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Cleaning Gym Equipment Before and After Your Workout

In the modern age, people have become a little more conscious when it comes to cleaning gym equipment and disinfecting it when they are using. Whether you’re going to a fitness class in person or using your home gym, the equipment you use needs to be cleaned after each and every workout.

This is not just about spreading viruses and diseases. Ever been to a gym and it has smelled terrible? This comes from a buildup of bacteria. If you want to avoid that funk then it is vital that you think carefully about the cleaning.

The Importance of Cleaning Gym Equipment

Firstly, it is vital to know that research has shown that bacteria can live on certain types of equipment in a gym for up to three days. This is true of weights, yoga mats, and machines you may use in the gym.

If you are in a gym with other people, it is common courtesy to clean the equipment for a variety of reasons. Nobody wants to share sweat.

Even if you are the only one who is going to use the equipment, you should definitely wipe it down. There is a chance that you have had bacteria on your hands that has then been passed onto the equipment. Even if the bacteria didn’t affect you the first time, you might pick it up again. Of course, good hygiene is vital, but cleaning the equipment is also essential. The act of cleaning can be a very simple process, too.

Woman Exercising after cleaning gym equipment

How to Clean Your Equipment

The best way to keep bacteria (and smells) to a minimum is to clean, so let’s dive into some of the best methods. Of course, it depends on what you are cleaning so we will outline the process for different types of equipment.

Yoga Mat

A yoga mat may sometimes need more than just one wipe. Most of the time, cleaning with disinfecting wipes will do a solid job of taking all of the bacteria away as long as you have quality wipes, that is. If you’re using one, make sure you get all of the surfaces, and you might need multiple wipes for this. Let it dry, too, before you roll it or store it away.

You may also want to wash it to get rid of the sweat and dirt that can become an issue. Spray the whole mat with disinfectant and water, and then let it dry. Hanging it up is a good idea to make sure it fully air-dries without touching other items.

Treadmills, Ellipticals, and Other Machines

Of course, before you do any cleaning of machines you need to turn them off and unplug them to be 100% safe. It isn’t a good idea to introduce any water, too, so a disinfectant wipe (or several) will be the best choice.

Using your wipes, get to all of the awkward areas such as nooks and crannies, as well as the seams around the seat. Also focus on any area of high contact (somewhere hands come into contact with). Then clean the areas where you think sweat could build up.

Free Weights and Benches

Fortunately, you can be a little bit more liberal with disinfectant sprays when it comes to these sorts of weights, as opposed to machines. Sanitize them with a wipe or with a disinfectant spray and clean cloth. Make sure they’re dry before you even think about using them again, as you don’t want free weights dropping out of your hands.

Of course, this is another piece of equipment that you can quite simply use disinfectant wipes with if you need to. We recommend doing so after every use and then carrying out a more intensive clean periodically.

Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are very popular for home workouts. If you’ve been doing some of the online workouts that have become popular you might have some of these kicking around in your home. 

Cleaning Gym Equipment like Resistance Bands

Unlike the other equipment on this list, resistance bands can be submerged in water easily. Dip the bands into a bucket of warm water containing dish soap. Swill the bands in the solution for a few seconds and then rinse them off. You can even use the shower for this. 

Leave them to dry next, which is best if they are hanging. Don’t leave them in the sun, though, as the material can degrade.


In a public environment, it takes a little bit of effort from every gym member to keep the weights and other equipment clean. 

Even within your own home, it doesn’t take much for equipment to get dirty and smelly. There is still the chance that you might spread germs even if you are the only one using the equipment. It doesn’t take much to perform some simple cleaning, but it is worth it. Cleaning gym equipment makes for a cleaner, better-smelling, and more enjoyable workout space.

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Mariam is a Hygiene Specialist working with SONO Healthcare And a freelance writer. She has been interested in health and cleaning issues since she was young. She wants to share her knowledge and experience with others who are not indifferent to cleanup. On a regular basis, she delivers new cleaning expert advice on how to treat products, tools, medical instruments and equipment.

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