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Turn New Year Resolution Clients Into Long-Term Clients

New Year Resolution Clients

With the new year right around the corner, many individuals will vow to get in shape as their new year resolutions. This makes it one of the best times to be a personal trainer. Prospective clients are looking for someone to help them keep their resolutions. However, these clients can be different than clients that you obtain from other times from the year. This is because they may not be as committed to their long term fitness plans as other individuals. So, how do you turn your new year resolution clients into long term clients and ensure that they stick to their new year resolutions longer than just a few weeks?

Help Them Set Realistic Goals

Many of new year resolution clients will set unrealistic goals. Then, once they aren’t seeing these results in the first few weeks, they’ll get discouraged and discontinue using your services. Setting realistic goals can help with this tremendously.

If your client wants to lose 50 pounds, set intermittent goals over a 10 month period of losing 5 pounds per month. This is much more achievable and will help your clients realize the timeframe they need to achieve their goals.

Educate Your Clients

The clients you obtain around new years are most likely not well educated when it comes to fitness. This is why it’s imperative to educate your clients on all things fitness. If they understand nutrition, the effects of proper hygiene, how much they need to sleep, hydration, and of course exercise, they’ll be much better off.

Stay In-Touch Often

These clients may need extra motivation to stay on track than others. Thus, reaching out to them is a great way to keep them engaged and motivated. See if they were able to stick to their nutrition plan, how their soreness level is, or anything else related to your training with them. This will not only show them that you are committed to their long-term success but can build a healthy trainer-client relationship with them. Better yet, they’ll be more motivated to achieve the goals you set for them if you keep reminding them of their fitness plan.

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