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Sell and Deliver On Demand Fitness Programs using FitSW

As we continue to live fast-paced lives, we want access to everything at the snap of a finger. Personal training clients are no exception to this. Aside from speed a convenience factor, many people just aren’t comfortable working out outside of their homes. Because of these factors, the virtual fitness/ on demand fitness market has skyrocketed in the last 5 years with a CAGR of 35.7% through 2027.

As a trainer or owner of a fitness training business, the value of reaching clients virtually proves incomparable to the limitations of in-person and brick and mortar. Think of all the time spent on continuously creating workouts, nutrition plans, and habit coaching assignments. With programs, you can spend more time onboarding new clients, time for yourself, or building better connections with your current clients.

For gyms and studios, providing on-demand fitness and utilizing a custom branded gym fitness app means that they can generate revenue beyond the walls of the fitness center. People who are not even members of the gym, studio, or health club can invest in fitness programs developed by professionals from that business.

Nonetheless, employing on-demand fitness programs can benefit both parties involved!

In FitSW, coaches, trainers, and gyms can easily build out multi-day programs to either assign to clients or to publish for clients to enroll in. To go even further, let FitSW do the work of landing those conversions from potential clients. Here’s how:

Sell On Demand Fitness Packages and Fitness Subscription Plans

Using the packages and subscriptions feature, build-out on demand fitness program options for clients to purchase from your trainer page. Although, you cannot include programs in these packages to automatically assign to clients. You can develop a way for them to enroll in programs after making a purchase, but we’ll cover that later.

You can even create a hybrid fitness business model for offering both virtual and in-person fitness sessions and plans. When building out subscriptions and packages you have the option of including session credits for the client to receive once they make the purchase.

FitSW creates client accounts automatically for clients who make purchases from trainer pages. That is, if they do not already have an account, then one is automatically created for them. Clients receive an onboarding email upon making a purchase. This can either be from FitSW or you can purchase custom branded emails. This ensures the client has a branded experience from start to finish.

When building out packages or subscriptions you just need to add the price, details, and set the number of credits. After that, they automatically appear on your trainer page for the public to find. Share about your trainer pager on your socials and any other marketing efforts you employ for your business. Convert all those hard-earned leads to paying customers.

If creating programs on a month-to-month basis, then consider employing subscriptions instead of packages. Automated billing cycles are preferable for both the business and the consumer because it takes the thought and remembrance out of making purchases. In a survey done by adults across 12 countries, 71% had at least one subscription to a service.

They’re popular for a reason!

Create Multi-day Programs for Clients to Enroll In

Multi-day programs are a huge time saver in themselves! Quickly compile days worth of nutrition plans, workout plans, and tasks for clients to complete.

Check out our how-to guide in our help center for a tutorial on creating multi-day fitness programs in FitSW.

In the app, you can create custom categories for on demand fitness programs so that your clients can answer questions and get program recommendations based on the screening questions.

Below you can see our examples of Gender, Height, and Age. Another example would be creating categories of programs by diet. Nonetheless, this is a way for clients to have access to programs that fit their needs and options for the trainer to organize and better manage their programs.

Edit categories for On Demand Fitness Programs in FitSW

You can also automate when the clients will receive the screening questions to access the on demand fitness programs. You can ensure that they will receive it every time they look to enroll in a program and will limit their access to specific programs.

Managing Fitness Programs

Easily manage the programs and every single assignment associated with them!

Manage programs and delete them from the FitSSW app

Clicking the grey gear will let you choose how the screening category tags apply to that particular program. This is how can manage what programs will be viewed by what clients when they answer questions accordingly.

Manage the categories assigned to on demand fitness programs

The red trashcan to delete the programs entirely from your account gives you two options:

  1. You can delete all future assignments associated with the program and save the exercise progress data for assignments that clients have already completed from the program.
  2. All assignments associated with the program will be removed from your account and your clients’ accounts. No exercise progress data will be saved.
Delete assignments for on demand fitness programs

If you click on the word Existing underneath Assignments in the program card, then you will be able to view all clients who have enrolled in that program. If you click Delete All Assignments, you have the same set of options for preserving exercise data from the assignments that clients have completed and delete all future assignments. Otherwise, you can remove all data associated with that program from individual clients or entirely from all clients.

You can delete all assignments of the programs directly from the clients

When you click Add, you can add clients to the program yourself. However, in terms of on demand fitness, you migfht not need to ustilize this option much.

Enrolling in On Demand Fitness Programs as a Client

Check out this article to follow the steps for how clients enroll in on demand fitness programs.


Give your clients and potential clients the option to get their fitness programs delivered right to their accounts. All you have to do is put in a little bit of elbow grease in building them out to begin with! With detailed management features, you have full control over your program assignments and how clients can choose the programs they want to enroll in

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