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12 Benefits of Personal Training for the Trainer and the Client

Let’s keep it quite simple with this article on the benefits of personal training. We figured it was a good time to explain the rewards of becoming a personal trainer or hiring a personal trainer. Whatever side of the river you find yourself on, buckle up and hear me out.

Benefits of Personal Training for Trainers

The demand for personal trainers is set to grow by 15% in the next 8 years. This means that growth in this industry is healthy and continuously rising.

More than one reason exists for the continuous rise in demand for personal trainers.

One, the rates of obesity and other detrimental health conditions are continuously rising. A whopping 6 out of every 10 people in the U.S. suffer from a chronic disease. Four in ten have at least 2 chronic diseases.

That means that the majority of our nation is suffering from chronic lung, heart, and kidney disease, cancer, diabetes, and more. Good lifestyle habits have an uncanny effect on preventing the development of disease as we age. Thus proving the need for more available fitness professionals to reach these populations.

Second, aside from the crisis of chronic disease, we live in a society obsessed with appearance. When a person has a serious lack of confidence in their appearance, it can affect their whole lives and well being quite negatively.

Although the ideal body has changed through style and trends over the years, something that will never change is the need for self-confidence. Personal trainers have the unique opportunity to help people reach their physical and mental confidence goals.


Experience is directly related to your income. You might have to start at minimum wage (around $10) depending on where you become employed and what certifications you have under your belt. However, the best part about personal training is its flexibility.

Benefits of personal training - flexible income

You can be a part-time trainer at a gym while working another job to supplement your income while you gain experience. You can also take on a couple of clients while you work a full-time job if you do not want to work in a gym or studio setting.

Regardless of the way you work up to becoming a full-time trainer, if that happens to be your goal, you can make at least $10.12 per hour on average, and on the higher end (with experience) you can make around $19 an hour

Become your own boss and reap the benefits

After some time and experience under your belt, you will be able to comfortably branch off into building your own business. It’s safe to say that most people would love to be their own boss and as a personal trainer you can do exactly that.

100% of the effort you put into your clients, will be 100% of the return for you. You have the flexibility of charging your own rates and putting in the amount of time that works for you. Who can argue with that level of flexibility? I sure can’t.

You will be pushed to learn business and sales skills that will help you grow in many different areas of your career. This also pushes you to find your true niche within personal training and coaching. The many different directions you can take your business in is somewhat overwhelming, yet exciting.

Being a personal trainer means consistent growth

After completing a personal training certification as the basis of your training or coaching career, a whole world of options becomes available to you. As an independent personal trainer, you will most likely find the most success within a specific niche of training.

All certified trainers must obtain a certain amount of continuing education credits to make sure they are on top of the latest science behind health and fitness. Continuing education credits paired with supplementary specialization certifications keep you on a course for your own personal growth.

Benefits of personal training - growth
In the personal training field, there are many unique opportunities for growth.

Many people seek out trainers to help them overcome specific issues related to health conditions or environmental factors. You might have the perfect background, education, or understanding to be able to better connect with the clients you take on.

Add a specialized certification into that mix and you will be able to dig deeper into the connections you build with clients. Specialization also helps build value to your training, which, in turn, allows you to set your prices higher for your services.

Work from anywhere

Benefits of Personal Training - Online training from anywhere
You can deliver personalized training from anywhere in the world these days!

In the last year, online coaching has grown tremendously! This means that you can reach clients anywhere and just about anytime you please. You could be sitting on a beach somewhere in the Caribbean sipping on a piña colada while building workout plans or programs.

In fact, I just had someone emailing me asking a question about accessing the FitSW app to stay in touch with clients while they are vacationing in Jamaica. That, my friend, is the life.

Now you have plenty of online tools to choose from when it comes to facilitating your online personal training presence. FitSW actually has a sister site called FindTrainGain where people from anywhere in the world can find and register for public classes that FitSW trainers host.

With the help of technology, you can grow your client base very quickly with few limitations!

The demand for personal trainers is high

Over a third of the population in the U.S. is considered obese, according to the CDC. That number is still on the rise and the effect of Covid-19 on people struggling with obesity has shed an ominous light on this issue.

Therefore, the need for personalized workout routines and nutritional coaching is higher than ever. Personal training is more valuable now because of the need for a customized solution for the individual client.

Personal training is rewarding!

Helping people overcome huge life challenges is massively rewarding. If you have a background of experience the same issues either personally or watching someone close to you struggle, then you can guide clients with the utmost compassion.

