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How To Improve Gym Ranking on Google

Some conventional methods of promoting your gym are digital ad campaigns, print campaigns, radio, and tv. However, spending time on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can also be quite fruitful. So what is Search Engine Optimization? SEO are techniques that you can employ to optimize your website so that it shows up higher when someone does a search relevant to your gym. This can make a huge impact on the number of people that find your business. SEO is the key to how to improve gym ranking on google.

A gym in Denver that shows up at the top of the search results for “Denver gyms” will get a lot more traffic than the one that shows up on the second page of search results. This gym will not have to pay for that additional exposure as they would with an ad campaign. They will continue to reap the rewards of that top spot without paying for it. So how do you get that top spot? Well, there are certain SEO techniques and steps that can help move your website up to those rankings.

While some SEO tactics can require technical know-how, many are actually quite easy to implement. Below we will provide you with an overview of the different techniques that can show how to improve gym ranking on google.

Top 5 Tips To Reboot Ranking of Your Gym Website 

So where to start on how to improve gym ranking on google? Well first, if you don’t understand how Google ranking works, check out this overview at Now, let’s dive into how you can improve your gym website ranking.

Generate Expert Content

Before a person decides to go to the gym, they may spend a lot of time working out on their own. As a source of information, of course, the user will choose the Internet. Therefore, the creation of high-quality and informative content can be the tool that will improve the ranking of your site and help build trust among prospective leads. So where do you place this content? You create a blog for your gym where you post informative articles that will be beneficial to potential gym members.

What to note about gym SEO content? Create articles that demonstrate the professionalism of your team in the fitness industry and also solve user problems. Search algorithms pay attention to articles that bring value to users and will give preference to them in the ranking. What to pay attention to when creating an article?

  • Keep the users’ main pain point in mind. To put it simpler, dedicate each of your articles to a narrow topic and a core problem the users struggle with.
  • Share practical recommendations. Real-life tips are what users want to see and what search algorithms will like. These are critical for gym content marketing.
  • Add up-to-date data. Using fresh statistics, your own analytics and research are the practices to boost the content quality. This can lead other sites to link to you which means additional traffic at no extra cost. Other writers can link to your article, which will bring you backlinks.

Publish Guest Posts Consistently

Getting high-quality do-follow backlinks is key to promoting any website. If you don’t know what a backlink is, it’s just when another website links to your website. Backlinks show search algorithms that the source is authoritative and its content is valuable because other sites link to it. One of the most effective ways to get backlinks is to use a guest posting strategy.

Since gym customers are difficult to classify and segment, it is necessary to use different platforms for placing a guest post. For example, it is wise to use a wide variety of blogs. Anything from top beauty blogs to top blogs about American football. You want to cover the wide variety of people that may be interested in joining your gym.

You can create guest posts and publish them either with the help of dedicated guest posting services or independently. The first option is easier and promises faster results at no risk whereas self-implementation of a guest posting strategy takes time and effort.

Optimize Keywords

Most site owners don’t pay enough attention to keywords. Some of them consider keywords no longer necessary, but they are still essential for SEO promotion. What’s more, the approach to choosing and embedding the keywords has changed a bit. 

Now you have to use them organically so that only search engines can notice them instead of being noticed by the user. So, below are some tips to use your key queries more effectively:

  1. Analyze your site’s keywords. Identify the ones that don’t work or are weird.
  2. Do keyword research in a niche with a focus on location.
  3. Choose longtail keywords. They are more specific but less competitive.
  4. Analyze the keywords of a top competitor in the industry.
  5. Use keywords at the beginning and middle of the text organically.

Use Visualization Elements

In addition to high-quality content, you should also take care of the uniqueness of the images. It’s not just about unique photos that will visualize your text, but also about infographics.

There are tons of creative opportunities to realize. For example, you can visualize a short menu checklist for the week, top exercises for weight loss, healthy food, and so on. 

Firstly, such elements attract the attention of users and encourage them to share an infographic. Secondly, this is another opportunity to draw attention to the other writers. Your image can be used with a link to your resource, which, just like with content, can bring a backlink.

Create Video Content

how to improve gym ranking on google image

Video content is on the rise, and when it comes to ranking in Google, it can be a powerful tool as well. The fact is that Google prefers sites with at least one video over those that do not have them. Gyms and fitness sites lend themselves very well to generating captivating content.

A couple of videos with workout tips, a review of sports products, or a diet recipe will help improve your rankings. They will also drive organic traffic to your site. Therefore, video content is a universal tool for promoting your site and services.

The Bottom Line

To promote your gym site, you do not need to come up with something new in the context of SEO strategies. All you need to do is to adjust the best SEO practices to the fitness niche. 

With these tips, you can not only improve the position of your site but also get organic traffic, grow your website’s authority and promote your services. Just start to use these tips and you will see how your Google ranking starts to change while the gym gets an influx of new visitors. 

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