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7 Reasons to Consider Investing in a Custom Branded Gym Fitness App

With gyms and fitness studios across the world still reeling from the effects of Covid, we understood as a fitness community the importance of going digital. From virtual fitness classes to delivering on-demand wellness programs through mobile fitness apps, more people than ever have access to resources to stay (or get back on) the health and wellness wagon.

Being coerced into an opportunity, as Covid has with merging fitness and the internet, is not the most ideal situation, but it is an opportunity regardless. Before Covid, many fitness businesses developed their own apps for delivering on-demands fitness to people across the world. This broke the brick-and-mortar barrier of people attending the gym, so why not employ a hybrid model for yours?

Not to mention, having a branded experience outside of your physical location can serve well to growing and developing the brand experience your customers have.

1. Reach More Members with a Branded Gym Fitness App

Employ a Custom Branded Gym Fitness App

A big struggle for people is their inability to fit the gym into their schedule. With a custom branded gym fitness app, members can actually interact with your gym anywhere and everywhere. This reduces the excuses that potential customers have when considering purchasing a membership at your gym!

Not to mention, your members stay engaged with your gym outside of them actually attending the gym. For those lazy days when they don’t want to leave the house, they can access live classes or on-demand workouts.

When the service of your gym is much more flexible, then you cast a wider net over your potential member pool. Additionally, your members could come across your app first before even knowing your gym exists. It essentially expands your marketing efforts and reach.

2. Develop Your Gym’s Brand Experience

Give your members a good gym experience with a custom branded gym fitness app.
Give your members a good gym experience with a custom-branded gym fitness app.

Members can get a piece of your gym’s brand experience from the comfort of their home or hotel room across the world. A custom-branded gym fitness app breaks the barriers of your physical location and allows you to develop the culture of your gym’s community.

So what is brand experience?

Brand experience is what develops the relationship between the consumer and the brand in question. It consists of the thoughts, feelings, interactions, and overall experience people have with your brand. In turn, this helps with your gym’s brand positioning in the minds of current and potential gym members. Positioning is created when there is competition and the consumer reveres different brands in a mental ranking.

How does a custom app develop brand experience?

An attractive interface with consistent branding and aesthetics will interest the user and keep them engaged. The interactions within the app like gamified responses to the completion of a workout, rewards, and other goal signifiers help to know that they have the support from your gym to reach their fitness goals. Deliver client retention opportunities with discounts and exclusive items for members who use the app.

You want your gym brand to position higher in the minds of the consumer than any other gym in your area. Therefore, the importance of the custom branded gym fitness app goes beyond just being able to reach customers with your services and brand. An app would give you an extension to cultivate that experience and adversely position you better in the minds of your potential customers, who, don’t forget, are also potential customers of your

3. Increase Brand Awareness with a Gym Fitness App

Increasing brand awareness will help boost your marketing efforts with more leads to convert. With a custom branded app, your members will have something to share about and show for when people ask what they have been doing to look so good lately.

Marketing your fitness app is a great way to get people engaged with your gym’s brand before they even know they want to become a member! Creating QR codes to download the app and using that in your outreach efforts raises a ton of awareness for the existence of your gym.

Give your members a platform to share their goals off of by creating shareable achievements in the app. When users can share their achievements in the app to social media, they are essentially marketing for you. Although, that’s just one example of the different ways that users can share about your app and gym. The idea overall is that your custom app is worth sharing about!

Members will undoubtedly share with their friends and family about what is keeping them on track with their goals outside of the gym too.

4. Establish Credibility and Authority as a Fitness Business

In the minds of consumers, a gym that has its own app will seem more established. This is compared to another local gym that doesn’t have an app. First, aesthetics are important to establishing credibility. With a fully branded and streamlined app, your business will make a good impression on users.

Developing an app takes time, effort, and money. A nice app to represent your business shows that you generate revenue and are growing. It shows that your gym will keep up to date with trends and be able to cater to all types of members.

People buy into cool products, bottom line. Therefore, adding a unique element like a custom app for your gym will be much more attractive to potential customers. Also, this increases the value of membership overall! Instead of just getting access to the gym amenities, members will have access to resources outside of the gym as well.

Providing resources on everything fitness and wellness through a custom app will establish credibility in the sense that your gym and staff are committed to positively impacting the wellness of your members.

5. Develop Custom Features Specific to Your Gym’s Needs

Here at FitSW, we are open to meeting your business’s at its needs! When you purchase a custom branded gym fitness app with us, you can also request a quote for specific features that would benefit your business.

A fully customized app gives your business the power to cultivate a completely unique customer experience for your members. As mentioned before, it can be a resource for members. Your app can host a blog of sorts or weekly newsletter. Consider custom features that promote communication between gym members and the gym to cultivate a sense of community.

Speaking of community, a custom app can help you develop that community as well. Give your members a platform to stay informed about the goings on at your gym, in the health and wellness industry, and to communicate with other members.

A sense of community is extremely powerful in fitness. Often, people bring their friends or family to the gym so they don’t have to work out alone. The intimidating atmosphere that bubbles the gym floor can be deterring. A custom app can help your members build those connections with each other!

6. Create a Loyalty System with a Custom Branded App

Loyalty systems have a whole slew of benefits for any business, but gyms, in particular, can experience huge growth. After all, loyalty systems are based on getting the customer to return more often and the business goal for gyms is to keep members coming back!

Create a Loyalty System with a Custom Branded app

A custom app can help you employ an effective gym loyalty system with members. Loyalty systems improve client retention by at least 5%.

7. Become Much More Competitive with Other Local Gyms

The power of your unique gym experience through an app will help your gym stand out against the competition. Staying ahead of the curve of what people want and need out of their gym’s fitness app will help your gym continue to position well in the minds of members and potential members.

Be the first in your community to develop and utilize an app for reaching and engaging members! For all the aforementioned reasons to consider downloading an app, you probably have a good enough idea now how this feature for your gym can make it much more competitive.

An app will also give your gym a platform to form partnerships with other businesses in the area. Running promotions with local businesses to members with the app and other marketing campaigns could shine a bright light on what your gym has to offer the community.


Endless reasons for creating a custom branded gym fitness app exist. We have covered just a few here. Therefore, the rest is up to your genius marketing and campaign building to engage members, potential members, and other businesses in your community.

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