Even without those kinds of experiences, you will help people re-establish their confidence and self-esteem. That kind of change is infectious to just about every aspect of their lives.

The smallest positive change can seep into just about everything else in a person’s life. You can be the leading hand in that change!

Benefits of Personal Training for Clients

Accountability Partner

Sometimes that little voice in your head is not strong enough to overcome the lack of desire to get moving. Personal trainers are the tangible voice outside of your head that keeps you motivated and on track with accomplishing your goals.

Accountability partners are useful in just about every aspect of life. You might even consider your significant other as your day to day accountability partner in providing unwavering support for you.

If that isn’t the case, then I cannot make any claims to how you should approach your relationships… BUT I can tell you that that is exactly what a personal trainer would be to you. Personal trainers act as a pillar of support and provide mentorship to accomplish your health and wellness goals.

Personal trainers have as much of an investment in your success as you! For one, they are investing their time and services in you because they want to help you grow. Second, the trainer wants your success as proof to others like you that they have what it takes to make a difference in people’s lives.

Physical and Mental Health

Overall health is not entirely reliant on our mental state, rather a tug of war between our mental and physical wellness. Personal trainers help you establish a balance between good mental health and physical health.

Fitness directly affects your physical and mental health

Quite frankly, each one has a direct effect on the other. When you are not feeling healthy or looking healthy, you bear the mental burden of losing that confidence in your well-being.

Our lifestyle has a huge effect on us physiologically. Mental health improvement is not always the easiest to achieve on our own. Often we need pillars of support in our lives to turn to when we cannot draw on the motivation from ourselves.

Mindfulness is an important aspect of growth while receiving personal training.

Poor mental health can be the reason for not ever getting started on your fitness journey and can even prevent you from feeling like you can accomplish anything once you have started. A personal trainer also plays the role of a habit coach. Forming better habits in our daily routines alleviates the burden of stress and exhaustion.

Forming better habits

Our lifestyle habits have a tremendously powerful effect on our physical and mental state. Some people might have a poor habit of overeating and not balancing that with proper exercise. Others might exercise too much and find they are not reaching their goals because they are not pairing the proper nutrition with it.

Some people might work a desk job and sit all day without having any habit of exercise. Sedentary behavior can cause major health problems down the road, both physically and mentally.

Regardless, a personal trainer’s job is to identify those poor habits and coach you on how to replace them with better ones.

Helps establish a routine

Those habits you need to replace should be structured by a routine. Your trainer is there to help you structure that routine and hold you accountable for sticking to it.

Personal training to establish routine

Routines and structure are wildly important to good mental health. When we abide by certain tasks that need to be completed daily, the little things stop weighing us down as much.

Personal trainers help motivate and reinstate those important habits in daily routines that help you stay on track with health goals and many other goals throughout life.

Most of all they work to keep you on track with your exercise habits!

Lower risk of injury

We all like to show off a little bit when we hit the gym alone. It does feel like all eyes are on you after all! They are definitely not, however, you might not have the right form down just yet so don’t get too cocky. You also might push yourself a little bit too far if you are working hard to reach your goals.

Avoid injury with a personal trainer

Working with a personal trainer to reach your fitness goals immensely reduces the risk of exercise injury. A trainer can ensure that you will complete a workout with the correct form as well as make sure you do not overexert yourself.

More efficient workouts

Aside from the reduced risk of injury from improper form, you are also much more likely to have a more efficient workout!

Your trainer can provide you with a perfectly curated plan for tackling the gym. They also provide valuable education on proper form to make every rep count toward some gain. You will no longer spend the time lollygagging between machines because you just don’t have any idea of what to do next or how to actually use the machine.


Personal training elicits growth for the trainer and the client both. This type of career makes a considerable impact on our community and is well worth considering for that fact alone.

For those who may have been considering hiring a trainer, set up a consultation with one in your area today to get an idea of what they can offer you. Also, you can stick to these tips on how to find and hire a personal trainer.

If you cannot take my word for it, then take the word of the 20,000+ trainers who use FitSW to help their clients grow, all while experiencing their own personal growth.

2 thoughts on “12 Benefits of Personal Training for the Trainer and the Client

  • My sister wants to lose around 10 kg before her wedding at the end of the year. It’s great that you mention that she should consider hiring a personal traitor to establish a routine that would hold her accountable to achieve her weight loss goals. I’ll share what you said with her tomorrow during the cake tasting. Thanks.

    • Claire A

      Awesome, thank you for the feedback. Not only does it take the support from personal trainers for people to reach their goals, but the support of family and friends too. Enjoy the cake!


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