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Home Gym Packages: 15 Best Places to Purchase

Home gym packages are more popular than ever, now that gyms and studios across the United States are under tight restrictions. If you go online to window shop for home gyms, at the moment, you may have a hard time finding one that’s in stock. We researched for you so you have some reference points for finding the right equipment. Below, we have compiled a list of 15 websites where you can find the right home gym package that fits your needs.

We have not been paid to share the following sites. We have chosen these sites for their affordability and the equipment each one offers. Be warned, however, that right now things are a little crazy with gym equipment. Right now there is a massive shortage in availability of equipment across the board.

As a response to our current times, people have been purchasing home gym equipment at higher rates than ever. At the same time, a shutdown in China tremendously reduced the production of this equipment. These sites have equipment available for purchase but are also good to keep in mind for later down the road when the right piece of equipment becomes available. If you need to purchase any last-minute gifts for the holidays or you have a personal training business out of your home, then keep scrolling!

York Barbells

York Barbell Website

This company has some of the best prices for home gym equipment. Purchasing directly from the source usually aids in better pricing options. It might not be as high quality as the equipment you would receive from companies like Rogue, but it’s great for starting out or those little pieces you need here and there to fill in the gaps. Home gyms do not have to break the bank whatsoever. York does a good job of proving that all you need is a little bit of sweat and metal to keep those gains going strong.

Their packages offer simple bench and squat racks with the barbell and necessary plates and dumbbells with removable plates. You have plenty of options when it comes to combo packages depending on what your training goals are. You will find a mix of squat and press items, dumbbells, kettlebells, and even a cable machine to add that extra range of motion to your press.


Marcy Home Gym Packages

These do not come with all the bells and whistles in terms of extra pieces of equipment, but these home gym packages do offer all of the cable options. Marcy offers well-priced home gyms with everything you need to work in all ranges of motion. Their cable machines also double as squat and press racks.

Marcy provides good base structures to build on as you and your gym grow. You can choose the packages based on cable weights and other features like leg curl/press systems and different pulley systems for precision muscle building. If you want the gym feeling from the comfort of your home, then this is a good site to find the right package for you. However, you must purchase all weight plates separately. However, the prices for the package leave fair room for additional equipment purchases.

G & G Fitness Equipment

G & G Fitness Equipment - Home Gym Packages

This company offers high-priced but versatile home gym packages with cable machines, presses, functional trainers, and gym attachments. Once again, this is a great site to find the piece to kickstart your home gym. However, these pieces are a bit more versatile in their functions and focus on cable systems and weighted presses. Their cheapest package is priced at $2,699 and is a multifunctional cable system for a full-body workout.

These home gym packages do not come with any extra plate weights but will serve you well for all of your muscle precision training needs. You can even find the right high-end cage system for your home gym here as well to set yourself up for those squats and bench presses. Whether you want to focus on toning or strengthening, you will find a multi-functional system to fit your needs.

Expert Fitness Supply

Expert Fitness Supply - Home Gym Packages

Expert Fitness Supply offers mid-priced machines and packages with a wide range of options to choose from with all of the bells and whistles. You will find packages that can fill up your entire garage with one swing or you can purchase the pieces you need to get the ball rolling. Similar to a few other vendors, you can purchase using Affirm so you can pay off your home gym package over time.

These packages vary in training functions. You will find cable machines with bench press racks, full machine home gyms, or variations of squat and bench press cages. This company provides versatile strength training equipment with all the bells and whistles to get you started.


Vulcan Strength Training Systems

Vulcan is a great place to start your strength training journey like the pros. If you want simple, yet quality equipment to build on, then this is the go-to. They do not offer any machines. You can choose from a couple of home gym packages with kettlebells, a bench, barbells, plates, and squat racks.

The packages vary in weight options and what you need to stock your gym with. Their full cross training package is priced at $3,056 and comes stocked with plates and a rack to hold them, barbell, kettlebells, plyo box, slam ball, medicine ball, and more.

PRX Performance

PRX Performance Home Gym Packages

They have an array of packages but also a robust build your own package option. Building your own packages gives you full control over every aspect of your equipment purchase. No need for those extra pieces you will never use! A unique selling point for PRX Performance equipment is that it is all designed to maximize your space.

Often, people struggle with figuring out how to fit all the equipment they need for their home gym in a limited space. They provide accessories to hold each piece of equipment mounted to your wall. The squat racks even fold to lay flush against your wall. You have full control over the aesthetics as well, with many different color options to choose from for the racks and plates. On the website, you will even find a 3D tool to help you determine how to mount all of the accessories.


Rouge Fitness and Home Gym Packages

If you’re a CrossFit fanatic, then you most likely already know what Rouge has to offer. Their strength training equipment is very popular among CrossFit gyms and those who bring CrossFit to the comfort of their home. Rouge provides many different options for home gym packages and packages specific to CrossFit gyms.

These packages come with all the basics like a squat rack, bench, kettlebells, barbells, plates, medicine balls, and gymnastics rings. The largest package comes with a rowing machine, climbing rope, and a couple of other items for the full-body workout.


