improve Sleep Quality

Most people have a regular bedtime routine, even if you don’t necessarily think of yours in that way. At the very least, your routine probably consists of teeth brushing or removing your contacts — but are you doing anything to get your muscles and brain ready for bed? In a review of Chinese and American […]

Workout Creation For Client’s – Usability Improvements

We recently released two updates to our web software which include the ability to draft workouts for your clients and new features to our workout creator. Now, we are happy to announce we had released more usability improvements and features to our workout creation for clients feature! This update includes an easier way to add […]

How To Track Client’s Progress and Why It’s Important

Tracking progress, whether it’s for yourself or for your personal training clients, is an important part of obtaining each party’s respective fitness goals. Additionally, with the rise of personal training software, its easier than ever to track clients’ progress. In this article, we’ll go over the different types of progress tracking, the reasons why it’s […]

Workout Creator For Clients – Updates & New Features

A couple of days ago we released a brand new drafting workouts feature! Included with those new features, we also released a lot of improvements to our workout creator for clients. We’ve made a lot of changes that make creating workouts even easier, saving you more time than ever before! We will go into the […]

Drafting Workouts For Clients and Other Updates

We recently released a fully redesigned Android app and are excited to announce that we have released new features to our web application. These features include the ability to draft workouts for clients, status updates for your workouts, and a new easier to use format for our workout creation screen. Our workout drafting feature also […]

Personal Trainer Android App – Design Updates

We are excited to announce that we have just released a newly designed personal trainer Android app! A few months ago, we released a freshly designed iOS app. After getting some positive feedback, we have been working hard on updating our Android app as well. The entirety of this app has been redesigned and we […]