Torque Home Gym Equipment

People know this company for its Tank and all of its different versions. This is a resistance tool to help you strength train in all different motions. Essentially, it is a home gym on wheels. Aside from the tank, you will find robust home gym packages with kettlebells, medicine balls, a squat rack, a bench, and a suspension kit. Unlike many other companies, you receive a suspension kit with packages from Torque. You also have the option of letting their experienced staff help design your home gym!

As the base level, Torque designed its squat racks for users to build in many different ways. For example, there are anchors for battle ropes, dip bars, pull-up add-ons, and horizontal mounts. You can even attach an arm extension for a punching bag! If you have big plans for your gym and want to take your time in piecing it together, then this is a good place to start!


Ironmaster Fitness Equipment

You can customize your home gym package starting from four different options: Super Bench, Bench and Dumbbell, IM1500, and IM2000. You can use their whole inventory for home gym equipment! However, the unique aspect of these package options is their amount of customization for the minor accessories you may not have thought of.

The IM2000 package can cost upward of $3,000 with the majority of the available attachments like dip bars, landmines, chin-up bars, and core attachment. You also have a wide range of options when it comes to dumbbells and storage options for them.


Overstock Home Gyms

Overstock is great for just about anything in the world you would need at a fair price. So we thought it would be worth a mention if you have some gaps in your home gym equipment and need to fill them in with some affordable options.

Popular items available on Overstock are benches and pull-up/squat racks with push-up and dip bars. You can also find affordable dumbbell and kettlebell sets. You can either start with the basics of everything you need, or you can fill in the gaps of what you don’t already have.

The only sacrifice you will make is one of quality compared to companies that specialize in manufacturing and selling home gym equipment.

Get RX’d

Get RX'd Fitness Equipment

Best garage gym package for value. Here, you can find packages that include cardio equipment as well as strength training equipment. Their top package includes resistance bands, a plyometric box, barbells with plates, a squat rack and bench, two cardio machines, and more. Get Rx’d priced this package at only $3,728 and you can finance it through Affirm.

Get RX’d also sells a unique package for a studio HIIT rig that only costs $2,228. This setup has a massive array of helpful functions and attachments. It comes with punching bags, suspension kits, storage shelves for balls and kettlebells, and more. This company is a great option for quality, quantity, and value.

Fringe Sport

Fringe Sport Gym  Equipment

This company offers packages at moderate prices for high-quality strength training equipment. Their basic home gym package is priced at $1,108. This basic package is limited in what it offers, but you are assured of the quality of Fringe equipment. There are many ways you can build onto this rack to fit all of your home gym needs.

If you want to get the little ones involved, then this is also a great company to look into. Fringe created two different packages for kids. These packages include a squat rack with plates, a kettlebell, an agility set, a barbell, a medicine ball, and a jump rope. Of course, these all come in small weights. So it’s a great way to ignite that interest in fitness in your kids.

360 Fitness Superstore

360 Fitness Superstore

360 Fitness Superstore has lots of options to choose from. The staff also took the time to provide educational material to help you choose the right equipment for the training style you wish to partake in. We love fitness education! It’s so important that people be informed about the products they are buying. This will enable them to make the most out of the money they spend. Education on how to use the equipment correctly is equally important.

The website is easy to navigate to find the products that you need to build your home gym. You have plenty of options here for attachments and accessories. They do not have packages set up for purchase. Though, you have the freedom to build and customize every detail of your home gym.

Primo Fitness

Primo Fitness Equipment

Primo has set up their packages in an interesting manner. These packages are great for covering the basics of everything you need for a cardio and strength workout. Packages are also segmented by training type for ease of finding what you need in one purchase. You can purchase a package for cardio, strength, mobility, and toning.

Not the most conventional setup for a website to sell their products. However, it helps the customer understand what their purchasing. Therefore, when you purchase from Primo, you can easily decide what you need and what you don’t need based on price and training style. Many of these packages have a mix of equipment that can help you reach all of your goals.

Garage Gym Reviews

Garage Gym Reviews

This site keeps you updated on all things home gym. It’s extremely important to understand what you are purchasing when it comes to gym equipment. You invest a great deal of money and deserve quality, long-lasting products. If you have been eyeing a particular piece of equipment for a while but can’t justify the price, you can check into this site to keep track of price changes.

This site also provides a page dedicated to deals on equipment, so you don’t have to break the bank. People who have purchased items listed on this site can leave reviews and discussions on how the equipment worked for them. With that being said, you should never have to make an ill-informed decision on new equipment again!


Choosing where to start when hunting for the right home gym package can be a daunting, but exciting task. If you have made it here, I hope that you have been able to find what you’re looking for!

If you are a gym owner looking for wholesale equipment to purchase, then check out this article. Right now, you are going to be limited in your options for equipment for your home or gym. Keep monitoring these sites to stay updated on when items become available.

In the meantime, sign up with a personal trainer through FindTrainGain to get the ball rolling on your home fitness adventure.

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